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AAR-Black Sea: Going To Town H2H

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This is going to be an AAR of the Combat Mission Scenario: Going To Town as the Ukranians. I'm playing against a personal friend who I don't believe is registered on the forums.

Before I start, thanks to @Rinaldi in particular for his advice with regards to making this AAR. I am new both to making AARs and playing as Ukraine, so I fully expect this to be rough around the edges, any advice would be appreciated.


The Briefing

I am a shattered Ukrainian Mountain Mechanized Unit who has been thrown into this town to halt an advance by a Russian Mechanized Unit. The time limit is 50 minutes and the skill level is set to elite. My own force (as you shall see from my OOB in a moment) is small, but relatively well trained and equipped. I have no ATGM units, nor do I have any artillery support. But command has managed to provide me with some vehicle support in the form of two BMP-2s, a T64, and a Tunguska to act as a fire support vehicle. I am also well equipped with machine guns and RPG of various models. My force ranges from veteran to regular in terms of experience, and all seem to be well off in terms of morale.

My OOB is as follows:

  • 2 Sniper teams
  • 5 dedicated Machine Gunner Squads (3 light teams with RPKs, 2 medium teams armed with PK MGs)
  • 4  3 man rifle teams with RPGs
  • 1 RPO team
  • 2 dedicated RPG teams
  • 2 Grenade Launcher squads with ASG-17
  • 3 2 man rifle squads armed with RPKs


  • 1 T-64 Bulat
  • 2 BMP-2s
  • 1 Tunguska

Here is an overview of the map, as you can see its a fairly large town. But, its split between myself on one side and the Russians on the other.




There are two obvious routes into my side of the town. One along the main road and the other, smaller road on the right side.



My plan is to concentrate the bulk of my forces on major road down the center, with a secondary force holding the less obvious road on the right.



As you can see, I have concentrated the Bulat and Tunguska in the center to cover the main road. Joining them are various RPG and MG teams in the building. The idea behind my defense is to concentrate my forces in the forward buildings, which should allow me to gather good intelligence on the enemy force as well as hopefully engage any forces he sends forward. If things don't go my way, I have an easy line of retreat to the secondary buildings located at the southern end of the town square and at the department store. 

I doubt, given the state of my forces, that I can actually stop his entire force if he goes all in on a single attack axis. My hope is that he moves forward smaller groups that I can hopefully ambush from the buildings and overwhelm before retreating.

Along the secondary road on the right. I have 2 BMP2s along with some supporting RPG and MG teams. Again the same basic logic applies. The forward RPG team can hopefully get some kills, and if not, they have an easy line of retreat to the line of buildings in the apartment store.

Lets look at some close up screens of the defense I have set up.

The main road:





This is a minor tripwire force consisting of a light lmg team and a sniper squad that start locked in position.



The defense along the secondary road:



BMP2 in cover and RPG teams




As you can see, this is heavily skewed towards an advance down the main road. Although much of my assets can be easily shifted to deal with a full on advance down the right road if absolutely necessary.


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Excellent - a fun scenario.

1 hour ago, sid_burn said:

Although much of my assets can be easily shifted

Yes, I took advantage of this the time I played. My opponent was convinced I had two tanks because it made quite a few trips along that back road.

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I've found The danger with a forward defence on this map is that once RED  realizes what you're doing they bring up everything and hit back hard. Retreating under fire is costly, plus they outnumber you abd can pursue with freshies. 

My best success on this has always been hitting as they cross the bridge/come up the slope on the right. Hit  their vehicles when they are in a bottle neck (eg bridge/street) and cause the follow-on to stack up; hit them before they can disperse/unstack. 

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Thanks so far for this advice!

My opponent has been slow with the turns (we had some bad weather in Southern Ontario recently that resulted in power outages), so expect the next update in a week or so. Quite a bit of action has happened since the deployment, so it should be a good one! 

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