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Originally posted by Codename Condor:

First of all, Qyusson, get informed yerself before speaking about what u obviously have no idea. Spain doesnt have a premier league neither we have a prime minister, and yes, we do have a president. Facts: teh 3/11 comission has clearly determined that the former goverment didnt lie. they just told in real time what they thought it was happening.

Sorry, but "3/11 comission", as you said, is not closed. So we have to wait to know its decision. ;)

And, in my opinion, of course, the last goverment told us only some of the news... of course they only speak about the news who likes them... but they don´t speak about the other news who aimed to Al Qaeda. So, perhaps they didn´t lie but they hidden information to all the people who believed in that goverment.

Or perhaps you still think that ETA put that bombs? :eek:

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i mean i heard all theres is to know about the facts in the 3/11 comission, i dont need a final decision to make up my mind about what happened, i have an IQ over 50 and a personality of my own u know?, maybe u need others to tell u what to think or what to do.

And yes there was a delay of about a few hours only, once, and it was prior to the detention of the first suspects, i guess they didnt want them to know they were going to be detained in a few hours...

And spare me the irony...

"YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!!, I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said "thank you" and went on your way. Otherwise I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand at post. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to.

", Col. Nathan. R. Jessep

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Right, now your position is clearer than before.

I am very happy that you have an IQ over 50. I wish to be like you in the future.

You say: "Actual spanish president chair rests upon 200 tombs."

Fortunately, i have read some of your previous post to see that, of course, you have your own mind... smile.gif . Wow, i hope to be like a baby for ever, keep you IQ for you. :D With such reasonings i see that it will be impossible to talk with you.

What can i say before such big reasonings??

You say that our last goverment had a delay of hours... yes, of course, of 24 - 36 hours... Yes, even on his TV they put that film about ETA the last night beforce elections... :D yes, they dont tried to handle our opinion... ;) And on Sunday their News telling about ETA, ETA... :D

Of couse, PRISA, is a slave of PSOE, or viceversa..., but who told the true? Aznar or PRISA?

Sadly my english isnt as good as yours and i cant explain properly my opinions...

But, please, keep your mind open...

Now in spanish (its sad that english people couldn´t read this)

"No se si eres español, pero por la forma de expresarte y razonar no me extrañaría nada. Tío, el govierno sabía lo que pasaba. Tu dices que se calló por favorecer las detenciones. Bien, podria ser, pero eso no justifica, por ejemplo, las cartas a los embajadores hablando de que ha sido ETA, ni la película sobre el asesinato del diputado por parte de ETA la noche anterior a las elecciones, ni tantas otras acciones ni salidas de los ministros insistiendo sobre ETA.

Puedes decir que me acuesto sobre 200 muertos, yo paso por allí todos los días y tuve la suerte de que no fue en mi horario. La SER dio caña porque tenía que dar caña al govierno? Seguro, pero dijo la verdad, o, por lo menos, dijo más verdades que los otros.

En fin, no te preocupes, los gobiernos tal como vienen se van y volverá el PP a gobernar. Seguro que quedan paises por invadir para cuando eso suceda. Seguro que podemos darnos más seguridad para entonces y bajara el petroleo tal y como nos vendieron también la moto.

Gracias por tu intolerancia espero que tengas suerte en la vida."

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"You say: "Actual spanish president chair rests upon 200 tombs.""

I told u, u cant handle the truth, no point of talking to u, just because some pussies like u we got this lousy goverment right now. Keeep on smoking weed (thats why yer IQ remains teh same as a 5 yo child), listening to ser and watching spanish movies&series. U think u got some kind of armoured division and u worry about the price of oil? tell yer beloved president to keep on with his no-nuclear-energy-bull****.

