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  1. Nice to see you sniffing around Jim. How are things waaay waaay up north? </font>
  2. Hey cesspoolers! It's been a while, but not long enough... Have a good December and try not to sleep with too many relatives, ok? Cheers Jim
  3. Well, I'm still shelved on CM... I think I have 1.03. CM WWII? I want to have the fun of CMBB/CMAK with the 3D graphics 'upgrade' of CM. As it sits CM is not a fun RTS game and is not a fun Wego game. It isn't learning curve, it isn't different, it's just wrong, a swing and a miss, so to speak. I prey CM2WWII will be fun...
  4. RT is better in CM:SF than any previous game that I've played. (ToW doesn't work on my machine)
  5. Bugs... gawd how I hates bugs... finding bugs... fixing bugs... convincing someone something is a bug... I used to come here for a break from my job but it's as bad (or worse) than work here... bloody bugs... <font size = 20 color = red>BUGS!!!</font> I found another bug. I can't bring up the screen that lets me select the WWII based equipment and setting...
  6. No, it doesn't suck balls. No, IMO it isn't as good as CM:AK. yes you should download the demo and stop asking sturpid questions. :mad: :mad:
  7. It's either that or fling some poo like the surrender monkey that you are! :mad:
  8. IMO, Two of the best (white) rock voices of the 20th century...
  9. A fantastic album to doze off to. I do love Roger Waters' Lyrics but the sleep/dream references thoughout put me into a bit of a trance... which can be a good thing when you are an insomniac like me..! Radio KAOS is another Waters lyrical gem, though musically it leaves me wanting a shower.... Four Minutes is a classic example: [billy:] "Four minutes and counting." [Jim:] "O.K." [billy:] "They pressed the button, Jim." [Jim:] "They pressed the button Billy, what button?" [billy:] "The big red one." [Jim:] "You mean THE button?" [billy:] "Goodbye, Jim." [Jim:] "Goodbye! Oh yes
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