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New grass, infantry, vehicle mods

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Ok, junk2drive, here is MY OWN TOPIC. Happy now? ;)

I just uploaded a new open ground (grass) mod that folks might enjoy:

Grass mod

And infantry faces for all CMBB infantry:

Infantry faces

And a few other vehicles I've done in the last month or so:

T-34 M43 / OT-34


Panther VD Yellow/Green Veined Camo


T-70 M42/M43

Tiger Pz-VIE (Late)

Valentine IX/XI

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I'd like some reviews of the grass mod, if folks don't mind giving it a try. I'm happy with the 3D effect I achieved, but I'm a bit ambivalent on the lightness/darkness, saturation, etc. I intentionally made it a bit on the light side to help with seeing units.

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I like the panther.

But i didn't think it was dirty enough.

So i hope you don't mind but i am in the process of sticking my dirty mod over the top of it.



I have emailed you my wip BMp's for you to look at .

let me know if its a problem with me doing this.


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Thanks all ;)

All my mods are at cmmods.com, you can find them by author- I'm just vossie there.

Dey, just photoshop. I use my graphics tablet a little bit but 95% is mouse. Dodge and burn mostly. I didn't do one bit of "painting" on the infantry faces, that's all dodge/burn/sponge/color correction. With a bit of blur to even things out.

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Guest Manstein22

Hi Vossie

Did you take the camo scheme from a picture in Walter

J.Spielberger Schwere Panzerjaeger. I came across a Jagdpanther with exactly your camo in that book.


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