And dont talk in spanish, this is en english forum if u dont know how to express yerself in english...well, dont post anything at all, spare as teh suffering of reading yer BS.

btw maybe 21 in yer nick represent yer IQ???? me wonders.... :rolleyes:

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Errr, 21, or Jesus Soria Houses, ive read about u and find out u were close during the 3/11 bombing attacks. Well, gonna tell u this, why not, i met a guy from NY, this guy was very close during the 9/11 attacks, we worked in the WTC, so he was lucky to scape the massacre. U know the difference between u and him? He was thinking about re-joining teh army, yeah, this guy with a work in the WTC, earning big bucks, was about to join the army, and u, u hide in yer house and blame the goverment!!. I hope u can see the difference between a man and...a fairy.

If u still in shock, go look for profesional help dont blame the goverment. Altho Aznar didnt go for professional help when ETA tried to kill him, he simply stood there alone, with his handkerchief in blood. Maybe others would have run for their houses, he run for the elections and won.

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@Condor --- "El Dude", this is a classic, you're all over this chump! Nice take Condor, your the first Euro I've got respect for! My opinion of Spain just got raised!

Great takes!

1) Col. Jessup

2) Dopeheads

3) Hiding behind the government.

Somebody rack the Condor, he's no longer a Clone, he is his own person.

@DAK_21PzDivision --- El Dude, Condor just gave you the "Veni, Vida, Vinci". I can't speak Mexican, but I do know this...Condor just "Released the Bulls on your ass"! You better get running down that alley, cause the herd is coming.

I did read the book "For Whom the Bell's Toll", sounds like you're the Spanish El Dude w/o the sack. DAK El Dude, not every Sen~ior is a El PuttyKat.

El Sid Sen~ior Rambo

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This is probably the most ammusing things I have read in a long time. All I can say is, When is the wedding!

Really, I would feed you peanuts, just like monkeys at the zoo ... you two are simply so amusing. It is a real pity to have such an ammount of theorical inteligence wasted in hate and a blatant incapacity to have a rational conversation.

But you two have very little to worry about, your God, with his neverending mercy will forgive you.

Thank you for not actually replying to my arguments and thanks for telling me exactly what I think.

By the way Condor, I think there are flights to Bagdad. Pick up your rifle and shoot, go make the world a better place, you can keep my part of it (though I have no doubt you would snatch it off me as soon as you could), go fill the world with hate and drown in your own vomit.

One last thing Condor. Your Aznar - Churchill did a number of good things (specially in the first half of his Presidency), among them, the near-defeat of ETA. Did he Invade, Bombard and eliminate the basque population? No, he didn't, it was through hard work and always under the rule of Law.

You don't even reach your beloved's leader's heels. You obviously have some sort of mental disorder caused by some sort of trauma in your childhood; but do not worry, it happens to all of us.

As far as I am concerned, I forgive your childish attempts to offend me and on my part I consider this thread closed, as it is clear there is no possible dialogue with you. I wish you the best in life and hope you have at least a shadow of humanity left in you head. At the end we will all be five feet under.

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21. I dont know how to begin, yer lack of reasoning makes me feel i was right about teh 21 thingy. U even talk about invading the basque country??? Wtf r u talking about? damn weed...watch out kids u know what it can do to yer brain..., all i remember is teh socialists who brought the GAL (special units to kill ETA members). Hey can i get some decent quote from u! Konck , knock, anybody there in yer head? . Somebody bring a brain here!, this fella has his brains useless by the pot!. So i guess u still on the pot, i tried to give u some shocking treatment, bringing u to live again, make u face yer demons and fears to become a man again, and all u say is it doesnt offend u in the least. What we got here? a freaking fairy?. U can close this thread, but that wont help u, THE REAL THREAD IS INSIDE YER HEAD!! Dont u see it?

Eventually, we will all be 6 feet under, what counts is how u lived yer life, like a man or like a rabbit, I dont think Tom Hanks woulda risked his life and that of his men for a man like u, definately u r not a Ryan worth to be saved.

“- Why do u u guys call him “85”?

- We sneaked in his med report, 85 is his IQ”.

From Alien 3.

