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Dead units still spotting?

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I was playing a scenario on turn based veteran and noticed something odd between turns.

I was taking my time and looking at the enemy units that were currently spotted overall by not having any of my units selected. I soon realised that some enemy units were visible only because a previously destroyed stryker was still spotting them. If I click all other living friendly units some the previously mentioned enemy units are not visible but if I have no living units selected or the dead stryker selected I can get up to date info on the nearby enemy strength and position.

I've since tried this with other destroyed units and yes it seems you can still get intel about current enemy positions and strength from destroyed units.

Seems like a bit of an exploit if you wanted to use it.

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Interesting if borne out by other tests.

On the other hand, perhaps this is actually BF.C simulating cutting edge military tech. Even though your guys/vehicles are dead, their cameras and links are still operating and are being received at HQ. Much like the Marines who got cocooned in Aliens 2. smile.gif



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Yes I have narrowed this problem down a bit, ok bare with me while I explain.

It seems dead units are not spotting, however enemy units that are currently not visible to any of your units become visible IN BETWEEN TURNS on wego IF none of your units are currently selected. The enemy units need to be ones that have been PREVIOUSLY spotted.

Once the next turn starts you cannot see the enemy units, until the turn ends then you will be able to see them again even if none of your troops are spotting them, you can then look at their status.

Please have a look at this Battlefront as it skews the game if you can get enemy unit info between turns when you shouldn't.

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