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Dealing with Mines

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3 hours ago, George MC said:

Mr Picky would like to point out its not clear mines it’s mark mines. Hence the long thread on what this means in real terms in game. 

Ah but that screen shot shows both mark mines and clear mines. Where is that shot from? I'm not at a computer so I cannot check.

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Oh I just realized what it is likely for. I'm still not at a computer to check but CMBN has flail tanks and they do have a clear mines command. All the games are probably using the same settings code even though many games don't have any units capable of clearing mines.

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Engineers first have to locate a mine before they can 'mark' them and that involves a great deal of exhaustive crawling around on all fours. My engineers have cleared mines with satchel charges on 'blast' command before after locating and marking a mine. I may have only done it once or twice long ago. I don't know if that's meant to be SOP or if I just got lucky.

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