Condor feels fed up and tired of all this anti-US bull**** in Spain. Why it exists? Beats me. Is it for the Maine?, nah , i dont think people even know she was a ship. Communists still angry? Well, maybe, who knows. We need a couple of generations to come here in Spain to get rid of teh ignorance and the prejudgements. Those people still thinking about teh civil war, even tho they werent even born when it happened!. The “deep Spain” in 2 words.

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Originally posted by Codename Condor:

Condor feels fed up and tired of all this anti-US bull**** in Spain. Why it exists? Beats me. Is it for the Maine?, nah , i dont think people even know she was a ship. Communists still angry? Well, maybe, who knows. We need a couple of generations to come here in Spain to get rid of teh ignorance and the prejudgements. Those people still thinking about teh civil war, even tho they werent even born when it happened!. The “deep Spain” in 2 words.

Interessting comments Condor.

BUT: If you are against the Irak war you are NOT automatically anti american. If you are against the Bush admistration you are NOT automatically anti american. Totally different pairs of shoes.

What is this about the "ignorance and prejudments " of the people? Prejudgemnent regarding the fascist rule of Franco in the civil war? Or prejudgement that the democratic government in the civil war was essently left alone while Franco got the support of Germany and Italy?

Regarding misinformation from official side after the bomb blasts:

The german BKA was informed by the spanish police that the explosives used in the attentat were exactly the same as in other attentats by the ETA. Even as the BKA pointed out that the style of this criminal act was inconssitent with other ETA attentats they were told the proof of the explosives point without doubt to the ETA. This information by the spanish police was false. The BKA even filed a formal complain afterwards regarding the misinformation.

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Yes, i agree with u, totally different pair of shoes. I got warm up u know, i was talking in general, i wrote it apart. i wasnt linking the conversation above. But im right. Theres a lot of anti-US people here. And those anti-US people are 100% against the war on iraq. But, of course, by being against the war doesnt makes u anti-US.

Ignorance: im talking in general, we are surrounded by ignorance. U turn on the TV and u poke. u cant believe teh amount of **** people swallows here on TV. There, in the US u r lucky and u get 200 channels to choose. Neither we have a BBC. People here doesnt spend his money to get access to the BBC, morelike to a ****ty channel to get bullfights and football.

Theres people in Spain that still thinks the landing on the moon hasnt happened yet.

Prejudgement: im talking about people thinking that way cos his daddy thought that way cos his grandpa...most of it regarded teh civil war, yeah.

About the german BKA. Some spanish officer talked about "titadine" instead of "dinamite" i guess it was all about taht.

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@SomeBra --- You're brainwashed, it's that simple. Just because you're piped into CNN-World-News 24/7, doesn't make you a political expert. The T.V. isn't real son, people in the States are NOT interested in the Euro-Sorry-Policiy leading to a One-World-Order crap. Quit putting your faith into the United Nations, & quit listening to whatever college professor is melting your mind that the U.S. should get out of Iraq.

@DAK --- El Dude, layoff them buds, they will melt your mind. Sounds like your just another Euro-Hippie in school smoking the chronic, bashing the U.S. We have plenty of those losers here in the States. Instead of hitting the bong, hit the books, a math book! You don't want to end up another pothead, trying to act cool wearing an anti-Bush T-shirt......and washing dishes.

"Clean up your mind, your ass will follow" --- brother from Platoon referring to those who smoked bud.

Saddam was a maggot piece of lard, who we pulled out of the gutter. He whimpered as we picked lice out of his lid, real tough guy. He was a killer just like the Socialist Nazis of their day. What's wrong with you? Defending a sicko like Saddam, didn't you Germans learn from Hendrick, Herman, & Adolf?

The real reason Germans are against the war in Iraq, is because your anti-Jew, it's that simple. The United States is Israel's big brother. Saddam was just another Hitler, but at a smaller scale. The U.S. isn't interested in Saddam getting nukes, just like we shouldn't have trusted Hitler with tanks. If somebody would have taken out Hitler, 40,000,000 wouldn't have died.

Remember, you guys are only a generation of Wolfgangs, Hansel & Gretels away from being Nazis yourselves, don't get too worked up. I'm sure there's plenty of former prison guards still walking in the park this morning.

