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  1. Over at http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/content.php there are tournaments played like that. You could check it out and find out if it is what you mean. Very active community.
  2. It is a nice idea (always love to read an AAR), but it really does take a lot of time. Especially for one like me who isn't that adept in drawing and making notes into screenshots etc. Not to mention posting those pictures into this forum..
  3. Are you sure this is true ? I've read a couple of times that, as a "tip" playing against the AI with T34's you should lead with your Panzers III and follow with your Panzers IV. The Panzers III would attract the fire and could cope with this better then the Panzers IV due to their thicker frontal armour, and the Panzers IV would KO the T34's with their long 75 mm guns. So, if this tactic is valid/true, obviously the targeting routing wouldn't go for the highest points unit, but for the easiest to hit unit.
  4. My game with Dinga can end any turn now; still nothing from Keith.
  5. I send him my last file the wednesday (the 14th) before I left for my holiday, but up until now I haven't received a reply. We are already way behind in our game when compared to the other two. Yesterday I sent him a reminder. I would like to finish the game in a normal way !
  6. Finished one (Neil, we were the first to finish a game, so we've won something this round !), 2/3 against Dinga (don't like that man, he is way to good) About halfway against Keith who is often up and away. BTW, will be gone on holiday from the 19th of July until app. the 9th of August. So, don't expect any turns in that period.
  7. Hey, that was private ! But, I must admit, it is true. Of course so far we've only played scenario's which favoured his side and still I managed a draw !
  8. Normally I would agree with you, but in this instance I didn't give the defender any ammunition, so the attacker holds a slight advantage. [/QB]
  9. Any thoughts about Hornisse Nest (without giving away any spoilers, of course ! ) ?? I, as attacker, think the map, though beautiful, is a defenders heaven. But Miles, who defends, thinks it is made for the attacker ! Perhaps it all depends on the forces you've got at your disposal and the tactic you want to employ ?! :cool:
  10. Well, as we have seen in the previous tournament, it is very well possible for the lower ranked players to catch up in the second round because of the extra points awarded for beating a higher ranked player ! So, nothing has been decided !
  11. Another small update: received this night a new file from Redbear. So he's not gone yet !
  12. The end of last week he wrote me that he very probably had to go for his work out of town and that we wouldn't be able to connect to the internet. He feared he would be gone for a longer period of time... @Sly: Redbear and I are in the last part of our first round game.. Waiting for his reply (obviously !) Interesting game BTW.
  13. Not if you keep failing to send me your set-up ! I'll try to get the score between us this time the other way around !
  14. No it was 31, 13 is typed in backwards, shows you my keyboard skills. About none </font>
  15. Great tactic Keith ! Because of your (intentional ? ) low score in round 1, you can get extra points in round 2 for beating a player higher on the list then you ! Very wiley ! BTW, how is life for a southerner up north, in deep yankee country ?
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