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I question this LOS result?

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I too have noticed that foliage does not seem very effective at blocking line of sight. If you look at a CM tree that has been heavily shelled, it has lots of little branches, and I suspect that it's only these branches that the game engine treats as blocking terrain. Thus, if your line of sight misses the branches then you will be able to fire through the foliage - and less credibly - spot through it as well. I think this could do with being addressed but the only trouble with that is it might break existing scenarios by making it much harder to engage enemy units in forested terrain. I would argue that spotting should be next to impossible if the line of sight passes through foliage but I would allow area fire through it - assuming the game engine even knows that the line of sight is passing through foliage (which I suspect is not the case at present).

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I'm sure there is some abstraction in the LOS algorithms for obstructions as opposed to what we actually see in the graphics engine to make the game look pretty. It would be nice to know a little more about what makes it tick though because I'm wondering why I can't identify the enemy when they seem to be able to identify me.

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Yea, this is something I've noticed since CM:BN. Trees off and your Sherman firing at that target 500 meters away doesn't seem odd. Trees on and you can literally cannot see through the foliage.


I've always assumed it was a weird abstraction.


Yeah, trees have always worked like that. I suspect there is some random element to it. I've seen units that have been sitting in the same spot for many turns with LOS blocked by trees (confirmed by LOS tool) suddenly spot each other and start shooting. Bottom line is that you can't trust foliage.

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