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  1. im always interested. Tcp only. Short sessions are ok for me. Send me your email by PM, it will be easier to communicate. Greetings
  2. mail sent... i have time this week, if ur interested greetz
  3. Hi Im looking for players who still prefer to play this one online (easy, fast, and hexes!). Is icq still being used to meet? Grtz
  4. Qyusson

    SC1 Tcp

    Hi Im looking for players who still prefer to play this one online (easy, fast, and hexes!). Is icq still being used to meet? Grtz
  5. sc2 is worked out perfectly, but that means also more work each turn. Thats why i never play the game online, takes ages between turns. I like it as solo game though. I think more people feel like me and would definitely like to see some kind of upgrade to sc1. Some ideas: insertion of the diplomacy system, extanding the map, more customization options in scenario editor, maybe the possibility of playing with more than 2, some ai tweaks (like trying to make it attack in the best order, not planes first). Like aesopo already told, a lot of pple would like to reward any attempts in this direction. I still play sc1 with 3 friends in hotseat or online. We all believe sc1 is a better multiplayer game than its offspring. Greetz
  6. Diplomacy is a good sc2 option, brings a lot of fun to the game. But it would indeed be better to increase the chit cost, lower the chance and increase the maximum number of chits, something like 10 chits for uk, germany and usa; 5 for ussr and italy; 3 for france. something like 3% hit chance and costs varying between 50/75 for chits on minors and 250/300 on majors. This way, trying to influence majors would become extremely expensive (negating the 'expected' factor of diplo), but the competition for minors more diverse(enhancing the 'what if' factor).
  7. @Cap: Rambo can make a lot of fuss and have some special ideas but like Liam said, he finishes his games, plays fast and is a strong opponent who likes to teach others how to play, thats what matters. You just dont seem quite smart, i suspect your a 10year old boy who likes to use dads account to spend time writing crap (crap indeed if u think of rambo as a commie, gfl a commie haha)
  8. everyone his own way of playing. Playing historically can be cool for some times, but after a while you just want to test a 'what if' scenario. Thats this game's goal: recreating history
  9. --- v 4.1 available --- 1)Fixed the French activation. France will now declare war on Germany when Axis DOW's Poland. 2)Fixed some balance issue (Germany, Italy and GB have altered production queues and units on the map) 3)Updated to work in SC2 v1.02 Enjoy!
  10. stupid laws, pple should be able to confront their past instead of fleeing from it.. anyway i wont turn this topic into a political discussion
  11. @Edwin P: very interesting ideas.. sounds great.. it would add some flavour to the game! But why omit German and Italian leadership fotos? Because they lost the war? I dont see the difference between lets say Stalin and Hitler.. Both dictators to me.
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