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Comfortable troops on fire - bug?

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Don't forget that the flames show that the terrain is slowly but surely becoming an unpleasant place to stay, not necessarily that out of a sudden 20 meters of brush are engulfed in a wall of fire. If the unit stayed in the fire for longer, it would have been a bug probably. The fact that they moved out shows that all works as it should.

Does the battle you play allow for fanatic troops? That could explain why their morale remains ok.


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Hmmm. I'm impressed with the battle hardened soldiers you have there but something seems wrong. I myself had something like that happen to me but blew it off as just one of those things. Maybe not? I know in CMBO troops sure weren't that fire tolerant.

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Guys, there's a simple explanation: they're GREEN.

Now, sure, some of you folks are city dwellers. The rest of us know that when the forests are GREEN, they don't burn!! The danger time is when they're DRIED, or during FALL. But, really, GREEN is okay. No big fire danger.....



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Troops won't stay in a flaming area very long. Yes, being in woods that are catching fire is scary, but I doubt that it's as scary as staring down the barrel of a T34 packing cansister.

CMBO was flawed in it's modelling of things catching fire and having the entire tile/house burst into flames instantly. CMBB specifically fixed that problem.

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