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  1. No, actually XP... I think a fresh install of SC2 might fix the problem? Though every time now I try to run sc2, it crashes, same memory error.. I can load without 3-d units... I recently installed a Windows Media Player update...
  2. I have a Dell, with an upgraded 6200 nvidia pcibus video card 128meg I have been having issues with SC2 ever since I put it in... a year ago I get some fuzzy graphics on SC2 when I load up sometimes, when I alt-tab it fixes it. Lately I have been getting unit icons that are all scratched out and recently when I tried to load it gave me an error with the 3-d icons, something about memory. Never seen such an error and booted me from the game. The Driver is up to date. Any clue what this might be?
  3. I upgraded my Video Card from an intergrated Intel to a Nividia 6200, I have a crappy Dell so I had to go lowend but still when I loaded a particular Save, I got a lot of little color dotes splotched around the map evenly.. It was a bit strange looking... Is this something that may have to do with 6.0 guys? Should I reinstall my Copy of SC2 to be on the safe side since I changed video cards?
  4. Dear Battlefront Team, and HC I notice that sometimes my SC2 screen flickers heavily. I am not sure why... Usually I notice this after the game is loaded awhile, this is reflective of a low refresh rate but mine is near 85 hertz I usually only see this with really bad video cards, mine is a 128 Intel GL one which isn't great but I usually don't see the flicker... I also notice on some of the screenshots a flickerish look to them, but that could be from the quality of the capture. Is there a way to reduce the flicker of SC2? Is there an issue with certian video cards perhaps? Or is
  5. Strange guys, worked me about 10-15 players so far as I've seen. You have to install the program Hamachi, have the other player install it as well. Create a Network, have him join your network. Then you join with the IP that Hamachi provides through that Network. If you do not understand perhaps I can give you a demonstration, give me your IP and I'll see what I can do the next time you're on-line. I have never had an issue so far... Remeber both have to be logged in, it's much like filesharing program but directly between you and those you choose
  6. It is the case, really need Terif to honestly answer here as he and I experienced it first with 1.3 then it happened again in 1.4. With Rambo also, and it happened nearly every time. It seems so far HC all players attempting to load Allies from a converted PBEM to Network game gets an error. Not Hotseat, Terif did that fine when we had our first incident. The Error is if your opponent is Axis he is requested to enter an Allied Password. I could be wrong if it is just for 1 side. What normally do is have the player resend the turn, and then viola it works...We're not finishing the turn on th
  7. This is something that seems to occur quite frequently and is a bit strange. In the 1.3 and 1.4 patch... Terif and Rambo both have experienced it with me. First of all, after finishing and sending and turn-Copying it into the Network directory so it can be converted from E-mail game to IP game, they host and the game requests the opposite player's password when you attempt to join. Generally if you let the other player finish his turn and mail the save back to you in fixes the issue. Basically: it seems to do something to the file to attempt to convert it from E-mail to IP Game. So
  8. I'm not sure if this has been addressed in 1.4 though I'm sometimes getting 2 instances of strategic command 2 opening when I open 1.3 only...
  9. Yes, The Hamachi Host, the one who created the Network must Host the Game for the client the player that uses his network. The program assigns those of us behind routers a usable IP address that can be recognized by games like Strategic Command2 and MANY others. Anyone can be a Host now behind a router
  10. Well, I am trying to use 3-D units I have upgraded my Video and such and it doesn't work, I have the latest driver available... They come out all scratchy some do come in focus. Any Fix?
  11. goto: http://www.hamachi.cc/download create your own network & password and give it to your opponent, he has to download Hamachi to. Both logged on and in, the Network Owner can now host with a stupid router Now do I get a cookie?
  12. How do I bypass my router to get this Strategic Command 2 to run? Is something like Hamachi a good idea? When all are networked that generally allows to fix some of these issues
  13. Cheese it's not so bad.. I have had my I/O card fry, I had to manually bypass it and it's built on to the Motherboard. I have had my Monitor Burn Out and I don't know about monitors and it's just working barely cause I loosened the frame. Also I have had to take back 2 different AntiVirus as they blocked my internet access and neither Windows or Mcafee or Norton Help could do what I could do. Ultimately I'm own the Official patch for the 32 bit 16 bit conflict in Windows because I toyed with it for 6 hours... without A plus Certification of any kind and half the guys I spoke to supposedly are
  14. That is very odd, only a Tax Program? That's it Cheese. You didn't remove direct X 9.0 properly? To Properly Remove Direct X 9.0 which you haven't do this Site http://ask-leo.com/c000337.html BE VERY CAREFUL IN Registry I'd update your video driver, it sounds like the key word, "Software or Driver Conflict." Same thing... When I say reformat and reinstall windows, in the end I have dealt with the Best of the Best... and that is usually a surefire way of eliminating any problem if nothing else works, so don't worry you can always do that in the end. AND there should be no rea
  15. OS: Windows XP Home Edition v 5.1, build 2600 Card: S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR Driver Ver.: 6.13.0010.1100 DirectX Ver: 9.0c </font>
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