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  1. Looks like a highly implausible buggy engagement. What's with everything being "ricochet into"?
  2. Yeah I think this is the reason the far LOD textures are so small in the game. They are repeated literally hundreds of times and all displayed on screen at the same time.
  3. The most basic infantry sub-unit is a team. A single team occupies a single 8x8 metre action spot tile. A squad can be made up of two or three teams depending on numbers of men, the highlights under the cursor show how the teams will deploy in the 8x8 metre tiles. To get the teams in a squad to align into different action spot tiles, the FACE comand is used. If the slope is sufficient to create a crestline, the men will deploy along that crestline in the direction of the FACE command. LOS (line of sight) is calculated from tile to tile, team to team, with three LOS heights for infantr
  4. Just fire up the image editor, it is fairly self-explanatory. If you open up the unit images that come with the game you can see they are small squares that have transparency around the unit sprite. You need a single image for each frame of each animation for every facing direction.
  5. The question in the original post was about troops ambush orders in setup not working when they have more orders than just setup. Yes this is the case and I believe it is a bug. Obviously this has been a bug for a very long time.
  6. Perhaps... Hunter could set up a donation page where fans could donate for him to spend the time to document the source code properly, and conpensate him for his toils. I see a lot of goodwill here to the effect that people are willing to chip in a few dollars just for the effort that has already gone in, and in the hope that something will some day come out. So how about it hunter?
  7. Yes this seems to be a bug. Infantry is unable to mount up with vehicles in a different zone, but only from the setup turn. This is only very likely to happen in the training mission because virtually every scenario designer will put a mounted formation in one zone with its vehicles. Try playing the training scenario in real time mode, as soon as the scenario starts you can reissue the orders.
  8. Get CMAK and I guarantee your troops will not be firing at King Tigers.
  9. A simple possibility is to alt+tab out of the game and back in and see if the screen refreshes itself. I sometimes have graphical corruption after doing this so maybe it works both ways.
  10. This has happened to me a few times too. I prevented it by making sure whatever I was doing in windows besides CM was closed and not running the processor too much before returning to the game. So just wait for everything to settle before loading CM back.
  11. I do not recognise the error message, but I would suggest that it may actually be a hardware problem. The only time crazy display malfunctions such as those pictured happen to me is when my system RAM (often) or video card (three times over the years) is dying. One remedy I use which the experts may scoff at is to phsyically remove your video card and put it back in again. This works reliably for my RAM troubles, maybe will for your video issues. The Microsoft website also suggests possible hardware troubles. Microsoft support
  12. I recall Walpurgis Nacht explaining how vital it was: that the key factor in winning was delivering all your ammo into the enemy most effecively. I took away the message that if you still have ammo left, and there are still enemy forces around, you probably haven't done as well as you could have. Of course, it's never going to be "all" about ammo or "all" about manoevering. I think the reason for highlighting ammo thinking is because unlike manoeuvering it's not so intuitive. The first thing you think of when you have some forces is where you are going to move them. It's much less o
  13. I am always one to wring any advantage out of the game system, and this results in a bookkeeping style of play. I always figure FP x exposure x number of enemies etc. etc. and how to get the most out of an attack, which naturally includes concentrating fire on one squad at a time. So I can't really argue with any the logic here, but I have to disagree on a couple of points. FOW and the rich spectrum of variables produced in any CM game do not simply make it a spreadsheet of ammo vs. casualties vs. morale. Movement and combined arms tactics are at least as important as these simple infant
  14. Thanks guys. Those flames must burn pretty hot! All my squads were in perfect morale state before, and seem to have dissolved into gibbering messes from this house alone. Now I have an entire platoon (half my force!) rendered inneffective at a vital moment because I stupidly put them too close to this house. Oh well, you live and learn.
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