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  1. Ya, Gaylord, the ATI cards are great. FB really looks great now. As does FS2004. I was just wondering as instrument flying in the fog with FS2004 can be pretty hairy. Oh well, CMBB looks better too, but I guess I can live without the fog.
  2. I have an ATI Raedon 9600 Pro video card with the latest drivers, Cat 3.8. Still no joy in fogsville. Yet, in FS2004, fog works prefectly? Is fog coded different in CMBB?
  3. I just uninstalled 43.51 and went back to 30.82. CMBB now works well again. With 43.51 I was getting bad stutter even in medium sized QB's. Just ran and finished Royal Opponent (7900 pts on a large map) and it ran smoothly. Oh well, loose a few fps in FB to gain playability in CMBB.
  4. Hmmm, if 5000 people successfully d/l the CMBB demo and have a great time playing it, do ya think maybe the problem may be on your end? Huh? Huh? Maybe if you would have asked politely, someone would burn you a cd or offer some other suggestions. But, AMF.
  5. Nicknames The Japanese if I remember correctly were the ones that named the P-38 the Fork Tailed Devil. They also called the F4U Corsair the Whistling Death. I think one reason (I have a pretty good book at home but I'm at work now) that the P38 was not accepted in Europe was the high altitude cold weather performance. It was something about they couldn't heat the cockpit properly and the pilots froze their butts off. At + 20k its probably -55 C. Most of the flying in the Pacific was done at lower altitudes plus they don't get the cold weather like Europe. Also, I agree witht the oth
  6. I think a few people should back off and reevaluate their posts. Do we really want another flame war erupting here? As far as I could tell this is an open forum. Asking people not to reply unless they have the answer that you want to here is very rude IMHO, plus very limiting. A one way discussion will be very boring. Steve and Charles have made it abundantly clear that the game will be released when it is ready. This is fine with me and I think with the majority of the people here. Fionn gave a firm release date and I can live with that, though I hope its a little sooner. If CM were r
  7. Hi Madmatt. You must be getting sick and tired of constantly playing the latest build of CM and taking screenshots, updating the site. etc. Why don't I help you out. Just send me the latest version that you have and I will lighten your workload.
  8. Hi stevo Go into the directory where you installed Combat Mission. There should be a file named(for a PC its got an Internet Explorer logo on it) CM_Demo_Instructions. For a PC you just click on it and it opens in Internet Explorer. It's an HTML file so I would assume this works the same for a Mac. Your questions on how to play will be answered in there. After playing the demo a couple of times, you can place your order with Big Time. The game is only sold online.
  9. Just funning you Phoenix Ya, now I rememember Caddyshack, what a funny movie. 220yards. He pulls out the ole 9 iron. He hit's it. It's in the hole, it's in the hole. The crowd is going crazy. Figured out the smileys too.
  10. Fresca? Real men drink beer but it's ok to eat quiche . Sorry, I haven't mastered the smily face thingamajigs yet. I'll certainly d/l the gold demo. It will probably be about a month before the full game shows up here considering customs, snail mail etc so the gold demo will keep me busy playing with new features etc.
  11. The price was $37 + $10 for orders to Canada (in US dinero). However, I believe that this was the preorder price (ie. before demo came out). I think the price is now $45US + $10 S. & H. but believe me, it will be well worth it. Plus Cnd dollar is creaping up so it gets less expensive every day .
  12. Dang, how could I forget Steel Panthers. Ya, I played Empire too. It was fun.
  13. Well, I’m getting a little antsy waiting for the final game, like I think a lot of others are. (Hmm, does Blue Cross cover CM withdrawal ?) For me, I’ve about worn out the demo. I now play it to try different strategies or in a handicap mode. I will deliberately not use units see if I can still beat the computer. I wait in great anticipation for the real deal and this is where this question comes to mind. Which for you were Quantum Leap Computer Games? I’ve been a long time computer gamer (I hate to say this, and I hope the wife never sees this but over these years more than 100 games x $6
  14. I use a great little program called Snagit. You can look at it at http://www.techsmith.com/products/snagit/ What I like about Snagit is that you can save and print whatever portion of the screen area you want. They have d/l demo so you can try it out.
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