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  1. Does anyone have a quality sound mod for the US M1 Garand and carbine, instead of the silly clunking sound that's in the game now? Thanks.
  2. When bringing up a CM game, is the computer cooling fan supposed to kick on? Whenever I play BO, BB, or AK, the fan kicks on, often changing speeds while playing. When I minimize or close out the game, the fan goes off, but kicks back on as soon as I bring up a game. I did a test, where I brought up BO, then minimized right away, then brought it back up, then exited the game. Every time the game came on the screen, the fan kicked on, but shut off when I minimized. When I exited, the fan went super loud for a second, then stopped. It startled me, it so loud. It never did that before.
  3. Jason, it just comes down to me not being able to get my overwatch set up properly, as well as being able to properly assess a good attack route on the map. I'm playing a QB now where I've done some things from your articles, and am doing better. I just need to be more patient, and keep practicing. Thanks.
  4. No. I suppose I should try that. CMBO and CMAK both install and load with no problems. Not recently, but at the time this happened, the surface was fine. A good cleaning wouldn't hurt. I never considered that. I'm wondering if he would do it. When the outage happened, the disk was in the tray, the game was loaded, and I may even have been doing a CMBB turn, if I remember correctly.
  5. This is the problem I continually have. I can scout and advance, but once I get to the place where I know I've got to force my way into where the defender is, my problems begin. I've come to the conclusion, it's because I don't have enough overwatch in place. It just seems like it takes too long to get it where it needs to be. I also tend to be extremely overcautious with my tanks. Same as above. Your article was quite good, and some of it I already knew. The main theme I saw being emphasized, was overwatch. I simply need to get it in place sooner. I still don't see how all of
  6. Last summer, a power outage in my neighborhood that lasted one second (the power went off, but came right back on), seems to have damaged my CMBB disk. The disk was in the CD tray when the outage occurred. Since then, I can't get CMBB to load. I got the bright idea of deleting it from the hard drive, so I could reinstall, but that didn't work. I put the disk into the tray, but nothing happens. CMBO and CMAK are fine. Short of purchasing a new game, is there anything I can do? [ December 10, 2007, 10:02 PM: Message edited by: Sanok ]
  7. This sounds easy reading it in a post, but how does one actually do it in a CM battle? The terrain affects the ability to set up overwatch. Mortars and MGs move slowly. When faced with a turn limit, how do I accomplish this? Needless to say, I'm not very good as the attacker, and I'd *really* like to learn to become better at it.
  8. Believe it. BFC's stance from Day One of release was "Don't let the door hit you on your posterior on the way out." They wrote the game they want, which is fine. They don't much care if you (or I) want it or not. -dale [/QB]</font>
  9. Isn't the whole point, designing the games the paying customers want to play? I wonder how well CMSF would be doing, if it was the very first CM game, without the loyal customers buying it, simply because of BFC's reputation with CMx1.
  10. You mean Combat wasn't the best? :eek:
  11. I have Vista and experienced a driver display error. This is something known and common to many PC games and not just CM. A Windows update came that eventually fixed the problem, though it crops up every so often. The user interface would scramble and the game would freeze, with the screen sometimes going black. You would need to hit ALT+ESC, then wait a few minutes for the drivers to reset. With Vista, I can play BO and AK, but have a lot of problems playing BB.
  12. Personally, I think the reason BB sold less than BO and AK sold less than BB, was the drastic change in the infantry modeling. Yes, BB and AK is more realistic, but a lot of players don't know how to use realistic tactics. Even a lot of players that have done CMx1 for years, can have difficulty playing well. People liked the BO uber infantry. I have regular opponents that hate BB and AK, just because they can't enjoy the game with the more realistic infantry modeling. It appealed to the more hardcore wargamer, but not to the rest. I believe it's really as simple as that. If you g
  13. BB and AK play on Vista, but there's a problem with the Vista display drivers. After a few minutes, the game screen goes black for a few seconds, then the user interface becomes distorted. Also, any words on the game screen become blank, white boxes. To fix this, you must minimize the game and wait for the drivers to reset. You can go back to the game, but it will happen again. This is a known problem that happens with other games, as well. Now, on the other side, I did get an update that seems to have fixed this problem, as it has happened only one time since I installed the update.
  14. I just got a new computer that has Windows Vista Home Version. I can get BB and AK to play on it, but each time I insert a disk and start up the game, I've got to reset the screen resolution and hotkey parameters. This is the least of my problems. Vista won't let me place pbem files in the proper pbem folders. It says I need permission from the administrator to do this, which I assume is me, because it asks me if I want to place the game files in a folder named after me. How do I correct this?
  15. Will BO,BB, and AK work with Windows Vista?
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