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Has anyone done a grid mod for CMAK?

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Guest BigAlMoho
Originally posted by Captain Wacky:

If not, I'll bang one out in the next few days.

Yes please, I have been looking for you to do the grids for AK... Both normal and low-res maybe? smile.gif

Thank you...

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Spent some time looking at how you made your mod. Cranked up PS and found it was relatively simple, just a bit tedious. I will make a sand mod and post it as soon as it is done.

Just to clarify, 24 bit color, right?

Edited because sometimes I don't type too pretty.

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Can't speak for other mods, but I can for my own. I uploaded a grass and steppe mod last night and just completed a snow and light snow mod tonight. I beleive I have done all the open ground terrains. Didn't do any modding for CMBO or CMBB, so mine are all recent.

I used and liked Capt Wacky's arid terrain grid. I got the idea for the terrain appropriate, subdued grid lines from him. When I didn't find a sand mod (didn't look that hard), I made one myself (I was getting smoked in a desert tank battle, and wanted the help).

Capt Wacky used 20 a meter grid. Blah Blah Blah got me wanting a finer grid. So I made a 10 meter grid mod, which works better for me. Then I had to do a whole set.

There are several others, but I wasn't willing to download something that didn't have a preview picture. Some from previous versions will work with this game. Lastly, if you have a lower-end system, you might look for low-res mods. If you have bandwidth to burn, check them all out.

And Capt Wacky, I apologize for hijacking your thread.

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No, all my mods sport the 10M grid. Since I uploaded them over the span of a few days, there are some naming variations. Changed the name of the Grass and Steppe mod so it also specifies grid size. I tried to include vehicles in each screen shot to give a sense of scale.

As far as trees and vineyard, I have never looked at those. I'll check it out.

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