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  1. When bringing up a CM game, is the computer cooling fan supposed to kick on? Whenever I play BO, BB, or AK, the fan kicks on, often changing speeds while playing. When I minimize or close out the game, the fan goes off, but kicks back on as soon as I bring up a game. I did a test, where I brought up BO, then minimized right away, then brought it back up, then exited the game. Every time the game came on the screen, the fan kicked on, but shut off when I minimized. When I exited, the fan went super loud for a second, then stopped. It startled me, it so loud. It never did that before.
  2. No. I suppose I should try that. CMBO and CMAK both install and load with no problems. Not recently, but at the time this happened, the surface was fine. A good cleaning wouldn't hurt. I never considered that. I'm wondering if he would do it. When the outage happened, the disk was in the tray, the game was loaded, and I may even have been doing a CMBB turn, if I remember correctly.
  3. Last summer, a power outage in my neighborhood that lasted one second (the power went off, but came right back on), seems to have damaged my CMBB disk. The disk was in the CD tray when the outage occurred. Since then, I can't get CMBB to load. I got the bright idea of deleting it from the hard drive, so I could reinstall, but that didn't work. I put the disk into the tray, but nothing happens. CMBO and CMAK are fine. Short of purchasing a new game, is there anything I can do? [ December 10, 2007, 10:02 PM: Message edited by: Sanok ]
  4. BB and AK play on Vista, but there's a problem with the Vista display drivers. After a few minutes, the game screen goes black for a few seconds, then the user interface becomes distorted. Also, any words on the game screen become blank, white boxes. To fix this, you must minimize the game and wait for the drivers to reset. You can go back to the game, but it will happen again. This is a known problem that happens with other games, as well. Now, on the other side, I did get an update that seems to have fixed this problem, as it has happened only one time since I installed the update.
  5. I just got a new computer that has Windows Vista Home Version. I can get BB and AK to play on it, but each time I insert a disk and start up the game, I've got to reset the screen resolution and hotkey parameters. This is the least of my problems. Vista won't let me place pbem files in the proper pbem folders. It says I need permission from the administrator to do this, which I assume is me, because it asks me if I want to place the game files in a folder named after me. How do I correct this?
  6. Will BO,BB, and AK work with Windows Vista?
  7. I don't think there is a difference. Enemy squads in open ground, fifty meters away, still appear as Infantry?, with one man on the screen. I think BFC made it too difficult to ID units. Can't my guys tell the difference between approximately ten men, and approximatley three men? I guess not.
  8. Lol. I have no idea how to do some of this.
  9. I agree, but QBs are like that, as well as many scenarios. Scenarios seem to be pretty much designed to make the defender sit in place and wait for the attacker to come.
  10. I've thought of this, but with the attacker advantage in points or force size, isn't this just needlessly giving him a few more victory points?
  11. I've thought of this, but it isn't always an option. Is this all there is?
  12. When playing a quick battle, or a scenario where the defender gets no reinforcements, how do I make the battle more than just clicking GO each turn, and watching the action unfold? In many situations like this, it seems all there is to do after the setup, is to just watch the attacker enjoy the game, while I do almost nothing. Any advice is appreciated.
  13. I don't know if this has ever been posted here, but it's a great video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_CgLT19hmM
  14. You can also move Allied units by highlighting all the units and hitting P, without clicking on a specific unit.
  15. There's a scenario for CMAK called Eder Dam that has an excellent map. It's very challenging for the attackers trying to take the dam.
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