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  1. Bill Really enjoying the AAr. Which terrain mod are you using.? The ground seems much better (realistic ) compared with your opponent.
  2. Hi Tashtego. Pardon me. I thought that the camo peaked caps were in vanilla v2. Anyway nice screenshots.
  3. WTF The schirmutze (Officers service cap) as far as I know was never made with camou material- Army nor SS. You you know differently? Sources needed. Mine is German Army Uniforms. by Brian L. Davis.
  4. Message to Jorge MC What mod are you using ? Great screen shots. Thankyou
  5. Regarding Wolfe`s post. Which is better the GTX280 or theGTX430? as applied to CMN.
  6. Regarding Wolfe`s post Which is better the (older)GTX280 or the (newer) GTX430? and by how much? as applied to CMN. Also I have the GTX260-what`s this like compared to the above cards?
  7. Please tell me where that pesky AT gun which you encounter first is. ( The Ecoqueneaville battle). I know its cheating really, but I`ve failed this mission 4 times now. (lost really badly-even on easiest mode). Any help urgently needed....Thanks.
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