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Rambo even if you don´t get it. Attacking other nations, murdering civilians for the greater good , telling their people their way of life is superior are exactly the way a fascists regime works. Germnay after the terror, and murder and genocide is much more sensible regarding these issues. Funny that you are not able to see the difference between politics and religion.

If somebody criticizes the actual politics of Israel he is not antisemite.

At least Condor is able to argue his point of view. Even if I don´t share his political point of view I can respect it because he is able to support it with arguments.

Did you ever noticed that you are defending in your posts nearly a 100% NAZI politic?


Es ist strittig, inwieweit es eine geschlossene nationalsozialistische Ideologie gab. Überliefert ist die Aussage Hans Franks aus den Nürnberger Prozessen, dass es "soviele Nationalsozialismen wie Nationalsozialisten" gegeben habe. Die Frage muss letztlich offen bleiben, weil man nicht sagen kann, inwieweit der Nationalsozialismus als Ideologie seinen "Führer" überdauert hätte.

Es lassen sich aber einige Hauptmerkmale benennen:

Rassismus, insbesondere Antisemitismus, der im Holocaust kulminierte und "Höherzüchtung" einer Herrenrasse im Lebensborn, sowie Antislawismus und Verherrlichung der "arischen und germanischen Rasse" (vgl. Rassentheorie)

Euthanasie und Eugenik bzw. "Rassenhygiene"


Ablehnung der Demokratie mit der Zerschlagung von politischen Parteien, Gewerkschaften und freier Presse als Folge

Führerprinzip/Führerglaube (Verantwortung "nach oben", Autorität "nach unten")

Starke Betonung des "Völkischen"


Verteidigung von "Blut und Boden"

"Lebensraumpolitik", "Lebensraum im Osten"


Verwandtschaft zum Faschismus

You show strong signs of rascism, miltarism, your believe in a strong leader, socialdarwinism,your believe that your nation is the most important in the world , your overblown natinalism, rejection of all you call communism and youre defense of a Lebensraumpolitik when you call for the US to take possesion of all ther resources it needs.

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Haha rambo, he got u sorted!, ive never have gueses meself u r a nazy!.

But Sombra, France and Germany interests on Iraq smell real bad. France and germany economy was reaching the botomm. They want to rule Europe, and now thx to 3/11 that allow this new lousy goverment in spain they are gonna make it. Something is rotten in those countries. People here doesnt understand that Spain wanted to help the US instead those european countries. In our interest,to make an strong country we allied with the US. Aznar ia a clairvoyant, an stadists. He couldnt foresee tho the 3/11 attack, helped by the manipulation of the media, lousy actors sharing their communists anti-US opinions, teh anti-US opinions here in spain, the ignorance, weed-smoking-pacifists...

Alright, give as time to set things right again. A couple of generations will do.

About Israel, well, they are the 21th nazies, u dont have to think too much to realize it. Problem with the US in this affair is that the US jew lobby, is way too powerful. US tried to help with clinton but...

Sharon is a butcher and as Sadam 1 of the Hitlers of our times. And fanatics muslims doesnt help too much to solve the situation.

As some1 already said in this forum, cant remember who, u need to be 40, have read a lot, and IQ over 21,...to understand whats going on here. I suggest u all this book:

The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order - the Samuel P. Huntington

This is all about a clash of civilizations. Forget about the oil, lads&gals.

"And i think to myself, what a wonderful world" Louis Amstrong.

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What I don't get about people arguing here is that first of all, Iraq right or wrong has ended for the better 'so far'. Come back and critisize The Coalition after. Watching the Olympics now, remeber what Saddam's Son did to the Iraqi Olympiads last Olympics that didn't win any metals? Walk on all fours on hot TarMac? Some real cruel acts upon those People. Some hate us due to Religious Fanatiscism, but if you look at the whole, I don't see anymore 12 years olds being Pedafiled by The Old Regime or Executed Wives for Fathers argueing what had happened to them do you? Some of you don't read "Time," Great Magazine very informative and I hate to say it but much more reputable than most of the people here.

