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Lessons learned ?


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Coming back to these forums and reading up on the plans on CMx2 I really hope BTS doesn't make the same mistakes they made in the past.

So help out and gather some valuable lessons here in this thread to remind the crew of 'past embarrassments' so we will be spared of them in the future.

1- Listen to the first hand experience of the know-all re-enactors and make HMG crews able to run marathons.

2- Make note of the well-documented combat use of the kitchen sink and their dreaded side-effects.

3- And for peep's sake at least do some basic research on the correct bird sounds this time.

(Still cracks me up :D )

4- And above all; don't tell anyone (but me) when you are gonna upload the demo, remember the refreshing monkeys feeding frenzy.

Ah, good times.....

PS: ;)

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Holy crap... I just spent more than a half hour rereading the infamouse MG debate. What a blast from the past, and a blast not forgotten either :D Funny to see so many familiar people back there, like Andreas when he was still Germanboy and Seanachi before he lost the other half of his marbles ;)

Oh, and ain't that forum formatting quaint? Egads..


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This reminds me, Steve, why can't the flamethrower teams keep up with the recon assault squads when I give them a run command? It ruined my whole assault! (Uphill for only 120 meters...) :(

And when I checked they were not only falling behind, but they were tired? If they want tired, try looking after a colicky newborn all night because your wife just had a C-Section and can't lift the baby and then you go to work on 2 hours sleep (for two weeks)...!

(Plus in Warhammer 40k they can keep up, and we all know that WH40k is the end all and be all of wargaming!)

Bloody wimpy flamethrower teams!

This is a BUG and must be fixed in CMX2! And I want it fixed in new patches for CMAK and CMBB as well, thank you. (Don't try and pull that 'they're mature releases' crap on me - I demand new patches - and this time don't skimp on the polygons, ok?)


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Dillweed... IIRC he posted once before and was a pain in the arse, but it didn't drag out. Then that thread happened and he was never heard from again. Towards the end it must have become clear to him that he was out of his depth and needed to retreat. However, I am also sure that his warped brain concluded that we were just hopelessly ignorant of and his brilliance was going to waste. Either way, he hasn't been missed :D

J Ruddy, we'll look into it :D


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Originally posted by michael_wittman44:

Hey krill whats that screen from??

That's from a preview of CMBO from a build somewhere between the Aplha and the release of the beta demo.

I remember the Aplha screenshots, they were more basic then this and had triangles under all units to show 'heading'. smile.gif

[ September 24, 2005, 06:18 AM: Message edited by: krill ]

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Feh! Lewis, Pengy and Fionn all in the same breath? Are you daft?

I am a paragon of Forum Decorum. While the other two are both prickly as cacti, I'd choose Lewis as the lesser of two weevils with whom to be stuck on a desert island or elevator.

Grand Master Fionn actually quit a game with me when I surprised the crap out of him and showed a chance of perhaps winning, if not a manging a draw. That there fellow had some serious identity issues. I suspect that he will read this and seethe that I have most unrighteously attacked him, like a dishonorable and lowly cad (well, what does one expect from a Peng anyway?), without him having the ability to defend his honor. He's seeething I tell you SEEETHING WITH WHITE HOT RAGE AT THIS MOST EGREGIOUS AFFRONTERY!!! ahem.

And unfortunately I am Lewis's byotch in CMBB and CMAK. I don't think I've won a game yet against the rotten scum sucking pile of poo. How I Hate him.

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Hehe... love the flashbacks. No acid needed when you have a Forum :D

Now, the screenshot posted here is what we call the Second Alpha. The First Alpha, which someone recently posted a pic of, was hex based. After playing around with that one for a bit we knew we had something, but also knew that hexes had to go. So Charles rewrote the entire game engine (which wasn't that big at the time) to work with a square tile based system. The picture above was from the hard coded test map.

Unfortunately, no builds of the First Alpha survived. For some reason neither of us thought to keep any :( I do have a build of the Second Alpha. Probably around the time we made the first QuickTime movies. That must have been sometime in late 1998. Scary thing is I remember how that Hetzer got taken out :D I'm pretty sure that was around the time when I pointed out to Charles the targeting AI needed to be a lot less "aware" of what was going on. If I am not mistaken this was when we called the Borg the "Robot". Even our terms needed more work ;)

And David's pic linked to in above. Man, he made some primo stuff for the Forum to chuckle over. I have a folder somewhere full of stuff he did. Lots of fun.


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