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  1. Hej Erwin! I remember you, you were funny. Nice to hear from you, more people still here?
  2. Anyone of the old guard veterans since 20 year old back still alive? I'm still here, still alive. Moon? Hubert? Rambo? Terif? Dragonheart? Immer?
  3. I'm still alive. Any battlefront veterans from the 90's still left here?
  4. Sorry but whan I see these pics, I have a hard time see how this reflect the war of manouver. Where are the huge panzer sweeps? The map is too crowded, besides that the OOB is completly off it's too much units this is just boring.
  5. I agree with ancient demon, I can't see how a german force that failed so terrible at reaching any objective of strategic importance during 1941 could recover.
  6. Must be some kind of flaw, Germany is nowhere near to reach it's objectives on any part of the frontline. Far from Moscow, barely captured Pskov and no Rostov.
  7. Awesome AAR. I rank this scenario as perhaps the best one of the standard scenarios of the whole sc2-series. It's right up there with spanish civil war.
  8. Seems case blue started early? When is the start date for this scenario? Historically it commenced on june 28th 1942.
  9. Yes but later in the war russians actually fielded artillery corps which would be fine to include.
  10. German player seem unable to reproduce the advances of barbarossa in ww2
  11. Yes that is entirly correct. Soviet field armies consisted of 5-6 divisions while a german corps had less, about 2-3 infantry divisions at start of barbarossa. This is the way to simluate this. Soviet corps-structure resurrected later in the war together with the old army structure. But I would not put emphasis on that, instead make sure the russians can field as much as possbiel of the field armies. In my battle for russia scenario the russians will start with the mech corps that can't be rebuilt. However after that they will from mid 1942 recieve the tank armies. I''m not sure how yo
  12. Yeah that is a good solution as well. The red army abolished corps but then put them back again when leadership had improved. In 2 years the red army in the midst of war completly reorganized it's command structure, tank and army forces and even the airforce. Back to basics and then reintroduced the old organization structure in some ways again - bigger, bader and a formidable force' A most impressive transformation in 700-800 days which the japanese would taste in manchuria a bit later!
  13. Some suggestions here, for improvments not to critizise, - The pop up talks about t-34 and kv-1:s. Infact the reason the soviet union quickly abolished the seperate tank formations in 1941 was due to the problem they had operating them. Not that t-34:s would be needed but rather that the mech corps was too huge formations. They were extremly powerful formations, the inexperienced crews and leadership of the red army could not handle them. It would take until mid 42 before the tank armies emerged. - Also with what I see in Lithuania and Latvia needs to be considered. Historically it was a
  14. German panzers in the south should be bled bad in the first couple of turns. IRL soviet counterattacks at Dubno and Brody exhausted Kleist's 1st panzer army.
  15. When this is released I will remake my Battle for russia scenario. I suspect the scale I used with german corps and soviet armies made it easier to simulate the historical timetable. For instance seems difficult with distances for germans to capture Minsk around june 28th. Al deserves an applaude for daring to create an AI for this scale. No easy tadk for sure. To simulate the transformation of the red army I would make soviet corps and mech corps impossible to rebuild. That was never possible with w&w. Another thing which will be easier to simulate will be shock armies, soviet artil
  16. Nice to see the introduction of light tanks to simulate the soviet mech corps. That was always my problem. Soviet should have nearly 30 of them at the beginning of Barbarossa. How many tank armies have you set for the soviet player to be abl4e to produce. The tank armies should appear in mid 1942 at the earlist and be a total of 5 or 6. Are tank armies the unit size soviet armour represent or is it something else?
  17. abukede: how many days is a turn? to simulate barbarossa properly wehrmacht should be able to capture Riga immediately and then armygroup north should advance on Leningrad, reacing Tallin at end of august and Leiningrad itself in mid september. On the center Smolensk should be able to fall in mid july, in the south Kiev should be rip for the taking in mid september. Those are key for the timetable to fold out correctly. How about HQ-ratings, are they historical and are they representing army/front commanders or perhaps even corps commanders?
  18. Hm seems like you copied alot from my w&w eastern front scenario. Still how are you gonna solve the Riga-problem eg possible to be captured immediately? How do you avoid Pskov as a bottleneck to be able to reproduce the fast german advance? - What ratings do HQ:s have?
  19. I say this is one of the all time best scenario ever made for sc2 engine.
  20. Where is Condor, Terif, Dragonheart, Avatar, Liam and all the other inmates that played the game from San quentin?
  21. Hm that man...JerseyJohn was'nt he the guy involved in that Jimmy Bogus multiple identity scandal back in the days. And now this...posting a picture of Satan. Moon needs to watch this guy carefully :-)
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