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  1. May I inquire is it anything like other Hexagon WW2 games. I never got as far as WIF board game. Concerned it will be boring... I wrote on the forum there they said there were some walk throughs and the learning curb is about 20 hours.
  2. Yes, the infamous Polish Resistance held out long enough to give a boost to The Russian Morale...This restructured the whole of the Soviet System, instead of building a defensive infantry army, they built a highly mobile and highly offensive Army to conquest the Entire British/French/Spanish African Colonies and take out the Mid East and Finland. Stalin must've known it was in the bag all along for him, and after 100,000 British Commandos sacrificed their lives in D-Day 1... They were serving their Russians Masters, by destroying Luftwaffe planes and Airfields but meanwhile only giving more Space and opportunity to the Evil Eastern Empire! Certainly the West could've made a Deal with the Axis... a Mutual Anti-Communist Pact... I suppose not in this release Anyway... British were weak most of the game, except at Sea, where the Royal Navy did shine and because of British Aggression in Sweden, the True D-Day didn't happen until '43 by then there was so much Allied Air, the sun was blotched out. Similarly in the East there was so much German Air, there sun was also blotted out there... Go Figure It didn't matter the Russians were a lot Richer than the Germans by '43 and could've rolled over them all the way to Berlin. I attempted to Take out the neck of the USSR, but in my feeble attempts I was out of Fuel... Allied Bombing and the loss of North Africa as a base freed up reinforcements to harass my flanks. Essentially this was just one flanking maneuver after another, until the final one cut the jugular of the Axis... You cannot give every piece of land without finally losing... I was praying for more Speed and grease in my wheels so they could've made it all the way to the Urals, but this would not be. some 45 or so Reds died and about 30 or so Germans in the Titanic Struggle just 1 or 2 cities short of their ultimate goal... I was bled to death slowly Terif played well Had I played more flawlessly I imagine I could've perhaps given him a true Match. We'll see next time Entertaining Challenge
  3. I would right now but I'm counting Dimes Tim...... Plus playing a lot of distant PBEM games. I think what you're doing is cool
  4. CHQ ???? Scenario was the staple The WW2 scenarios didn't catch the feel of the era to me. Though that game was years ahead of it's time. Very addictive, and fairly good speed headsup Modem..Even 2400 BPS Lordy, to think it took up to 15 minutes to load a webpage with 14.4 in '95 and in '89 that game was Out... Played a guy in NC and we even had a Challenge Board on Prodigy Wargame Club back in '92
  5. Territories from Paradox, Hexagons from Matrix and at least Battlefront like CIV explored Tiles It's an old concept, I recall seeing it in SSI games and in a favorite of mine, Command HQ back from '88 or '89 for PC Wargames, ModemStyle You have to have a definition of territory of realestate, SC2 WAW or Vanilla is plain tiles. Mostly, it takes into consideration that 75% of territory is passable for gameplay More Historical Wargames can be quite slow, boring... If you make it realistic you would have to add in some other factors that aren't included. I.E. A Great Tactical Manuever allows for German Panzers to Thrust 50 Kilometers into France meanwhile the French just retreat confused and befuttled... You'd steal Blitzkrieg away I think it very essential to have quick successive victories when a major force ratio is achieved. 3-1 or 5-1... No matter how you pile on the Army Group, or where you will win in Tiles, Hexes, Territories and in real life. So it's most realistic just to overrun the defender. Defense is a war winner in SC2 as it is other games The Dice in games to solve Disputes can be annoying too, so that not every game is predictable... History is nice but impossible, the look and feel matter The way to make tiles work would be to add more terrain, tiles, cities, towns, etc... And make the map bigger
  6. Agreed, but Hexagons aren't real either. It's the supply system of Strategic Command that is difficult to get a hold of...... So that a tile or hex 200 miles away from a city gets supply? WHY??? That's much too much distance for WW2 trucks and in certain places HORSES! The point I think you have to remember is that there are a lot more cities, towns, depots, bases, etc... along the way and that does cover SOME of the supply factors. There are certain bonuses and penalties in regions also which attempts to reflect some historical emphasis in regards to supply. In Tiles you merely need to post an extra unit to cover the Center so you have a very natural and historical defense formation like a U or a > wedge i.e. a 1588 Spanish Armada The Tactical Aspects of SC can be given or taken but the strategic appeal is much more Also Minor Take Down would be impossible, as would any conquest if you started penalizing units stretching - - - 3 deep with movement prices as well as supply prices as far as I can see now... that or it would just be slower. Considering that would mean offensives would have to start earlier and end earlier... So the game would be more boring.. Hexagons may be superior, they may be neater... but they're what we assign to territory, some land may allow incredible incirclement and some may not
