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Marine Module as Referendum

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well i dont gonna buy a Marines Module.

its not because it is RT now....

its not because the Bugs

its not because i would not like the new engine (its great)

It is the asymmetrical setup, it always feels like Playing with a 1945 PanzerGrenadier Btl with 5 KingTigers vs a 1941 Commonwealth Bn with only 2 Pounders as ATG it simply is boooring as Hell, there is no challenge in the setups, no matter how much Syrians u put in, they don't stand a chance.

I wait for the first WWII Release, because this setup is Challenging and interesting.

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My point of view is I think BFC has made poor design choices, (and poor marketing ones). I never said get rid of RT, I said fix WEGO, among other things. The main point was give the player more freedom of choice. Don't make me have to play the game the way Steve likes it, or BFC prefers, or young people like play it. I want to play it with the options of CM1, good AI, good tacAI and WEGO against humans.

If giving my opinion is whining, then I guess I am whining like a little school girl. I want this game engine to work, I truly want BFC to have a winner. I have read some of Steve comments, and sometimes it seems they or he had a vision where they wanted this game to go without really thinking everything through. Of course, it is easy for us to judge them after the fact and having never sat in and observed the decision making process. I once made the comment on the forums, asking if the same guys who designed CM1 designed CMSF! I mean there are so many great things in CM1 that are not in CMSF, a perfect example is the "scalp count". I have a list of the differences on a sheet of paper that I was tracking all the things CMSF does not have that CM1 had. I after I got on the second page, and three weeks after the 1.04 patch came out I stopped adding to it, because frankly I stopped playing CMSF anymore. It has some very cool things, but I am more of a human opponent player, and playing this game in RT against a human opponent just does not appeal to me at all. I may as well play Command and Conquer or something. And Yes, all this has already been brought up again and again. But you know what they say, the squeaky wheel get the grease. I CAN HOPE BFC "gets it" someday.

Now if the WWII game is great, I see sales higher than CMSF, because word will get around.

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I don´t pretend to be knowledgable on the subject, but my impression is that the Marine Corps is about the training and not so much about the equipment. It will be interesting how MC-training will be simulated in CMSF. CM is, after all, is a -play around with equipment- game.

So I´m not holding my breath, OTOH I can be more easilly impressed. smile.gif

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It is the asymmetrical setup,
Well I think what you just said was "I don't get it".

Yes the asymmetrical setup is something very different and some people just won't like it. Personally the asymmetricalness is one of the things that allow me to just look past the flaws because I find it so enjoyable and challenging.

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Originally posted by redbear:

I like the game and it was replacing CMAK CMBB sadly the 1.04 doesn't work on TCP but i wait 1.05 for that.

I think that the marines module will come with more than just new units. I think that in the modules they will add the features that we miss like the better QB generator and a map generator. They will do that slowly so i will buy the marine module.

Prepare to be dissapointed...
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i did get it, but i still don't like it.

So i quited playing after having enough off Super Americans slaughtering helpless Syrians.

The Syrians simply don´t stand a chance except in close Urban areas or when they are so Oversized that it is absurd.

This makes no fun for me.

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Originally I wasnt sure I was going to buy CMSF then I preordered. While I enjoy playing the game I just dont have my teeth into it the way I have with CMBB and CMAK. I am sitting on the fence as regards the Marine Module.

I hope Battlefront keeps at it, which I am sure they will. The patches have made it very playable.

"A mistake is not an error unless one refuses to correct it."

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Originally posted by flamingknives:

What some people want is actually CM:SF in WW2 with ten years of bughunting and modifications.

I dont see it like that at all. What all people want is a game that is playable out of the box. A game that builds on the great reputation of CM games gone before. A game that is simple and intuitive to play, with easy 1 click controls and readily playable using just the mouse and a couple of keys. Hmm, thats what CM 1 was and I thought it would be imporved upon. How the heck didnt they just put in sub menus on the mouse right click button? RTS guys traditionally play with just the Mouse alone.

What we have with this game is a strange hybrid that tries to be everything and ends up doing nothing well. Its not RTS or WEGO and is dammned hard to PBEM. To use a Steve analogy;

'Its like designing a new car. You have to stick to the approved car design format, no one is going to live with the sudden idea that the steering wheel should be in the back seat. And when they are sitting in the back seat trying to drive, no amount of telling them that the product is great and they are just resisting change is going to work.

However, if it drives great from the front, no one cares what the engine is doing under the hood.'

The game is neither 'Fish nor Fowl' and I think that this [in addition to the bugs which I am confident will go away] is what turns a lot of people from both the traditional WEGO and the traditional RTS Camps off it.

So I agree with Zemke too. Seems like most CMers on various CM sites do too and I dont hear any buzz about it on RTS sites either. The only place I see it talked about is here and sadly for all the wrong reasons. I'd much rather be reading about the best way to assault a building than the latest LOS failure or how the interface is weildy and a step backward.

I may add that the game was enjoyable for a while, but I have long since removed it from my HD and wont be buying any modules for it. I will also wait a long time before buying any CM-2 Engined game, I'm not convinced that it really is the best thing to drive from the back seat.

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