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Radzymin Mass Pbem?


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Wanted to know if enough people are interested in playing a large scale team v team pbem on the largest map in CM. The map and forces will be scaled down for battles.

Two mechanized/motorized armored divisions clash over Radzy (About 6-7000 troops each side). It can be a meet, defense, whatever. Let's get interest first.

So I'd need

         -Germanfor high commander

                 -German field commanders

          -Sovietfor commander

                 -Soviet field commanders

Force preview:



-Game manager

I am okay with playing game manager for the entirety of this. My tasks would be to tally the dead, establish the front line between matches (ingame), etc.

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I had no clue this thread was being replied to. I would still really like to play this. 

@StieliAlpha I haven't found any dedicated players yet. I'm guilty of announcing my interest in games and letting it dwindle myself so I can't blame anyone. 


@JoMc67 I plan on using Rad Full 2 as the base map which is 5.7 x 5.7 km. It's gigantic. It'd be cut down for games. And the force too, likely a bn vs bn at most to keep things smooth. Only using a battalion is problematic for me... too few troops on too large of a map, and after two battles the forces would be cut down. I would prefer having troops in "reserve" than to use the same bn just reinforced every time. I want the feel of a rolling game for CM... where you try and make every unit count. Of course it's up to the team to choose their force composition. Nobody is telling you what to do, it's your game!


@DLaurier How it'd work is you'd have someone start the turn, issue orders to their units, save, send to a teammate, let them load the turn and issue their commands too. At the end of this phase, the turn would be good to go. Someone presses play ingame and submits it online for the enemy to receive. I'm PRETTY SURE this works. - Just checked.. it works! Bfc is great! Allah Akbar! :)



The game would be on PBEM. There would be a CO for each side, and their Field commanders under them who carry out the orders. CO's would take over Battalion level assets and support the Field Commanders who would command their companies. Of course you're allowed to distribute equipment out to companies as they do in real life. What do you guys think about this? This way everyone gets a taste but there's still the hierarchy of command that I'm looking for.

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Am sure someone will dump on me for being negative.  But, a note of caution need to be expressed - this idea has been tried - all the way back in CM1 days.  The problem that was experienced is that it only takes one player to be sick, traveling, slow, irresponsible etc etc. and the whole scenario grinds to a halt and everyone gets fed up and the effort dissipates.  

My recommendation is that you have at least one strong "Dungeon Master" who can ensure "discipline" and that you have player reserves and a system in place to very quickly replace players who are not "producing" in a reasonable time.

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Thanks Erwin. I am open to ideas. I'll try to think of a fair way to incorporate everyone if I had reservists on each team. 

I vote someone from the ************paid************ BFC staff steps in for a game (for once?!)!

Of course that's just wishful thinking. They wouldn't want this to be the most popular AAR of all time or anything. 

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