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Out in Canada ?

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Originally posted by MikeyD:

Why, you ask?

Because retail stores in the U.S./Canada would keep most of the profits for themselves and give BFC the fuzzy end of the lollypop for all their hard work.

Sold this way the guys at BFC get rich (maybe), not the CEO of Walmart.

Do people actually buy PC games at Wal-Mart?
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Originally posted by Michael Dorosh:

What kind of a phony Canadian posts "Out in Canada"?

Any real Canadian would say "Oot in Canada?"

Don't feed the troll!

I think you Canadians should stopping 'outing' each other. It's more courteous to wait until everyone's comfortable with their lives before they admit they're Canadian, Michael.
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Originally posted by Flywest:

Hi there, I was wondering if the game was actually out in the US/Canada. I called every software store in town and nobody has it in stock, they don't even have a release date...which I find odd since there is already a patch on the website.



Never mind the peanut gallery, it will only be moments before they're caught and escorted back to their Hell called the Peng thread. :D

Read through this excellant FAQ thread for some info......aye


edited 'cause I forgot to say....aye?

[ January 13, 2003, 07:15 PM: Message edited by: Krazy Canuck ]

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Thank you for all your replies.

I downloaded the demo and played the tutorial and Citadel maps on the Axis side. On the citadel map I went as far ( or close lol ) as the secondary crossroads before losing my last tank. Hard without recon units...being newbie doesn't help either hehe.

Are the controls representative of the final game or they have work on them...I mean the camera controls could be better.

Great game so far..I'll keep on reading the forums for tactics, strategies, hints from the pros.

Cheers ! smile.gif

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