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Testers needed for map converter

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I do CMBB >> CMBB, so you should be able to do CMAK >> CMAK directly.

A small suggestion, Pyewacket:

Those mirror buttons would be easier to use if they said: "Mirror Horizontally" and "Mirror Vertically" (or you can abbreviate them) and the vertical mirror button should have a vertican orientation - positioned beside the graph. You might also use an arrow (textual or graphical), e.g. "Mirror <-->" and










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1. jep, I had the feeling that something is wrong (road). That's why my testmaps looked that strange,hehe. Funny because I asked myself why, but didn't care in the end.. Now you told me...Unfortunately that's a huge thing, because nearly any of the road tiles needs to be comverted to a different tile depending on the mirrow command. I am not sure how to fix that and how that will work with the option of manually editing the conversion tables. I mean if you mirrow horizontal I could code something that exchanges the road tiles to correct the orientation, but if the road has been replaced to a hedge (silly expample I know)in the conversion table, then the hedge will be a road at some points, and where the mirrowing affects no editing of the orientation it will stay a hedge.

But let me think about that task a while....maybe it could work like this , e.g. mirrowing horizontal -> then to some road tiles there's a value added, or subtracted to get the right orientation. To be precise take tile no. 160 in CMAK (road from upper left to lower right). If this is mirrowed I could add a value of 16 to that tile number (no 176 is road from lower left to upper right). Would be clever to have these information in a file I think:

Text file:

Mirrowing horizontal CMAK

Tile no; value (add = +)

160; 16

176; -16


of cause this would be a huge list, but I have no idea how to handle that different... MAybe you have some ideas?

No there're no conversion tables for CMAK-> CMAK or CMBO->CMBO,CMBB->CMBB. But I can implement this very soon, if needed.

2. I am not able to plot moves in a current game, sorry.

Robert: right...I'll change the text in the next version.

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map converter 1.28


1. I changed the buttons.

2. I included another 6 files. take the file CMAK_Mirrow_H.txt as an example (_H means horizontal; so it is good for mirroring a map horizontal which was read from CMAK , my english is bloody bad 'mirrow' -> 'mirror'...sorry) . In this file you find these lines:

CMAK Mirror info:




this means: tile no 144 will be tile no 144 + 16 (so 16 is added!) when you mirror horizontal. Of cause there are lots of tiles which must be included in this file, but I neither have the time nor I would enjoy that. So if there's any need for this mirroring thing I ask for a volunteer who fills in all that information.

The ';' at the end is not neccessary but it looks better. Make sure there are no more line with text (or so ) in it, because the app reads till the end og these files and if there's no number (or a ';') then an error message occurs..

Enjoy it.


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Thank you Lucho. I didn't spend more time than anyone of you guys for designing a good scenario, I guess. So a big thanks back to you all for entertaining the community.

Hans: smile.gif ; CMBO CMAK is included. Do you have the latest version (1.28). If it doesn't work with cmbo just tell me. There's also a problem with CMBO special edition. At the lower part of the apps form you find a troubleshooting section for this edition. Please contact me if there're problems.

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Originally posted by Pyewacket:

'when I tried to mirror'

yeah, every tile which has a direction is converted improperly. I still didn't find a volunteer who is willing to fill in the files with the proper information smile.gif

I just have sent the conversion tables for mirorring CMAK maps horizontally and vertically to Pyewacket. We just need someone who volunteers for the CMBB and CMBO mirroring conversion tables, if there is a need to.
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Ok here's the latest version (1.28) http://www.pyes-ct.de/mc.html , the mirror files from McAuliffe are included (CMAK). He did a great job in creating these files and I am happy that I could include his mirroring idea. As he said if there's a mirror function needed for CMBO/CMBB we still need volunteers.

If there's no need (I'll wait a few days), I think that's it and we can finish the test phase (need just to add the mirror file thing in the help). Many thanks to all who helped me and for all the comments I got.


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Excellent utility!! Thanks for creating this!!

I was having a little trouble converting a CMBB op to a CMBB battle. I was getting a map with no terrain and the elevation was coming out as all "1." One time, I call all of the units as they were placed on the op... but no terrain. I eventually succeed and got the terrain. I may have been because I turned off "show elevation", but I'm not sure.

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If converting from an op to battle or reverse. Open the op and map. Minimize. Copy with MC. Maximize CM and exit the map. Open "NEW" whichever. Go to map editor in place terrain mode. Adjust the size to the same as what you copied. (I write down everthing from the original before I copy it including date, place, weather, size.) Minimize CM. Goto MC and copy. Maximize CM and there it should be. works for BB to AK or vice versa, op to battle map only or vice versa map only. Just remember to click the correct game or you get an error like I did, Dooh!

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I have a folder named maps and battles. That is where I download scenarios, research bits, briefings, and map convertor. Most things have their own folders within. Once you unzip everthing, you can make a desktop shortcut. Read the instuctions, it is pretty simple. Experiment.

You may want to wait for the CMAK 1.03 version, but for converting CM battle map to op maps and vv it is great.

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