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  1. Sorry to have to bring this up again, but I am hoping that Battlefront can clarify what copy protection they will be using. Simply put, I don't want to spend months anticipating what will be another classic Battlefront war game, only to find out that you are using Starforce as your copy protection, or something simular.
  2. Steiner14, Some excellent ideas. I would like to see and think that having a battle run for as long as it takes with bonus's for completing the task within certain time frames would be a better concept. The problem is that we have minutes, not hours to complete a battle. Not realistic. I feel the scoring system needs to put more emphisis on the objective to make it more worth the loss of points attaining it.
  3. medlink, There are several issues with the Macromedia implementation. Firstly is the continuos sending of data, I am uncomfortable with this. Secondly, you have to be always online. I would have presumed that USB dongles are cheap enough now to be viable. Maybe the technology isn't? All I can say is that when the anti-piracy solution requires hidden system level drivers that monitor your use of your system and stops you from using legal applications and then stops you from making a legal backup copy, then this will always almost only effect the honest punter. Which in the end will ei
  4. I have always made each game the maximum of 120 turns before playing so that I am not forced to play 'hamburger hill' style.
  5. There is a lot that can be done to discourage piracy. markl touches most of them in an excellent way. He did fail to mention continued support. At least I think he did, the paragraphing makes for a hard read. Ubisoft has stolen my money. Let me give SHII as an example. A very incomplete and half-assed product when released and it stayed that way as Ubisoft did one patch so that they could sell the companion product Destroyer Command. So here we have a bug ridden incomplete and poor quality product that Ubisoft washes its hands of SHII leaving the paying customer with a dud. So here I
  6. What do you mean is working? If you are refering to 'having stopped it from being pirated' you are mistaken regarding SHIII. My cousin has had a pirated copy of this game for a very long time.
  7. Piracy is a serious issue. However anti-piracy software such as Starforce is a guarenteed no sale for me. I have experience with this intrusive product through SHIII, a game I no longer play. My issues were minor compared to other users. Sadly, I feel that I will have to live with old titles and just move onto another hobby.
  8. Will there be a error margin on pre battle intel regarding the exact location of that unit when not in line of site? That is, I see the enemy tank as being over near that clump of trees, where as in reality it is a few hundred metres to the right of the trees?
  9. To Change 1. Orders through units HQ and less specific control of my units I would like to see orders for a unit to move from point A to point B, to target an specific unit/area etc be done through the units HQ. 2. AI Targeting The AI currently often targets useless and non combatant units such as tank crews from a destroyed tank. Or continually changing from target A to B then back to A. 3. Ammo expenditure, ammo amount & resupply The rate of ammo expenditure made when in close resulted in a units being ‘empty’ within 2 minutes. A well dug in defending unit knowing the enemy
  10. It might be simular setups to stardocks were games are sent in from players and then they are analysed and the AI code improved.
  11. The flags and even the % indicating win/loss is based upon what you (your men) see of and about the enemy. You may see a flag as nuetral when in reality the enemy has had control of since turn one. Or the opposite, you have known that the enemy had the flag but you may now be unaware that he has lost the flag due to all his men being dead, yet until you know this the flag will be marked as his and the % win/loss will include this for him and against you. However at the end of the battle all is summed up correctly. Hope this helps. Cheers, Blah
  12. I like maps that don't look as if they have had certain terrain put there specifically. I don't want to think that piece of terrain was done for a reason.
  13. Yes Please. It would assist me, and help my friend who is even worse than I. Cheers.
  14. I like the 2000 to 3000 size maps. I also always set my games to 120 minutes so that I can take my time. I like the big maps where I am able to attack in more than one way.
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