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  1. OMG :eek: You should have forgotten me by now! I respect you for still playing this old game... All OSF mods in 1 zip file » 3 missions in the crimea »
  2. Nah, it wasn't that much time. Maybe 10 minutes total. And I've been saving up some extra time each day knowing that sooner, much sooner, than later someone would say something silly like this. So now that its happened, and I've responded, the time to respond to unreasonable nonsense is just about used up Steve </font>
  3. Thanks for the tips Dan. I'll certainly look into them. Still I have this feeling that it appears to me that I have a different idea of "major changes" and "minor changes" of game engines. I do understand the complete re-writing, new features and so on. But 1:1 infantry, AI improvement, more detail etc... aren't major changes to me. Those are improvements of existing features, rewritten or reused. It's like Steve said. BFC can't satisfy all fans with new releases. I guess I'm ready to move to a different game
  4. Then, I guess, I have been tricked by all the fog that's hanging around CMx2. Sometimes there's a campaign system and sometimes not. FOW is probably blocking my LOS then. I’ll wait for the demo before I think of writing my opinion down in this forum. I don’t understand how people come up with the idea that I demand something. Again: I don’t! Nils
  5. Yes, Pheasant Plucker also spoke for me; I'm just a disappointed customer. That's all. I'm not whining at all; I'm not asking for anything either. I wrote an impression of how things are for me; its sumfink personal. aka_tom_w, yes of coarse I'll try the demo. And probably will buy the game too... as I bought OB, BB and AK. But I think (personal) that the CD will end up on de bookshelf like CMAK did.
  6. I didn't noticed any increase of the BFC team since the announcement of the development of CMx2. The large amount of posts of Steve made me very suspicious towards the fact if I like the new CMx2 at all. Despite some improvements of the (virtual) environment, graphics, models and mathematics; I do not believe CMx2 will impress me that much. If I add things up then I can only come to a slightly newer version of the existing CM engine. Perhaps it's too early for me to point this out this way and perhaps I should wait for the first demo; but this has been on my mind for 1/2 a year now. Even go
  7. The only problem you get with replacing the soft ground is that you need to addapt excisting scenarios with the editor; removing softground and creating rock formations.
  8. You need to replace the softground tiles with rock. It's the only way to make this work. Soft ground has enough different shapes (square, corner, edge etc...) for these rock textures - and the parameters such as bogging and slower mavouvre for vehicles are partly simular for rocky surfaces. I don't have the numbers of CMAK softground textures at hand but I'm sure somebody does... Nils
  9. No sorry, for a Teenage Mutant Turtles Ninja game I have to refer you to this site: http://www.konami.com/gs/mutantmelee/ MMMMuuaaahhhahahaha ... sorry... Serious.... Uniforms can be ordered from the net:
  10. Depending on the kind of battle; AT guns are very useful when your opponent conducts a counter attack with armor. Or use them to turn buildings into rubble. I remember a battle where I blew up a building on my own side of the map so I could have a nice overwatch position. When the dust cloud disappeared the gun appeared and knocked out 2 heavy tanks from the opponent. My opponent didn't understand what was going on until he saw his armor burning in the field. Later on the rubble gave an excellent cover for HMG to.
  11. Unreal is initially a FPS engine. Example of a war-game created with the Unreal technology: http://www.menofvalorgame.com Maybe BFC can afford it now to get some really cool shader scripts for Charles his engine?
  12. Unreal is initially a FPS engine. Example of a war-game created with the Unreal technology: http://www.menofvalorgame.com Maybe BFC can afford it now to get some really cool shader scripts for Charles his engine?
  13. The Great Crimean War (1854-1856) ! No wait... This one I would like to design my self Do we have horses in CMX2? Maybe without CMX2 then... Nevermind!
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