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Resecuring the Ring - Kandahar Province

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6 hours ago, Combatintman said:

Back in the saddle of sorts - VPs and scenario length needed more work which are now fixed.  I'm just knocking up the briefing graphics so this sucker will hit the streets in the not overly distant future.

Good to hear.  I bet you'r looking forward to the map editor overlay for CMSF2!  :)

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This has been a real monkey on my back but nearly there (I mean it this time ;) ).

Here are the draft orders ...

Situation:  Enemy Forces

Sometime this morning the Taliban attacked an Afghan National Police (ANP) Vehicle Check Point (VCP) on the A1, colloquially known as the Ring Road. One ANP vehicle escaped the VCP and the survivors have reported ‘hundreds of Taliban’. Current strength is unknown, and while it is possible that this was a hit and run attack, it is likely that there will be some Taliban in the vicinity armed with small arms, RPGs, IEDs and possibly mortars.


Situation:  Friendly Forces

4 Platoon, Bravo Company 1 Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) is a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) based at Kandahar Air Field (KAF). On hearing the ANP report of the attack on the VCP, 4 Platoon crashed out to respond. The Platoon commander, along with the Mortar Fire Controller and Heavy Weapons section are currently at the ANP Station trying to get more information and persuading the ANP to send a force to reoccupy the VCP. This element is approximately 30 minutes away. Meanwhile, the remainder of 4 Platoon has pressed forward to assess the situation and initiate contact with the enemy. ICOM (Push to Talk Radio) Chatter indicates that contact is imminent in the vicinity of (IVO) the former ANP VCP.


Situation:  Terrain and Weather

The Area of Operations (AO) IVO the ANP VCP is approximately 650 x 750 meters. The ground is largely flat open desert terrain to the South of the AO with a mix of isolated and small building complexes straddling the East to West running Ring Road to the North. There are three terrain features of note, an interrupted berm line running East to West, just to the South of the Ring Road; a canal running initially South to North before turning at a near right angle East to West just North of the Bridge, which is the third feature of note. The Berm provides cover and concealment to elements moving North or South of the feature. The Canal is impassable to both mounted and dismounted elements, while the bridge controls lateral movement across the canal and is thus Decisive Terrain. It is a clear sunny day, temperatures are already in the low 40s although there is a light Easterly breeze. The main weather effect is therefore fatigue for dismounted troops. This will likely favor the enemy.


Mission:  Overall Description

4 Platoon clears the enemy IVO the ANP VCP no later than 1020hrs 25 August 2006 in order to re-establish ANP security on the Ring Road.

1. Secure the bridge (Occupy 100 VPs).

2. Clear the East Approach (Touch 50 VPs).

3. Clear the West Approach (Touch 50 VPs).

4. Defeat Taliban in the AO (Destroy 100 VPs).

5. Protect local infrastructure (Preserve 650 VPs).

Execution:  Commander’s Intent

My intent is to use forward elements to locate enemy forces within the AO prior to bringing the full force to bear. Clearance of identified forces in detail will be through standoff direct and indirect firepower at identified locations supporting close assault by dismounted maneuver. End state is the AO cleared with the ANP re-established IVO the bridge and the QRF poised for retasking at a minimum of 80% Combat Effectiveness.


Execution:  Basic Plan

Your choice OC 4 Platoon, but I advise you to consider a number of factors when coming up with your plan and scheme of maneuver.

1. How to keep your casualties low while keeping infrastructure intact.

2. Be aware that your LAVs are lightly armored and vulnerable to RPGs and remember that their 25mm cannon can be a double-edged weapon.


Otherwise, let’s get to it … eh?


Designer’s notes


I have always wanted to do a mission as a means of recognising Canadian professionalism and sacrifice in Afghanistan. In this case, the mission is entirely fictional and was engineered around the real piece of ground in Afghanistan in which it was set which looked like a fun and interesting map to create. While the mission is fictional, 1 RCR was based in Kandahar Province at this time and the mission premise of a QRF responding to bail out the ANP is plausible. So to that end, I hope you enjoy the mission for what it is and I dedicate it to all of the Canadian fighting men and women who lost their lives in Afghanistan, but particularly to Major Michelle Mendes of the Canadian Army Intelligence Branch who I had the privilege of instructing in 2004 and who lost her life while serving on her second Afghanistan tour on 23 April 2009.


Plus a couple of graphics:


Tactical Map


Part of the Operational Graphic



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////////////////////////////////////////SPOILER ALERT/////////////////////////////////////////////



///////////////////////////////////////////////////////SPOILER ALERT//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////








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/////////////////////////////////////////// SPOILER /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////









2 and 4 Sections will secure the west end of the berm while 3 Section moves north.  After reinforcements arrive 3 Section will rejoin 2 & 4 on the left flank.  After arrival the Weapons Section will establish a base of fire on the eastern berm.  ANP will be the reserve.    


Edited by MOS:96B2P
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SitRep 0912hrs.  One friendly casualty.   20+ OpFor casualties.

1) OpFor on the east berm.

2) 3 Section takes a casualty and pulls back to conduct Casvac. 

3) 2 & 4 Sections secure the west end of the west berm. 



3 Section casualty. 


The former and the current owners of the west berm.



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Well.............. on the above SitReps I see I labeled the sections wrong.  I was looking at the vehicle numbers instead of the sections that dismounted from the vehicles.  Sorry for the confusion. 

SitRep 0945hrs.  One friendly casualty.   30+ OpFor casualties.

1) OpFor near the bridge.

2) Some local infrastructure damage.  (The LAVs now have Target Arcs.) 





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@MOS:96B2P - I was wondering how much Xmas leave you were taking ....;) 

As always every one of your AARs convinces me that I am a cautious player - in testing I wanted this mission to be shorter but could never make it work with my cautious playing style.

So top tip - once you have secured the bridge and cleared both approach objectives you should be good to hit ceasefire.

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On 12/30/2017 at 2:40 AM, Combatintman said:

As always every one of your AARs convinces me that I am a cautious player - in testing I wanted this mission to be shorter but could never make it work with my cautious playing style.

:D Your playing style may not be that different from mine.  I played it to the last minute.  On the last minute I reached the final touch objective with the ANP pickup.  Crossing the bridge, being careful of IEDs and collateral damage to infrastructure took some time.  Ended with a Canadian Army Total Victory.  Below is the AAR screen and a few more screenshots. 









Very good, fun scenario.  You can get it here:



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@MOS:96B2P good result there - I can see from the Red VP total that you didn't whack any of the buildings that were allocated as collaterals and obviously you only lost 25 VPs on the Blue collateral objectives. To do that with only one casualty is probably as good as it gets. I assume that your LAVs had covered arcs pretty much throughout to stop them vapourising buildings with their cannon?

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2 hours ago, Combatintman said:

 I assume that your LAVs had covered arcs pretty much throughout to stop them vapourising buildings with their cannon?

Yes, they were given Target Arcs soon after the battle of the Berms when I noticed they were causing damage to buildings.    

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