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  1. Yah, but you need a copy of Windows, which I don't have. I suppose if I really loved CM, the additional expense to make it work on my mac would be no barrier, so, since I don't want to incur that expense, maybe I just like it.
  2. I hope that Moon's comment does mean a Mac version is forthcoming. I recently switched to an iMac, and thus am without CM for now.
  3. I have seen this behavior as well. Team was on a rooftop.
  4. Steve, Since the game is making its own force selections from some type of available pool of forces, is it possible to display to the player the general options that game will be selecting from, and then let the user choose? This would, IMO, reduce the frustation of picking an armor force for Syrians and not getting any tanks. As for the point system in general, my suggestion is to take the same approach that miniature games do with army lists. Flames of War is far from perfect (but I bet you'll like their company name ), but the army list system generally seems to work. Example: if you build a Soviet infantry force you have to have X points of infantry (drawn from specific options), then a cafeteria list of other options to round out your force.
  5. What do you say we not tempt the Russians? </font>
  6. So what? I knew that I'd probably pay more when I pre-ordered directly from BFC. In the end, I actually paid the equivalent of 68 US$, since I had to pay additional customs surcharge. Do I regret it? No, I like the idea of directly supporting a developer who has provided me with excellent products in the past. Is CM:SF everything I hoped for? No. Am I having fun with the game? Sure I do. Do I feel ripped off? Definitely not. It's not that BFC decided to suddenly cut the retail price of their product just to piss you off. </font>
  7. My recollection is that they plowed fearlessly onward for quite a bit, and that the forums erupted in a furor when the CMBB demo came out - simply because Soviet conscripts in Yelnia stare wouldn't move anywhere; they'd take fire and drop/retreat.
  8. On the plus side it can decode "To Serve Man". On the bad side, it won't finish before you board the ship.
  9. My conscripts can't hit the broad side of a barn with on elite, and they aren't killing when they do hit.
  10. Now that is some utterly fantastic news to wake to today!
  11. As CaptainBly stated "A wargamer cares about play value, longevity, quality and challenge." </font>
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