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Where's all the Sherman Mods?

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Haven't played CMAK in quite some time. So i started playing it again and noticed my shermans(not desert) looked a lil plain. Headed on over to the modslut heaven to take a look and saw that there were no mods(other than the winter versions).

Now i remember those CMBO sherman mods, they were great. Will those work in CMAK(after the renumber)? Id be happy to use some of those.

Is anybody working on any sherman mods? Id love to see the TLC of a MikeyD total rework or Andrew's amazing works of art. Or how about any M7 Priest(fav sp) mods in the works? Thats a fairly common sp gun.

Just wondering since the shermans are very common and their practically unmodded. Unless of course somebody is hiding the mods in some other place besides CMMODS.

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Originally posted by junk2drive:

bo and bb wont work. wicky's dusty m4a1 early and late, aristoteles did a m7 priest. (if you are talking usa)

Well that sucks, i was fixin to try and renumber them all and see if it works in CMAK. Guess i won't be, oh well, thanks for the heads up.

Yeah, i already got Wicky's excellent dusty early/late M4A1 mods. I missed that M7 Priest by Aristoteles, gonna dl now.

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Me, I admit to being a bit of a coward when it comes to the Shermans. One Sherman mod sounds like a fun project. Four or five Sherman mods sounds like a fairly hefty project, fifteen Sherman mods sounds like a second full-time job!

I should at least screw up my courage and tackle the Russian 76mm gun Sherman in CMBB to match the old 75mm gun Sherman I did so long ago.

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When the cricket season is over (1 month to go) then I might pick up where I left off - The winterised series was relatively easy to do compared to what I wanted to do with the dusty/camo series.

The Shermans, Lee and HellCat were 'prototypes' of the standard I wanted to continue doing.

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Aristoteles, yeah i already got your British Sherman V mod, i love it. But i didn't really like that bicolor camoed Sherman, just not my cup of tea. Not that it is poorly done, just not my taste. Although your battleworn Marder IIIH mod is great. Man, you got tons of mods, you are a machine my friend. :eek:

MikeyD, yes i remember that lovely sherman mod for CMBB, amazing work. Oh and your Valentines, or all your Stug mods, man, don't get me started. But about the shermans, im assuming(probably wrong) that they share some bmps so that might lighten the workload. But i don't know **** about modding so i wouldn't know. Is it possible to take your Russian sherman mod and american-ize it or britsh-ize it for at least a couple shermans in CMAK? Would it work or did they change the sherman model?

Anyways, i love all you modders out there, you guys make this great game of ours look alot better. Glad i got your attention for the much needed sherman mods.

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