  7. All the things historically that would upset the USA, will upset the USA
  8. Power, I use to play Air Warrior, the specs of a plane were often posted.. Range and actual combat fighting ability is mixed, Wiki would tell you the fighting range on just about any plane including it's top airspeed... Although some planes have different performance at different altitudes. I.E. The P51D was the fastest plane in the world in 1944 likely aside from jets, but the Corsair and FW190 might outperform it on certain altitudes As for distance, drop tanks, flying optimum speeds can greatly increase range. The Spitfire might go that far but not if it fights. I once heard that at 80% throttle or something like that a plane's range doubles! ALSO planes with a lot of fuel are heavier and since weight increases drag not so easy to maneuver then again what WW2 plane would maneuver who had "range." Better to hit from high and run like hell Remember in the Battle of Britian escorting 109s were forced to fight so they'd lose fuel faster! Otherwise they may have been better at protecting all those Bombers! Those US Fighters probably were shipped in, a lot easier, flying in would be expensive! But with drop tanks and Greenland-Iceland-Azores likely doable for later US Fighters and beyond, though don't quote me on it. Interesting fact in 1 YEAR THE USA PRODUCED MORE AIRCRAFT THAN IN HISTORY OF AIRCRAFT ! And Hitler thought he could win ROFL
  9. JG, yes I understand, I miss playing IP SC2 competitively. As to your strategic discussion, I am glad that you are opening some closed doors and elaborating on your tactical thinking. I am a very rigid tactical mind and in that I lose several games for every a couple I do well in vs Terif. Though against an average SC2er it's hard to lose when you are playing a guy that is very very calculating as Terif. As you mentioned reacting, and inventing strategy as you go along, to mix it up, i.e. Switch to Jabs and do not focus on your Right hand. Idea is conserving Strength in a boxing match, or add something unexpected. That seems to be what you're good at... I am trying to learn about this! Now alternatively for Axis strategy, leaning all your weight in one direction but being flexible enough to take the weight off when you see you will have no hope SC2 vanilla is tough... In a game vs Terif I try to Conquor Scando-Conquor N.Africa and I try to hold MidEast. Although this is impossible, and I start Barby so stripped Terif can throw all his weight either way combo'd Russia and Combo'd UK-USA. End Result is he can take both Theatres or all 3... That is the end of the Axis MPP advantage and with no KO in the Middle, Inner Line, Russia, Game over... Real complex and yet real simple, throw in Bombers, Paras and some Techs and this game is sneaky. I'm always letting Terif dictate to me strategy, and when I take the iniative a few times here or there, he will usually start to pay on Top of this! I also notice Unit arrangement, use of Terrain, use of fort-terrain... SO ESSENTIAL for Allies and even for the Axis, if you do not create Box Formations of Mass combined Arms your going to get splattered. Regardless of Resupply and distance from your bases... Allies perhaps have the advantage in certain theatres and at certain points but as do the Axis just in alternative situations I am still trying to break from my classical narrowminded Wargame Cover all my grounds, all my bases and then throw an offensive. The Careful Balance of SC2 Vanilla is very fun, 2 years here of learning... I see in this game you throw Terif off balance with new strategic iniatives and that may not work against someone else, and you must be arranging your terrain-defense-attacks well. Romania is a Pitfall, all those Mountains probably killed you, especially attacking from the direction you did. NO ONE can take Romania easily if one wants to give it enough forces. Italy would've probably been easier for you to take if it wasn't already Fortified as that narrow strip can be assualted at two ends and it's surrender is expensive for Axis
  10. JG, I must say Oh My God! I have never heard of an instance in SC2 vanilla of someone extracting that much punishment out of Terif. You are very aggressive and willing to pursue a lot of strategies and tactics I wouldn't. I am still attempting to learn from my losses...I too favor Allies against him, Axis REQUIRE perfect play. I find Axis are at a disadvantage if Allies are played very well, a slight disadvantage.. It's hard for players to grasp the full strategic scope of SC2-Vanilla, it requires a lot thinking. You can do so very much and yet you must cover your bases... I found this game interesting that you struck at him again and again and obviously you knew that it was dangerous but you do so and thus pushed him on a defensive stance, rare with Terif. You must notice his Tight Formations and Unit arrangement is quite exquisite, and you must be be thinking more than 2 dimensionally to outwit him. I have yet to achieve it. Though I'd like to challenge you a game by E-mail if you have the time. There is no one else left to play Rambo doesn't play me anymore and I'd like to see your tactics first hand P.S. wargamer123@aol.com is my E-mail addy and I only prefer PG League, and I prefer Axis but am flexible or like Mirrors also P.S.S. Going to study your AARs from now on
