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  1. Your little scenario plays a part in my vid. Thanks for your work.
  2. Yes. Pinpoint accuracy and the much HE has it's advantages. If something needs to die, and I'm not expecting tanks or IFV's, then the Javelin is a good remedy. I also use short arcs until the picture starts to make sense.
  3. I always give my AT asset’s armor target arcs to avoid this regardless of the title. It’s added micromanagement, but those ATGM’s don’t get used on infantry.
  4. Oh, that's no good. My AC is definitely getting a workout. Thanks a bunch.
  5. It's literally 100F outside as I type this. Send buckets of ice.
  6. Thanks! I'll be looking into those scenario's
  7. Looking for any single player scenarios that feature the US tank thermal system. I just got whipped by the T80/BMP combo in ‘Killing Time at Kirtorf’ and am looking to give Ivan the business as revenge. Youtube vid of my defeat coming this weekend.
  8. Electronic warfare is being employed by both sides. There is probably enough electromagnetic noise in the atmosphere to cook a steak. The EW settings are set by the mission parameters done by the mission designers.
  9. You did a good job representing the scene from the novel. Granted, it's been 35 years since I read it. I would love to see more from you. BTW, you might be the first to have a scenario outside the initial release.
  10. I just waited until the advance T72's all came into view, popped smoke and laid into them. Ivan can't see through the smoke but the M1's can. That's the game changer. No loses and total victory.
  11. Thanks. Quick question: I’m assuming the arty should be called in after the first turn with a 5 minute delay and not during the initial setup phase. Correct?
  12. I’ll always be doing manual force selection for the AI so as not to get a second echelon unit like an air defense battery. That’s another drag....knowing what the enemy has.
  13. That's something I was worried about. I will definitely be doing some QMB videos. I've just started the US 1982 campaign in Cold War and have the first video more or less ready to go. Once that's out, I'll do a Fire and Rubble QB and alternate between the two titles. My only concern is that QB's can turn out stupid vs the AI as it is fairly limited in what it can do. Scripted missions are generally a bit more of a challenge and more real world in terms of AI contingencies. I'm also in the beginning stages of a H2H game in the Italy title. We tend to do 1 turn per day, so it's going to be awhile before that match shows up.
  14. Typically. I'll pick a battle size that's one higher than the battle size I actually want and manually choose the map and unit purchases for both sides if I'm playing AI QMB and I want to see expensive toys. You don't have to spend all those points if it's just going to swamp the map.
  15. Thanks for clearing this up. I thought I was going crazy trying to get cluster weapons by running different dates in the QMB. Anyone know a scenario I get to play with them until the patch?
  16. 3rd CAA was a TA, right? Did anyone ever figure out how 3rd CAA and 2nd GTA were to be used? I seem to remember tons of controversy about those two formations. Some thought they would be in the 1st echelon. Other's thought they would be split up into different OMG's and distributed right between the 1st and 2nd echelon Either way, they couldn't have been used as a massed ready reserve as they would be nuked.
  17. Thanks for the clarification. The T72's were for 2nd echelon troops in the West TVD and for export. Imagine the logistics nightmare of having four different MBT's in service at the same time.
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