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Brandenburger Suprise at GreenAsJade's

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Hello everyone,


I have just uploaded a small unit action you may be interested in.  Take command of a reinforced Brandenburger Company on a rescue and assault mission.


you can find it here http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/user_index?author_id=542


The scenario is designed for infantry combat and objectives include:


Rescue POW's

Ambush a Vehicle convoy

Destroy a Signals building

Destroy Warehouses, and a NKVD HQ.  (touch objectives)


German vs AI only.


I hope you enjoy.  I know people had been asking for more small unit battles, and devised this for a little infiltration fun.  Should give the player some experience in conducting assaults, ambush, and conducting good overwatch.  Practice makes perfect right.


Let me know if you like it, and I can make some more hypothetical scenarios.


Semper Fi



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I have one on my drive called Brandenburger Beach which takes place along the Black Sea and is a commando operation involving a bridge. If you guys enjoy something small and like GhostRider's just let me know and it can be finished.


Sounds interesting, I know for sure they operated in the area in the early stages during Barbarossa and continued until about mid-late 1942.  Maikop, Grozny.

Adrian von Fölkersam I believe led a lot of the Black sea area missions.  He is very renown.  


The Küstenjäger-Abteilung (Coastal Raiders also conducted a lot of raids along the Black Sea coast)


Say KevinKin did you play my scenario, what did you think?  Let me know when yours is available, would like to test it out.

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Small scenario but with some good and interesting action. I usually only play H2H and larger ones but this one was fun.  Thanks for the efforts.

Thank you for your comments Big Boss.  I knew a lot of folks were wanting some infantry combat and thought I would put something together that was a little unique.


Thanks again for your comments, I will continue to try and produce interesting and unique Scenarios.



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This is excellent ! Small Unit battles makes a joy to control and skim through the fields. Please keep them coming ? AND if there are also 'historical' recon-type/commando based missions.... the better :)


Good work GostRider3/3

Thank you Borg, I am working on another right now.  It will be another small unit action.  "Unfortunately most of the Brandenburger's were disbanded and integrated into other units by 1943.  Most of their actions took place early in the war from 1939 in Poland, Fall Gelb, North Africa, Barbarossa, and in the Balkans area.  It is difficult to simulate using Russian trucks driving through checkpoints... but I do what I can.

We do not have partisans yet or Waffen SS, but there were many actions in 1944 with the SS-Fallschirmjaegers-Battalion.500 and the Balkan Partisans.   It will probably be some time before we see another module in regards to Red Thunder.  But when the Bulge addition comes out I plan most likely to do hypothetical actions using "Brandenburger's"

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