  11. Agreed, Playing with another guy is sort off for us wargamers. Playing with the game with my Buds Anyone got a brewskie? Anyway watch the Bears game last night? Haven't played Commander yet, no demo
  12. Von Strachwitz, Well written Post. Very clear and precise points. You are entitled to say and feel whatever you will. I do agree that you feel that this board is crowded with a lot of meaningless none sense. That may be true... However this is not a history board it's a Player's board. Yes, improvement of the game and history will pass through here. Though I will give you an example of life experience. Just as if we were playing tennis. On a hacker competitive level, even professional. We both may be Pros and we both may be highly talented but in real life a lot of things may cross our lips that could be considered anything but befitting. Often people who're passionate or filled with certain behavioral issues will lose it or often yell out, "DAMMIT! You suck, STOP lobbing those balls and hit the damned thing (Cursing) etc... etc..." However we may play on a level of Beethoven's." Likewise when playing games in several forums in several situations I've heard racist comments, mad utterances, people quitting, cursing, anything but profanity. It's immature, agreed. Although I tend to think we're all boys and we're all playing a game. I guess I have been on-line long enough to see it that way. Rambo is a good player, and I know him fairly well! Not ignorant just a little bit much... He will like that Tennis Player Shout out, "DAMNED YOU SISSY! GO BACK TO MUNICH!" He can't help him self.. BUT!!! I know him also to be the type to sit down like a gent afterwards and enjoy a beer with you as well. SO does he man it like that or do some take him a bit too seriously.. I don't know what to say I tend to ignore those words as in Tennis you'll lose your concentration and the match if you let someone talk you into a Emotional Hole. Concentration and Focus is paramount and I have thrown matches listening to people who talk a lot of trash. Rambo doesn't actually strike me as a good ole boy, but he has it in him. Though I know there are plenty of English and German who are on one end. Kuniworth is a character himself all on his own. I do not know what he's saying half the time. It's mildly entertaining. Though you can choose to ignore someone, I do that without much effort. I just know whenever I load up SC either of them will lose to me 95% of the time As for the Americans in Germany. I think it really is about bases to relocate to other interests. I think they've been sizing them back since the Wall came down. I'm sure the Germans are financially compensated and several other countries have our bases as well. Though the German Army and Air Force is quite healthy now a days. They did not come out of that war as they could have. Russians did win and the UK did aide as well. All this is true! Though the Great Powers of the time, they fell due to their own device. Nothing to do with the USA. I think that it was merely her time to reign along with the USSR. Two Opposing ideologies and in that war the USSR is the sore loser! Their economy in shambles, their people hungry and cold, near bankrupt and unstable! The USA is nearing the end of Economic Domination and it wasn't much longer than the German Empire reigned. So Empires come and go, as the sun sets, that's no big thing. I have lived in Germany for a tiny bit when I was young and I have lived in the UK. Very Fun countries, lots of culture. The USA has had a death of culture lately, McDonald's and XBOX has turned us into lazy boring people. Thinking about going to Europe to enjoy some of the scenery and do the scene there. Never know, it's just a lot more expensive is all... Most Americans young Americans don't know anything or have uninformed opinions about places. I think it would help if they saw it first hand! We are after all children of the European Parents In the end Intelligent debate, history, Gaming it's what matters. The Trash talk to me is unimportant. I keep an openmind, these boards are a bit lenient but I have found boards that are overly censored as well. I'd rather the designers create more games and ignore them. I do not think they have time or energy to finger through 40 or 50 pages of our debates. If you catch Rambo on a personal level I think you'll see he's nothing like the image of a M60 barring John Wayne. I knew a guy like that in North Carolina USA. Chewed Tobacco and fought in Vietnam. I guess that's why it doesn't really phase me much to hear it here. Military Towns are filled with people who will talk, but in even that fellow was down to earth at times and a decent fellow. They get to know you they don't judge you... USA is actually formerly Country a lot Europe classically was more city, cultural and educated