Spain is a small Contributor and I don't wish to belittle their position nor their Shining Example. They have suffered, and for that I feel bad but they don't matter and even the USA uses that bomb as an excuse IMO. Isreal is a prime Example, anyone watch those shows on 11 year old Suicide Bombers? I paraphaze a boys statement, "Matyrdom is for young and old alike. Why would they shoot me, I'm just a little boy. Salam, you that's enough Dynamite it'll do the job." From little boys. Sorry if I support a nation that openly practices violent oppressive acts, but what would any nation do? We're not India during Ghandi's Reign. The minute the USA stops putting it's neck out for the World, it'll go to crap. So far the Rest of the World hasn't done jack. Can someone name to me the last time the UN did it's job? Someone needs to push them back into the job. My Girlfriend is a Canadian has worked for Amnesty and you know what they save 2 in 30. They often get people killed trying to help. Personally I say take a Rocket Launcher and pacificy the bastards putting 11 year old boys into forced labor!!! That's happening as we speak in a European Nation. What're you doing about it aside from BSing and debating a dead issue?

France and Germany ? Heh, both of them are two big problems. One jealous of the other as I recall, the French are partly to blame to why WW2 happened, that stupid Treaty what was it called? Named after them!

Germans, they're excuse now is we can't mobilize, the World will remeber. What? We have been protecting their butts for the past 60 years, think it's well past time they did it for themselves. I personally lived in Germany and my Father Served Protecting all of your Euros from USSR for over 30 years so I think it's high time we the USA got some recognition, you think the Communists would've stopped in the Eastern Bloc states without us there? France and England would've stopped them? Bahh, right, they did a good job vs Germany...

The World is a better place for the USA being here. I'd like to see what you all would think if we let the Chinese become the UberPower and let them practice their sort of Politics how will you roll with that? They will shoot first, Drive over your College students with tanks and then ask questions later.

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Well I dón´t believe really that Rambo is a Nazi but he should check out his ideas against the list what does it mean to be a nazi.

"the clash of civilizations " I heard a lot about At least you got me interessted enough to check it out Condor

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Nazi is a loose term in this subject, don't pass it around lightly. I don't see Rambo running for Goverment position, nor voting in that sort of garbage. As far as I'm concerned he's just an opinionated person being attacked for no reason. We have extremists, Nationilistic, hardcore Truck driving, Shotgun carrying Americans here. They're nice people, they'd give you a room to sleep in. They'd feed you and put you to work, nice as pie with hospitality. They wouldn't judge for race, nationality or whatever<unless you were a Arabian guy with a BoxCutter, 15 grenades, and flight instructions> tongue.gif

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Sombra, check it out, a review of the book: http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m2751/is_n46/ai_19130150


"Huntington contends that the "underlying problem for the West is not Islamic fundamentalism. It is Islam." Even moderate Islam promotes a radically different value system than that of the West. Instead of universal values, today we are witnessing the propagation of "Asian values," "Islamic values," and so forth. Since Tiananmen Square, the United States and China have been at odds over differing conceptions of human rights. In Afghanistan, Western aid agencies are having trouble carrying out their operations in the face of the new Islamic laws restricting the activities of women. If these value systems are really competing and irreconcilable, the likelihood of clashes between civilizations will be greater as contact between peoples in different civilizations increases. Huntington believes that the most serious conflicts in the future will result from "the interaction of Western arrogance, Islamic intolerance, and Sinic assertiveness."


U hit some good points but israel could just stop killin, sue for a treat, give back land and break down the wall...for starters.

And Germany&France are now in love, WWII must have been already forgotten.

