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De Hinderlaag AAR

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   Really nice video.  I enjoyed it - it was cool being in the middle of the action.  Very nicely done.

   I played this one a while back.  I actually did work some of my guys through the town on the right flank, took a fair number of casualties, but managed to secure the town objectives.  I did reduce the bunkers early on, so I was able to storm the last objective on the left flank at the end.

   Thanks for the video.


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Uhm i have to admit i pretty much failed at that scenario right now. It was my first NATO scenario, i played exclusively Army and USMC so far(RED too ofcourse), i do have UK and NATO since the CMSF2 release but i did not touch it so far, plenty for me to discover, so i thought i give it a try, Hinderlaag was the first in list so i took that one.

I was quiet surprised, the dutch have tiny squads, half the platoon wants to sit around and snipe with these lapua rifles i had no extra ammo for, even the HQ has a sniper. Not sure what to make of that. If i remember correct 2 squads in the YPR´s are set up to go close with C7´s and and MG.

I used that one CV90 to kill the bunker by the highway objective -> almost all its programmable ammo is gone, it fire so much rounds into the bunker so quickly, and a few more onto a building and it was reduced to KE and machine gun, later it blew up :)

I totaly underestimated how many troops the enemy has and how many RPGs, i got unlucky and 1 YPR was exploded with the squad inside, that did not help, after that i got everyone into houses i had a hard time to make progress. If a squad take 2 or 3 casualties they are terribly reduced in effectiveness already. The US squad with 9 persons has so much more "stamina", not talking about USMC.

That was a hard lesson to learn, with the US troops i cream most any scenario i played so far, but that first NATO game i play, that was somewhat frustrating. Too late i realized that i need to hose down each and every enemy position i spot with the YPR´s(i guess), or i am not sure how i should be able to take out so many syrians with a hand full of rifles all the while suffering minimal casualties as i only have ~65 or so troops and the syrians 160 or so. The ~50 turn limit or so does not help.

That was a low blow to my fragile CM ego, did not loose so bad to the AI in a while. I guess in the next try i have to abuse/use a lot more area fire on building and not sure what else, i have to get on top of these small squads, not sure how to use them properly.

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Great video. Just played this scenario again tonight. Have actually played this a half dozen times or so, with sufficient enough time in between each battle that I forget my  approach from the previous playthrough.

Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. I can say that those landmines between the ambush site and the three story building get me every. single. time. 

As Pandur mentioned, I am used to whipping the Syrians with the US Army or USMC. This was a nice change of pace.

And seems like a good tune up for forth coming CMCW, in which the US won't be so dominate.

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