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"Out of the dust -finals"

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Match #1 The last road out

Americans vs Germans

Bye Ozi Digger vs Gavlong

Bye Mikado vs Zweihorn (submitted but no score

could be awarded)

80/20 K.A. Miles vs melb_will

69/31 Gort vs U8led

69/31 Walker vs BertBlitzkrieg (modified score 2% for Bert, challenged game award of a flag – Bert can show it in a after action report)

68/23 Warhammer vs Major Tum

61/39 Dinga44 vs fiaros


K.A. Miles 3 points

Gort 2 points

Walker 2 points

Warhammer 1 point


Fiaros 3 points

U8led 2 points

BertBlitzkrieg 2 points

Major Tum 1 point


Ozi Digger/Mikado 1 point

Match #2 The bloody stream

Germans vs British

84/16 K.A. Miles vs fiaros

78/6 Ozi Digger vs Zweihorn

70/30 Walker vs Major Tum

69/31 Mikado vs melb_will

50/50 Warhammer vs U8led

30/50 Dinga44 vs BertBlitzkrieg

bye Gort vs Gavlong


K.A. Miles 3 points

ozi 2 points

walker 1 point


BertBlitzkrieg 3 points +1 bonus (weak side victory)

U8led 2 points

melb_will 1 point


Gort 1 point

Match #3 What were we thinking

Germans vs Americans

81/19 Dinga44 vs Major Tum

76/24 K.A. Miles vs BertBlitzkrieg

71/29 Gort vs Zweihorn

65/35 Walker vs U8led

63/37 Ozi Digger vs melb_will

52/44 Mikado vs fiaros

bye Warhammer vs Gavlong


Dinga44 3 points

K.A. Miles 2 points

Gort 1 point


Fiaros 3 point

Melb_will 2 points

U8led 1 points


Warhammer 1 point

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This is the points that can be awarded for underdog upset victories, keep in mind you must win with the weaker side or do better than advr. with the strong or weaker side.

Also we still have the bonus points for the weak side winning, 1.5 points if only 1 winner from the weak side. 1 point for each if 2 players from the weak side win.

Match #4

Germans vs Americans

Ozi Digger vs Major Tum (1 point)

(1.5 point)melb_will vs Bertblitzkrieg

(0.5 point) U8led vs fiaros

Gort vs Dinga44(0.5 point)

(2.5 point)Walker vs K.A. Miles

Warhammer vs Mikado(0.5 point)

Match #5 Norrey

Germans vs Canadians

BertBlitzkrieg vs Gort (1 point)

Fiaros vs melb_will(1.5 point)

K.A. Miles vs U8led(1.5 point)

Dinga44 vs Warhammer (0.5 point)

Ozi Digger vs Walker

Major Tum vs Mikado

Match #6 Ghost among the fog

Germans vs Americans

Melb_will vs Major Tum(1 point)

K.A. Miles vs Ozi Digger(2.5 point)

Bertblitzkrieg vs Warhammer (2 point)

U8led vs Dinga44(1 point)

(1 point) Mikado vs Walker

Fiaros vs Gort(1 point)

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Round two results

Match #4

Germans vs Americans

55/42 U8led vs fiaros

41/54 Walker vs K.A. Miles

40/58 melb_will vs Bertblitzkrieg

37/58 Warhammer vs Mikado

37/63 Ozi Digger vs Major Tum

22/78 Gort vs Dinga44


U8led 3 points, (1.5 point weak side) (.5 point upset)

Walker 2 points, (2.5 point upset)

Melb will 1 point


Dinga44 3points (.5 point upset)

Major Tum 2 points

Mikado 1 points

Match #5 Norrey

Germans vs Canadians

71/29 K.A. Miles vs U8led

70/30 BertBlitzkrieg vs Gort

58/42 Fiaros vs melb_will

58/42 Dinga44 vs Warhammer

41/50 Major Tum vs Mikado

10/90 Ozi Digger vs Walker


K.A. Miles 3 points

BertBlitzkrieg 2 points

Fiaros 1 point

Dinga44 1 point


Walker 3 points (1 point weak side)

Mikado 2 points (1 point weak side)

Warhammer 1 point

Melb will 1 point

Match #6 Ghost among the fog

Germans vs Americans

52/38 Melb_will vs Major Tum

45/50 K.A. Miles vs Ozi Digger

39/54 Bertblitzkrieg vs Warhammer

39/61 Fiaros vs Gort

37/56 Mikado vs Walker

34/66 U8led vs Dinga44


Melb_will 3 points (1.5 points for weak side win)

K.A. Miles 2 points

Bertblitzkrieg 1 point


Dinga44 3 points (1 point upset)

Gort 2 points (1 point upset)

Walker 1 point

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Since I am bored, I ran through and looked at how the points might affect your standings for round two, of course the last 4 games could change these results some. Miles will likely stay in first, With Bert in second, But Melb Will might steal 2nd by a 1/2 point. Third is U8, Dinga and Melb for the moment. Fiaros/walker/mikado/Gort will be in the next group.

So what we might see is that Dinga & Melb Will have pulled themselfs up into the top players, Good job. Mikado will also move up the ranks and improve his standing. The only player that appears will lower in General status would be fiaros. But with Ozi still missing all rounds this will likely make a pretty good impact when the scores are submitted.

[ December 12, 2005, 01:34 PM: Message edited by: slysniper ]

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Major Tum vs Mikado 1st place allied

Melb_will vs Major Tum 1st place German

In both these games I managed to give the other guy the 1st place! :(:(:(

Ok against Melb_will I did quite badly but it wasn't a complete defeat, so I sort of' understand.


Against Mikado (no dis-respect) but I cleared the anti-tank screen, got into Norrey and held half of it! :eek:

Cant wait for the third result :rolleyes:

PS If it turns out that I gave most of the points away then I should get some? eh? guys? ;)

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As this tournament is nearing its end, perhaps it is time to say something about the scenario’s of this second round and the tournament in general. It sounds a bit pompous when I read it back, but anyway.

Sly, first of all, thank you for your time, energy and effort to organize this. It was very nice to play a lot of different players with all their different styles of playing. Secondly, thanks Sly and Kingfish for putting the scenario’s together. Maybe I’m the only one, but is feels special when a scenario is made “just” for you i.e. this tournament.

Thirdly the scenario’s in this round.

I would rank “Panzers in the Peel” as the best of the three. It felt right, although, as my opponent in this game Will observed: as german you could conquer the three flags at the german side of the battlefield and then just sit it out. As the American side you wouldn’t be able to do a whole lot about that, as the players who played this one as allied probably will admit. The germans would have got at least a draw that way, I think. Lucky for me, Will decided to play this scenario instead of just waiting after securing the three flags.

Norrey is my second favourite. From the german side it played very nicely. Can’t say I was dissapointed about it, but I think it would have been better or more of a fight when at the start the allied had some AT guns (1 or 2) a lot closer to the german starting line. Another option would be to reduce the number of turns.

The ghost game is is third, but a little marred by the fact that I missed one of my company’s at the set-up and played the game with only one (on the plusside: I had a lot of OK men at the end ! smile.gif ), but I found it a bit of a lottery. When the shooting started, squads started running in all directions and usually in the direction of the enemy shooting at them (whereas in another firefight it would be the other way around). In short: I felt I had too little control.

I did learn something from this game which I didn’t knew before:

1. I don’t like night-with-fog-scenario’s

2. in these conditions with no cover squads are wiped out very easily

3. plans were too

But the positive feeling about this tournament remains: very nice indeed ! Thanks everybody !


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