[ August 23, 2004, 01:19 PM: Message edited by: Codename Condor ]

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Euros have what I call "Bi-Polar" headproblems. They don't understand American culture, they don't understand freedom, & they sure don't understand justice. Euros don't understand what "good pride" is. Pride is the original sin of the Devil...but "good pride", such as pride in your job, pride in your country, pride in good behavior is a good thing & is not a sin. We Americans take "good pride" in freedom, the Bill of Rights, helping the little guy, protecting the little guy, having a positive economy. Euros have problems with their temper & "bad pride", therefore, anytime Euros see "good American pride", they are too stupid to understand the good. Euros are hot headed, especially, the Southern Europeans. Countries such as Yugoslavia (or whatever it's called this month), Spain, & those bordering Russia (Soviet States or whatever they're called this month) & all those neighbors have short fused people, need to chill out.

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So Liam, the Good old US, came to Europe to protect us from communism ... that is very altruistic of you guys. Let me remind you that D-Day was launched earlier than planned because it was clear that the Russians were on their way to Berlin faster than expected. Had the Americans and Brits waited a bit longer, the cold war would have been totally different. Many decisions after D-Day were taken by the Allid high command in order to get to Berlin before the Russians to be able to dictate the settlement terms.

During WWII it was clear that 2 powers were emerging and that traditional European powers would decline forever. Having a USSR dominating all of Europe would have been a real problem for the US, so, appart from "saving" Europe's Butt, you, my friend, were taking care of your own butt, making sure to have Europe as a buffer zone. So please step down from the "World Saving" attitude.

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Rambo before you judge about Euros and their behavier and what kind of ppl they are you have to understand where is the orgigin of all americans.

Americans are a multicultural mixure of ppl all over the world...most of them coming of those lands you are calling stupid Euros...consisting of ppl emigrated on their own will, persued ppl, outcast ppl,criminals,adventurer, carried off ppl from africa......

Can you name me one settler who called himself american?? The only true american would be the indians IMO but they are a minority as they were almost all killed during the 17,18 and 19 century.

That´s it so take care what you are talking and use your mind to find out where are your origin.

[ August 25, 2004, 04:42 AM: Message edited by: Dragonheart ]

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Kantabricus --- Not only did we save Germany from the Nazis & Russians, we rebuilt the economy. If we treated Germany like you treated the Jews, we would have stuffed you in some ovens & nuke the place, instead of helping out. But we aren't like that. America helps the helpless. Kicking Saddam Insane was a favor to the world, & the Euros call us names. Have a little faith in the Iraq infrastructure changes, it could change the history of the world by getting those people out of the stone age. Don't forget, we rebuilt the Japan too. We Americans don't take freedom for granted, it something money can't buy, took centuries for brave men to start a cool nation. Yes, the U.S. had an interest in the division of Europe, but I'm sure the people living on the West side of "Mr. Gorby, tear down this" we're glad we went that far East.

Dragon --- Yes, you are right. The "smart Euros" go the heaven out of there, we got the cream of the crop. It took alot of guts to get in a wooden boat & sail here. Religious dudes were escaping that evil Catholic organization. Quaker Dudes, Roger Williams Baptists, Methodists, Baptists (in Southern USA), Irish Potato Famine dudes, trappers, adventureres, businessmen, & of course a few criminals smile.gif Far as slavery, well, we had a little Civil War over that, 400,000+ dead. My family was original from McVeytown, couple of hours North of Gettysburg, I had relatives who fought for the Union & free the brothers. I guess you really don't have alot of choice where you are born. You dudes know more about the Nazi stuff, you live right in the heart of it. I'm sure 80% of the men there were goose stepping for Hitler, driving a tank, & going masterace on the planet. Maybe you know some of those DasBoot guys, my Uncle K. fought in the Battle of the Atlantic, my Uncle C. fought against the Japs. My Uncle J. & several relatives were thrown in a camp by people over there while conducting business before the breakout of the war. You know any Nazi dudes? Are they still around? Did they hid some gold?

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I was watching the History Channel about Henrick the Hangman, who was killed by British Commandos. This Hangman Dude was going to exterminate more civilians in France (mostly Jews), near the end of the war. The British zapped this cat, then the German army wiped out an entire village in retailiation. If the Germans would have concentrated more efforts against military targets in Russia, they might have won.

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