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my presence at forums


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Guys, I am going to GC (German game show) on Moday (will be away until 28th). And then I am on vacations Sept 1st - 18th. With my new girlfriend :cool:

Thus I will not be reading forums and posting anything for quite a while. Sorry for that :)

I hope that Anatoly, David and BF guys will fill in this gap.


P.S. Don't miss me. I hope we can release the public demo during my absence anyway. tongue.gif

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Thanks for the heads up dude, have fun with her, err, I mean, fun on your vacation. ;)

Now how about posting some pics of your girlfriend? We're all dieing to know if she measures up to those other russian hottie pics. Ok, maybe that's getting a little too personal, I apologize, disregard my question.

I'll rephrase it, how about some naked pics of her? :Dtongue.gif

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