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AI triggers small tutorial


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Activation of Group 3, Order 4:

With the Stryker carrier vehicles moving again and finishing their order 4, this is activating Group 3, Order 4 trigger for the infantry i.e. group 2. As such the infantry dismounts and attacks.


Koff koff, who is the idiot that has fired all this smoke? 🤣


The infantry i.e. group 2 has also an area fire order on the buildings in front of them.


Close combat due to the smoke but they do not see each other.


Several fire fights are starting.





Even the 3rd Platoon HQ of AI group 2 is able to call an indirect fire support mission with the on map mortar of AI group 4. TacAI is awesome!!!


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Resuming the area fire orders:

With the opposition eliminated in Target 1, AI group 2 and AI group 3 are resuming the last orders they know. This is the same, perform an area fire on the buildings in front of them.



The infantry is even sending a Javelin missile (yellow circle in the below screenshot). It would have helped me with your StugIII @JoMc67.




I can do nothing. Fire superiority is on Blue AI side.




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Who said that the AI is not able to perform an attack? See no loss on Blue AI side, but it was lucky. Remember that I have removed RPG-7.


Now, I will redo the same with some more resistance on my side. For the record @domfluff before modifying it, here is attached the current 001 try.btt file.

001 try.btt

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I used to have the same problem but i managed to figure it out and it work fine after that (no unwanted rotation).

Have you tried doing it the way MikeyD described in this thread...IIRC the right way to do it is exactelly like MikeyD shows in the picture in his 21.160 post.


The important thing is the placement of the withdraw marker (this is the key IIRC). I belive it needs to be placed like shown in the picture...

Infront of not only the withdraw order location but also infront of the 'starting possition' (the previous order location).

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3 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

Yeah, I'll be looking at that area closely too.....When I tried to utilise Withdraw orders in CM:BS I wound up with tanks with their hulls facing the wrong way (immediately prior to the Withdraw Order, they then turned back around and reversed IIRC).  :unsure:

See this post - Orders for AI group number 3:

You need to visualize where your units are located at the beginning of the withdrawal. Then, paint some yellow squares where you want them to retreat. And be sure to add the pink square in the direction of the enemy. This is what I have done in the above post. Look at the difference of location of the yellow squares between order 2 and order 3.

And also, do not forget the face command (green square) in the order just before the withdrawal order. It may help to have the units facing the right direction before reversing... Order 2 in the above post is using a green square also for this.

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