  13. WW2 is over. It's fun to play the game, but it's dead. I study culture and I study people, a hobby. German culture today is less Racist and Nazi than US Culture. Though it is finding a resurgence with the new influx of Arabs and Pakistanis. This is the way of the world. In Germany it is illegal to preach White Power, men have been arrested for it in their musical lyrics, in America Men preach it openly and cannot be tried for it. Freedom of Speech. Some may argue the morality of that, though either way I like the idea I can believe what I want. Germany may have good reason to fear letting such ideas flow freely. The USA obviously does not see danger in it. Regardless... 10 Million Germans died? Or so... Give or take... 400,000 Americans.. I do not think my country can judge theirs now. Plus if you want to blame anyone blame the entire Imperial System of Europe it's corruption lead to WW2. Japan become a Power partly off the defeated Imperial Powers of Europe! Western Ideas.... Germany was forced to take blame for WW1, Americans in those shoes might be looking for scapegoats as well... This is reality not books, not propaganda, people are people. The USA has hatred, I see, hear, feel it on every street corner of Pittsburgh PA... Modern City, but you feel the tensions, any day with a few mistakes riots and beatings, fires and looting and murder possible. This is a Race Question? Likely... Not one yet solved to this day. Though WW2 was as much about Vengeance, as much about Greed, as much as about everything else as it was ever a Race Question. In my humble opinion people speak about the innocent as a reason to fight... When it convenient. Though only then. Or when it affects them... Rarely do they care when it does not.. The World is imperfect and for this men will do as their deeper conscious dictates. Many of them are dogs, many of them subhuman. Many follow the pack, few follow their own hearts. I think the few cases of that in history are admirable... but remember WW2 is only 1 piece of a bigger picture, what existed there, what culminated there has been there for centuries and will probably be there a lot longer. Rambo is Patriot, an Extremist. No reason to shun him. Ignore him if you do not like it. He believes in his Country. His Country saved Tens of Millions of Europeans, including Germans. If Stalin would've had his way, Germany would've be a lot different today. Many like him are to be thanked, as those patriotic Boys fought with British to free the West...The Americans gained nothing from WW2 but A hell of a lot of trade Dollars... and what? hundreds of thousands dead Been easier to turn a blind eye and let the Russians eat Europe and ignore the whole thing. He lacks the etiquette the refinements of some, but I know him personally and he is a lot more intelligent than you think. I think a few beers and some bravado is taken out of context and censoring him will not solve anything. I am aware of souls like Rambo, White Supremists, NeoNazis, openminded treehugging Amnesty Hippies, psuedointellectuals who cling to an ideal not of the above exists... It all exists and it is going anywhere. People are offended to hear of it, the very words cause fear. With closer examination maybe you can learn something. The World is hardly going to get better, things are going to get worse. Rambo Needs to learn to understand Bravado doesn't get through to people, wise and levelheaded debate may. Politics... At least he is not politician, they created WW2 and Hitler was a fancy Spokesman. Many of you would've liked him! Frightening? But lets say REALITY [ February 15, 2008, 07:22 PM: Message edited by: Liam ]
  14. PG and others: Yes, Jets 5 in 1942 is quite ahistorical. However in 100 games I have never achieved Jets5 in 1942. It may be possible against a weak player but on average Jets2 is a difficult achievement in my "Challenging" games... It's better to have 2 more fighters than to invest a bunch of chits in Jets and pray you get a hit! The two more Fighters and the Experience they can and the Secondary Fronts they can serve will give you more bang for you buck than overteched Fighters. Not to say I wouldn't mind a lucky hit, I've just never been that lucky. Also, I have never achieved Jets5 in any GAME of SC2 Vanilla in nearly 2 years even after 1945. Jets 4 only 2 or 3 times and usually very very late game! A competitive player with destroy anyone misplacing Chits in an area not that important! Also as for Axis Minor Troops. There is no incentive to recruit them and they were poorer quality. Though There is not individual Nation MPPs and Research, etc... Game is not that detailed. The Cost to build 10,000 Men armed with outdated Rifles and Horses isn't the same as updated SMGs, Mortars, LMGS, advanced training, more modern WW2 vehicles, on and on and on and on... The Germans wouldn't buy their Minors these, because they had shortages. Though we make our own World in SC so why not give the Germans the option since they're buying the Minor Units at full cost anyway. Though reduce the Attack/Defense strength of these units and DO AWAY with their amphibious capabilities!!! There by simulating what they were fodder and fillers. It is pretty accurate they are antipartisan units they are garrison units and that would have worked well for the Germans... Had the Germans not overextended into the Caucasus and used THOSE troops to defend the line at Stalingrad instead of Axis Minors perhaps 6th Army would've had a fighting chance to win there. SO I have to say there is no reason to make these troops up to par They weren't and they would've never been. Unless you're talking about the elite and dedicated Fascists within those nation which were not large enough to bother with in Strategic Terms
  15. Many Axis Minor Troops were lugging around WW1 equipment... Relatively for those nations it was expensive for their backward Industry/Raw Material/Economies to carry large armies. Plus why would Hungarians Serve Germany or their Army, many Minors would NEVER? So you have to look at it in realistic terms. I do say however that "Zero" tech is a bit harsh for them, they should have base upgrades.
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