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  1. I think we should be given a date. Even if it is december 2006, it would still be something to look forward to.
  2. Or maybe a pop-up schould appear saying : air fleet based in neutral Spain is able to intercept Italian air fleet attacking Gibraltar, do you want to intercept? yes= 50% chance the Axis invade Spain, or Spain kicks the allies out. no= nothing changes And I would also like to see neutrals asking for allied assistance if threatened by the Axis, and the effect that the giving or not giving of this assistance has on that neutral's leaning. In general I would like to see a lot of possibilities to influence neutrals and also more phases between neutral and war declaration. for example: -Non-aggression pacts -economical cooperation pacts -As you said, allow troops to move through neutral territory without joining the war. -And other... And different kind of alliances incorporated in the game : -commonwealth alliances -military alliances(like NATO, where the invasion one member automatically leads to a war declaration from all members) -Mutual assistance pacts -alliances where one country is the dominion of the other(UK-Canada) -And other... What about dictatorships like Germany? Should they have the same limitations to promising territory to other countries or not? After all, they don't have a real democratic parliament.
  3. Any news on how diplomacy is going to be handled? Are we going to be able to send ultimatums to neutral countries(or send ultimatums to belligerent nations as a neutral nation)? What about signing peace treaties and setting the terms for these peace treaties? These options would surly make a MP game where the different countries are represented by different players a lot more interesting(just imagine the USSR pulling out of the war or even switching sides in the middle D-day). This would also make the game more historically correct as countries like Rumania and Finland changed sides nearing the end of the war. I would also love to see the option to send a PM(secret negogiations ) to another player during a MP game offering him all kind of things to make him pull out of the war or convince him to join you. example: Germany promises Turkey Syria and Armenia if it joins the Axis or: the UK promises Italy Malta(not very likely but just an example) if it keeps out of the war. Regardless of whether these things are included or not, I would like to see an advanced and greatly expanded diplomacy aspect in SC2.
  4. @Liam, Parlez-vous Français? Si oui, j'ai une message pour vous. TAISEZ-VOUS dans tes remarques dirigées à les Européens! J'éspère que c'est du sarcasme mais si non, ils sont ridicules. Ok, so my french sucks but I thought this thread was supposed to be about the best versed on this forum? Personaly,I'd say Kurt88 is very good.
  5. Same thing here,JJ. When I first got here it took some time before I actualy realised there were other Euro's in here Of course, when we started calling each other 'commie Euros' and 'fascist Americans', I realised some were from Europe as well
  6. Not to mention the very strict time limit. we only get to play until the year 999999 :eek:
  7. Good question I sure wouldn't want to be leading the battle of the Kursk or anything in Russia for that matter.
  8. Aliens and god would have intervened.
  9. Oh god, like you guys don't have a big enough ego already.
  10. Right you are, Rambo. I don't care if he takes another year to finish the game(but I hope not), as long as it's good. But Hubert,come on, you have to give us freaks, something.
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