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  1. Not sure if anything can be done about this but here goes. I understand that the conditions of this campaign are no replacements and no repairs between missions. Bottom Line Up Front: I got some core unit halftracks as normally scheduled reinforcement groups in the second mission of the campaign and when they appeared on the battlefield the halftracks had no drivers. During the first mission of Courage Conquers campaign, I embarked some units onto halftracks that were not part of their organic platoon transport (i.e. - they were halftracks from a different platoon and just happened t
  2. Interesting video, and while the launch sequences look authentic, there is no way of knowing if the target hits are actually from the same missile and I would suspect that they are file footage from other systems. The tank and the bunker almost looked like it could have been placed explosive charges detonating rather than the missile. This is a pretty new system and there aren't a lot of them fielded yet. Russia undoubtedly has similar issues to any other military which is a reluctance to live fire a lot of real missiles because they ain't cheap. The two different versions you see are act
  3. Company XO proves he is no slouch when it comes to tank gunnery. It was really the gunner but the LT will take credit no doubt. Capture5 by apd1004, on Flickr First round hit at 2708m, the longest one I've seen so far. Of course the target was a 9P157-2 so hit=kill, but it's still a dangerous threat. Capture6 by apd1004, on Flickr
  4. The 758th, 761st, and 784th Tank Battalions were African American units and saw combat. The 24th and 25th Infantry Regiments both were African American and saw combat in the pacific. Most of the segregated units had white senior officers and black junior officers and NCO's. There are plenty of African American combat units that served in WWII. Not all saw action, some units were assigned rear area duties or other non-combat operations. Most of the African American units that participated in combat operations served with honor and distinction even though the Army at the time considered them
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