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  1. How many M1A2S have the Saudis lost in Yemen?. 30-40? That doesn't mean the Abrams is a bad MBT compared to say Challenger 2, T-90, Leopard 2, Type 10 etc. It all boils down to crew training, tactics, supplies.
  2. In Ockert & Urbanks book they write that the attack on 28. Jan was a disaster for the battalion. "A newly-arrived panzer battalion was practically run into the ground within a few days by a blindly authoritarian and wrongly-acting unit commander." They then quote an 8.Armee report from 30.Jan. "Panther Battalion I./26 has very little combat experience... Operational leadership still inexpert... Standstill after loss of battalion commander, sharp intervention was necessary. Things will get better after arrival of the new battalion commander (Hpt. Wallroth) from GD."
  3. It was several years since I read that book so I don´t recall the details. I have Zetterlings Comments by Niklas Zetterling on the Soviet General Staff study on the Korsun-Shevchenkovskii operation in 1944 . Here I see some differences on I./26:s firsts action at Tishkova on 28. Jan. Ockert & Urbanke: 61 panthers attacked, 12 total losses in the fighting 28-29 Jan. Seven Panthers were knocked out, while five were blown up or abandoned by their crew. Zetterling: "...additional Panther battalion, I./26 committed. This unit had 64 Panthers operational on 26 January, when it was st
  4. The Panzer-Battalion "Brandenburg" 1945 and its Prehistory as I./Pz.Rgt. 26 by Wolfgang Ockert & Axel Urbanke (Luftfahrtverlag START) This is a well written and very well researched book that covers a small sized german panzer unit. You follow the Panther battalion from its beginning as I. Abt. Pz. Rgt. 26 to its end as Panther-Abteilung "Brandenburg". Battles that are covered are Korsun, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Oder and at last the Halbe pocket. Most of the book deals with the Oder and Halbe sections as these were the main areas that the Brandenburg Battalion was deployed to. An e
  5. Playing that right now H2H and enjoining it very much. Good map with interesting forces.
  6. Thanks guys! I´ve always liked that photo AND I like the game so it was a easy deal. Did you notice I made a crude extra armour plate at the end with the balkenkreuz?
  7. Waffen SS Jagdpanzer IV/70(V) seen during the battle of the Bulge. This footage/photo is seen in a Wochenschau newsreel that depicts the battle on the northern flank (6th SS) during the first few days. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2075565/Vivid-new-Battle-Bulge-photos-offer-seen-look-war-weary-soldiers-braving-frigid-weather-fight-Nazi-Germanys-major-offensive-World-War-II.html
  8. I totally agree. High quality and thoroughly researched books. I also recommend Marks Besieged: The Epic Battle For Cholm. Protracted, Low scale combat, day by day account from the German side.
  9. This campaign sounds very interesting, from the setting, units involved to the day and night possibilities. The screenshots looks very atmospheric.
  10. I will play this as soon as I get the time over, look beautiful and sometimes its fun with lots of explosions.
  11. MINOR SPOILERS Thanks for the comment George MC. I know the mission wasn’t primarily suited for H2H play and we really like that you still made it possibly with briefings and all. I my self appreciate the Fog of War and uncertainties that must have been in these battles IRL. But as the game is designed if a unit is just a few meters from an objective zone it doesn’t count. But that is small complaints as knowing the game limitations we still love it and the amount of work that you and other mission designers put down on your free time. “Look after the assault gun battery (ensuring they do
  12. SOME SPOILERS! Fun and somewhat different battle as its don’t have any infantry at all only tanks. Beautiful maps with lots of possibilities. Played it H2H and although we liked the battle we had some problems with the objectives and the briefing. For me as the Russian side its was some confusion in how much of the Malinova village we had to hold to get points and if there were any point in trying to attack towards Daugavpils as is stated in the briefing (land objective?). It also stated in the mission that it’s a soviet defence and a German attack although both sides seems to have a
  13. SPOILERS Finished playing this H2H last night. Me as Germans and my friend as the soviets. We have about the same level of experience and it was a very fun but though match. I won after about 2 hours when the soviets ceased fire after losing all but a few of his tanks. My plan was for a armored left hook (all tigers, nearly all Panthers and some PzIV with heavy inf. supp.) to ford the river and continue on the left flank (p 213.4, 211.0, 212.6) and then advance to the Orange and Gelb objectives after the big forests (p203.7 and 204.5). Meanwhile smaller forces were to advance in the middle t
  14. I agree! Until recently my knowledge about the theatre limit itself to Marked Garden and maybe the battle for Walcheren island but then I read the excellent book Autumn Gale Schwere Heeres Panzerjager-abteilung 559, Kampfgruppe Chill and the German Recovery in the Autumn of 1944 (Jack Didden & Maarten Swarts). It focus much on the fighting in and around the Benelux countries during the fall. Highly recommended, although pricey, for those who want to know more about the fighting in this relatively "side showed" theater.
  15. Great news Battlefront! The H2H option is much appreciated. Together with an interesting time span and units involved should make for some long tough hours in the dark.
  16. This looks like a very interesting mission. It’s a beautiful large map with lots of terrain for both the defense and offence. I will give it a try in H2H in a few weeks’ time and hopefully will have some good experience to report.
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