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  1. After all these years and just now you get that? Look at all the quotes in his sig, every time he leaves off the end of the sentence "and what a F'n Buzzkill."
  2. Now now Seanachai, I have been a party to that debate and it can get pretty heated at times. Then again it might just be the end of the guttering one is lying in.
  3. Every time I think of one of you I shudder. Well, except for Emrys, but only because he lives in the town where they brew one of my favorite beers.
  4. Hoolaman I think you are correct. I just pointed at my cat, and he offered no proof of a similar process of evolution. In fact he did not say anything, but just blinked at me and walked away.
  5. yer googlefu is weak It is an anti-submarine rocket launcher apparently, RBU-6000 Smerch-2
  6. Dear Mr. Steve and Mr. Brain-'n-a-Jar, When will I be able to patch my non Jarhead/Brit CM:SF to 1.20? Respectfully Yours, Dogface
  7. Well technically the American Military does/did use the metric system so that answer Willhammer, is right out. I am going to go with either the painting one or the font answer. Hope you feel better Kettler. By the way if you feel funny in the region of your body that covers the northern Puget Sound, let me know. I'm gonna be up there for the next 8 days.
  8. Google maps is Google isn't it?
  9. It's JonS, there is no h. Sorry, just a reflex. I also go by Jon in RL and constantly have to tell people to omit the h.
  10. Nice job on the restoration gautrek, I have always liked the look of that type of bike. I keep looking for a Ural Patrol that I could afford and so far, no dice.
  11. I had a bunch of little gods once as well, in fact I have kept a screen shot all these many years:
  12. HA! Still no Rules? What comes next, some ponce challenging a pooler to a quick match? Fine then lets say medium, mechanized, and whatever? Email me if you have a pair, not about your pair.
  13. I use Fish Sauce, tamarind, garlic, dried crushed red peppers, lime, and sugar. I do not know the size of the portions off hand, however it is a traditionalish recipe RE: seeds, it would me much hotter but still edible.
  14. What does the US have to do with this story?
  15. Ahh, a pretty video and all but there was a safety line attached to the rock face to his left. You can see some people moving their biners along the line about 1/2 way through. However it is tough to say if the camera man was using one. However IIRC the camera is always in the hand that is away from the rock face so I would guess he is using one. All in all a cool place and a nice video.
  16. You really need to add more information to the post. Also this is not the place as you are not really having a technical problem. Was the original scenario made in 1.10, then saved and played again in 1.11 or 1.11 to 1.11? What movement order was given, what level/type of troops? Were they taking fire? Was there enemy troops near by? What was the terrain, was it night or day? Do you have a save file?
  17. Dont know if anyone commented on this yet, The "Click here to jump directly to the CMSF BASE GAME Patches section > worthplaying > download link for CMSF/sans jarheads" points to the 1.11_CMSF_Marines patch.
  18. If you will notice Emrys, the information was also seconded by The Church of the SubGenius. That alone should be enough, however if you look into the writings of the Church you will see that J.R. "Bob" Dobbs palled around with, and in turn Jesus fought along side "Bob". So he would know.
  19. The photo was taken between Dec 21, 2003 to Jan 04, 2004 .
  20. Runyan, I did not mean to imply that you were making up numbers, I just wanted to know where you found that info. I did find the "up to" 105,000 dollar figure, however it is pointed out that the dollar amount is spread over a 3 year period, and to offset the wages that were cut by a third and pensions that were frozen.
  21. Runyan, Where do you get the 90% layoff pay stat (do you mean the GM Job Bank) or the 105,000 severance package? And do you mean to say that the "big 3" do not owe its retired/current workers a pension or health care? I can find this quote Also another quote about the "inability to downsize"
  22. I don't remember offhand. However I am having trouble getting the burning sands forum to accept my join request. We are already both members of the Peng steam group. Give me 8 hours and I will PM you my id
  23. I would be into that. I played some DOD campaigns and when they were well run and I had good commanders it was a hell of a lot of fun. I just signed up and am waiting my confirmation, I will sign up as allies as well.
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