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  1. After all these years and just now you get that? Look at all the quotes in his sig, every time he leaves off the end of the sentence "and what a F'n Buzzkill."
  2. Now now Seanachai, I have been a party to that debate and it can get pretty heated at times. Then again it might just be the end of the guttering one is lying in.
  3. Every time I think of one of you I shudder. Well, except for Emrys, but only because he lives in the town where they brew one of my favorite beers.
  4. Hoolaman I think you are correct. I just pointed at my cat, and he offered no proof of a similar process of evolution. In fact he did not say anything, but just blinked at me and walked away.
  5. yer googlefu is weak It is an anti-submarine rocket launcher apparently, RBU-6000 Smerch-2
  6. Dear Mr. Steve and Mr. Brain-'n-a-Jar, When will I be able to patch my non Jarhead/Brit CM:SF to 1.20? Respectfully Yours, Dogface
  7. Well technically the American Military does/did use the metric system so that answer Willhammer, is right out. I am going to go with either the painting one or the font answer. Hope you feel better Kettler. By the way if you feel funny in the region of your body that covers the northern Puget Sound, let me know. I'm gonna be up there for the next 8 days.
  8. Google maps is Google isn't it?
  9. It's JonS, there is no h. Sorry, just a reflex. I also go by Jon in RL and constantly have to tell people to omit the h.
  10. Nice job on the restoration gautrek, I have always liked the look of that type of bike. I keep looking for a Ural Patrol that I could afford and so far, no dice.
  11. I had a bunch of little gods once as well, in fact I have kept a screen shot all these many years:
  12. HA! Still no Rules? What comes next, some ponce challenging a pooler to a quick match? Fine then lets say medium, mechanized, and whatever? Email me if you have a pair, not about your pair.
  13. I use Fish Sauce, tamarind, garlic, dried crushed red peppers, lime, and sugar. I do not know the size of the portions off hand, however it is a traditionalish recipe RE: seeds, it would me much hotter but still edible.
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