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  1. In CM terms what`s the difference between an early and late Pz IV J. Indeed not much between the J and the H .Manual turret traverse in the J. Are all the types per variant just for variety?
  2. For a 8x2 or 6x2 km map would be great for a Kursk "operation". Most of the vehicles are here in TH . So perhaps the Panther Reg(s) and GD attack could be good.
  3. THerte is a security problem caused by the above bug. Its apparently V. serious and people are advised to chang passwords if the OpenSSL security protocol is used. Does BF (or agent)use this in processing our orders? This is all over the news here in the UK/ Are we safe and how do you change password to the main site ?(do I use the link on LHS above create new account.? or does this change PWord for forum access. thamkyou
  4. Will we get a demo before release of the main game?Or after it?
  5. Bill Really enjoying the AAr. Which terrain mod are you using.? The ground seems much better (realistic ) compared with your opponent.
  6. When eill Bf change this licencing system. It seems to cause so many problems that, frankly ,we consumers need nor have. Who else has this crazy system. The key has more "variations" than there stars in the known universe ( not galaxy ). But seriously I think that the licencing system to newcomers as well as veterans-and you say it`s got worse......
  7. Hi Tashtego. Pardon me. I thought that the camo peaked caps were in vanilla v2. Anyway nice screenshots.
  8. WTF The schirmutze (Officers service cap) as far as I know was never made with camou material- Army nor SS. You you know differently? Sources needed. Mine is German Army Uniforms. by Brian L. Davis.
  9. I tried the Softpaedia site you linkrd for me and only could get the Setup/exe file. Any chance please that you or somebody could put on the Repository site. Make life soo much easier. Thankyou in anticipation. PS Which folders do they go in?
  10. Thanks Schullenkraft. The file just says setup.exe Is this right? Thankyou
  11. Lots of people seem to have problems which are solved by applying 2 shader files from CMI. I dont have the Italy module so where can Iget the file? Also do I just put them in the Z file? Thankyou.
  12. After applying the patch 1.11 and verifying that it read 1.11 on the opening screen parts of the UI is missing A problem reared its head. Selecting a unit in Setup all is OK. But when starting the game (WEGO) the window below the orders M-C-S-A is blank. Now unable to give any orders to any unit.Giving orders in setup is OK though. Any ideas?
  13. Thanks Budge44. Found it now. Was given duff info by Schullencraft.
  14. Timmc69 You have committed the Cardinal Sin of criticising CM and Battlefront without including the phase " What a wonderfull game. Thankyou Thankyou." I agree with you that CM2 is far harder to get into than CMx1.I think it suffers from borrowing too much from CMSF. IT doeds feel a bit( alot ) like CM StrikeForce but with Shermans.
  15. Thank I still can`t find it.... I`m logged onto the main site and when I click on My account or sore I cannot see the option to request additional activation. I`ve only got CM Normandy. Please let me have a step by step proceedure on what to select. Thankyou.
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