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  1. I enjoy both, but if you must choose, get CMBB. I play mostly QBs. I find that the randomly generated landscapes are more varied in CMBB. And there are more options for tank and infantry flavors when you purchase units. In CMAK, there is much less infantry variety in the allies and I get frustrated when some types of infantry are only sold with loads of unnecessary halftracks.
  2. It's "The Defense of Hill 781" by James R McDonough. Can't find a fulltext version online though. Anyone else know of one?
  3. You can either use your arty early to attack his ridge, or you can let him get into the village then nuke it. Depends how big your arty is. If you have 150mm or better, I'd let him take the village and then pummel it.
  4. I think it's only in CMBB, not CMAK. However, I fired it up to test it out. The SturmTiger, with a blast of 2116, can take down a tall heavy building with one blast. However, it sometimes takes a second shot to destroy it. A regular SturmTiger crew takes over 2 minutes to reload, so you might still be better off with a smaller gun that has a higher ROF if you don't get it in the first shot. (In my 4 trials, 2 were successful on the first shot.) One of the other advantages of the SturmTiger is the high blast damage. It will significantly damage adjacent buildings as well, which is great
  5. In CMAK it also seems much more likely that infantry will use panzerfausts or rifle grenades against other infantry targets in close range fighting.
  6. Oops! The Nashorn has a 88mm gun, of course. My notes were correct, but poorly transcribed to the computer.
  7. I just tried the scenario Fervent Anticipation from the CMAK Companion scenarios. How in the world are you supposed to make any headway? *********Very minor spoiler********* The map requires that you climb a hill through a wall or a patch of rough and the enemy is waiting point blank at the top. I'd love to know if anyone has any suggestions for dealing with this type of situation. I'm also glad to PBEM as allies if someone wants to show me
  8. So I took the winner from our first test, the Grille, and tried different building types. Even within buildings of the same type, the results isn't always the same. I ran 4 trials. Here are the number of rounds of 150mm that it took to destroy each type of building for each trial. TYPE OF BUILDING: ROUND1, ROUND2, ROUND3, ROUND4 shack: 2, 2, 1, 1 small light: 2, 2, 1, 2 tall light: 3, 4, 3, 4 small heavy: 2, 2, 2, 3 tall heavy: 8, 8, 8, 8 The morale of this story is that the taller buildings of either type take more abuse. I also tested to see whether there was a multiplicativ
  9. This is what happens when someone with a spreadsheet, CM, and an unhealthy interest in watching things go BOOM gets some freetime. I was experimenting just with tall, heavy buildings. Perhaps I'll see how different building types handle punishment. I'd be curious if anyone from the development side of things knows the algorithm and what variables are involved.
  10. I tried to do an experiment to see which tanks were best at destroying buildings. I got 9 German tanks with different gun sizes. I expected to find that the building would fall at a certain blast level. For example, a Hummel has a blast per round of 303. It takes 7 rounds to destroy a tall heavy building. That is a blast total of 2121. However, I found that buildings withstand a vastly different amount of total blast depending on what type of tank is shooting it. A tiger with a blast of 73 takes 19 rounds to kill the same building. That is a blast total of 1387. A Wespe with a blas
  11. Thanks for all of the tips so far! I already found Bitter Victory at the library and am working on tracking down some of the other suggestions. I'll post pictures when I get back if I get some good ones.
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