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  1. Simple. Take a CM game where you command a company (optimum level for CM) or a battalion. If you make it real time, you have a company/battalion coomander issuing orders to individual squads and teams in real time... company/battalion commanders don't issue orders to squads. They issue orders to platoon/company commanders. By making the player micro manage in real time, you have divorced the game so far from reality that it shouldn't be called a wargame anymore. The only instance where I thing real time would work realistically is if the player commanded no more than one squad... and then only
  2. Real Time is so divorced from reality that it is completely laughable.</font>
  3. Strongly disagree with you there. The animations in CMAK are almost certainly the worst of any game released in 2003. That's where the graphics need the most work, as well as the addition of shading. Your suggestion about rooms inside buildings is good, though, perhaps even an essential enhancement. Building warfare in CM right now is entirely unrealistic. WWB has had the best points so far, I would also recommend making it possible to import 3D objects. To my mind, however, the best thing Battlefront could do at this point is ditch the current system entirely and rethink everything taking i
  4. Is that the standard grass or a mod? And where'd you get that cool road?
  5. I played as Allies versus the AI. Apparently a human opponent would have been a better choice, but it was an excellent fight nonetheless. I left the recon platoons in the default positions. First platoon was tasked with reconning the winery, and second platoon moving was to scout along the road to the bridge. First contact came at the intersection in front of the bridge, when 2nd platoon came under fire from what appeared to be about a company of Italian infantry. Expecting my poor Canadians to be slaughtered in the face of such odds, I was very surprised when they singelhandedly started
  6. 1. M24 Chafee In my opinion, the only really cool looking American tank in the game. Fast, and the gun is virtually as good as a Shermans. 2. Jagdpanther The ubertank. Beast of war that can defy anything it's opponents throw at it. 3. M18 Hellcat Okay, a somewhat obvious choice, but anything that can go 55 mph on tracks deserves a lot of credit. The M4A3 Sherman HVSS "Easy Eight" is also pretty cool 'cause it has wide tracks. Makes all the difference.
  7. Use Move to Contact if there is a chance your soldiers may come under fire en route. Personally, I think the whole command system needs reworking. We need a command for support weapons to move using cover while under fire. A command that orders soldiers to move without fatiguing themselves over fairly long distances while at the same time expecting to come under enemy fire would also be useful. Actually, I consider the whole idea of soldiers responding differently to enemy contact based upon the command you gave them somewhat flawed. I think it would have more to do with the situation a
  8. *in best Gollum voice* It hurts us! It hurts us! *shields eyes*
  9. Tiger I? Pretty? It's a furniture van with caterpillar tracks. [/QB]</font>
  10. Looking for combat reports on the 505th's drop in Sicily. I can find various stuff desribing what happened in general, but no detailed maps or pictures. For instance, I know that I-3/505 landed on it's drop zone and took its objective, which was some pillboxes at a road junction(Got that from http://www.505rct.org/sicily.asp). Sounds like it could be a decent scenario, but one would need a lot more information before making an accurate scenario out of it.
  11. In DoD, the FG42 is almost the exact equivelant of the BAR.
  12. You are all wonderful. I'll see what the libraries around here have first, and then go on from there. MrSpkr, I'll contact you if I find anything. Also, I'd love to playtest your scenarios when they are ready. I've made one Sicily scenario so far. It's fictional, based on the action immediately ensuing after the 505th's drop. The idea is that an ad hoc group of paratroopers dropped off target band together and move to attack a seemingly logical nearby objective. Very general, but accounts of the campaign indicate there was a lot of this going on, leaving quite a bit of room for creativity.
  13. I'm interested in trying to help you out, but I could definitely use some source material. I have a good idea of what went on in Crete and the general flow of the campaign, but I have no low level accounts of action, especially when limited to engagements concerning Australians. Also, are should these scenarios be ideally suited for one player? You seem to imply so, but I would like to be very clear on that point.
  14. Maybe it's just me, but tanks always seem so meek and unimpressive in museums. They don't seem like the same hulking, menacing beasts you see in real combat pictures, with soldiers running around and all that. Don't take me wrong, cool pictures, Doc. Just a thought I had, that's all.
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