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  1. Been a few years since I was on this forum now. I actually came here looking for something like Achtung Spitfire or Flight Commander, in a modern wrapping. Shame no one can be bothered making a game like that today.
  2. Indeed. I'm one of those that didn't like the direction Battlefront went after the highly successful WWII Combat Mission games. I didn't even try the new game in a modern setting. Maybe because I read some unfavourable reviews and the fact that a modern setting doesn't really interest me that much. It's got to be one hell of a modern day strategy/tactics game to pique my interest. The General Forum has nothing of interest anymore either so abandonment was certain. Anyway and as I understand it BfN is now developed on a tried and tested engine. I'm very much looking forward to the release.
  3. It's a wrong decision. I understand that they're doing it out of love for the genre and because it would get a poor review in it's current state. A bad review however, and thus less profit, is the only thing a publisher would understand. If it's released, it's released. Give it a considerable less score and advice people not to buy until it's out of beta-state.
  4. I don't play games that are perceived as universally fun if I disagree. When it comes to my own enjoyment only my own subjective opinion matters. So you're 100% correct.
  5. About bloody time Battlefront went and did something noteworthy again! Back to the success formulae. This is good news I will be watching closely.
  6. Our lives would've been much much worse if we didn't have bureaucracy. Every - and any - large organization is unmanageable without bureaucracy. Even matrix organized orgs has their share of bureaucracy. Sorry for the derailment.
  7. This is something I've thought about many times. With todays processing power this could prove to be a dream-game for any wargamer. There's several of the old tactical flight wargames that could be renewed with success I think. I'm certain there's a market if done correct.
  8. The success of right-wing political parties depends on a number of universal variables, although their strenght might fluctuate one nation to another. Found it. Knew I read a paper on the subject. For those interested: http://www.ccsr.ac.uk/qmss/seminars/2008-crossnat/documents/Lubbersetal.pdf
  9. Totally agree on the 64-bit advice. I really regret not buying a 64-bit Vista when I upgraded last time. When the new Windows release I'm getting 64-bit, if it doesn't come as standard that is.
  10. Stalins O: I'm known to be trolling on the BFC forums am I? Good luck with proving me as a troll. It's also a long time since I was enlightened on this forum. One time, a long time ago that was a daily occurence. I'm sick and tired of people hi-jacking and de-railing threads posting supposedly funny one-liners at the expense of a given few users, and then again Kettler in particular. Kettler haven't asked for my defence and I'm sorry for dragging him into this, but I've watched it for years and I think it's low and cowardice behaviour towards one man. I never could stand bullies myself. I'm
  11. (a) Why is the thesis outrageous? Please be specific, unless you haven't read it, but then again you couldn't call it outrageous as you would be clueless of it's content. ( So only important, and thereby established, scholars have ideas worthy of discussion? © Let us hypothetically deem the article Mr. Kettler refered unimportant, or even flawed, for the sake of argument. Does that make the article unable to teach us something or expose us to a new way of thinking? (d) Why isn't it relevant to anything and how are you certain it's not going to change anything? What do you build this
  12. How come Kettler bothers with this board is beyond me. He's obviously intellectually superior to many of the petty personal attacks, thread de-railings and unintelligent one-liner responses many of his interesting topics generate. Many of his topics are out of the standard box, granted, but they could generate interesting exchange of views. And no, this is not an attempt of sarcasm from my behalf. I'm just tired of all the ridiculing of an inquisitive man I've witnessed over the years. Many here would evolve as intellectual human beings if they took the time to discuss topics in a rational
  13. Makes me wonder what else is down there. We think we know, but every year there's new undiscovered species documented.
  14. The m16 had some pretty innovative features like; plastic frame (reduced weight) and straight stock/butt (easier to aim during fire). I'm sure there's more but I'm not an M-16 grog. The rifle is several hundreds years old so you won't see any revolutions frequently anymore. There's also tons of extras invented to the rifles although it's not directly related to your topic. Stuff like optical sights, grenade launchers, suppressors and so on.
  15. I've been surprised at how the US automobile industry has gone against the global trend of developing smaller and more fuel-efficient cars. In my opinion it's a case of a whole industry failing to catch a global tendency. When increasing groups of customers are starting to buy imports someone should've been asking questions. USA has always been a proud car manufacturer/developer and so it will in the future. The laws of market dictate this, plus there's a century of knowhow involved. I think this will be healthy for the industry. It's about that time to lift the rug and do some in-house cle
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