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  1. Hi, On the CM Discord I've seen a few people mention that they cannot view the maps and mods subforum when not logged in. I'm fairly sure that isn't intended so just wanted to bring it up. The image the person is seeing:
  2. @Aragorn2002 Some weirdness with the quote system but the above post is for you.
  3. Part of the issue with CM is that you are playing from multiple roles. You are the Coy Commander You are the Plt Leader You are the SL You are the FTL You are the lone soldier with a panzerfaust You wear a lot of hats and what makes sense from one perspective doesn't from another, and that Tac-AI while decent at being reactive as no sense of continuity or planning. ------ A target LOS tool that let you set: Spotter height Target height Would be a boon - especially because CM is not actually 1:1 but has a lot of fuzziness built into the spotting.
  4. I can't think why not -- but the game won't reflect that visual when doing LOS and LOF calcs. It will still act as if the tree has leaves.
  5. This assumes the game actually models that. The simpler solution would be for the "cover objects" to just eat bullets below a certain caliber.
  6. Graviteam actually has all of those things - its just easier to miss because you are giving orders at a scale up from CM. You need far less micro and the infantry is generally better able to handle itself given vague directions. Whereas in CM vague directions will get everyone killed.
  7. My test was done in Black Sea (I used IRON difficulty mode to ensure they were out of contact + High EW) and I could not get small-arms to cause casualties. I'm on Steam version. What verson of FI are you on?
  8. My guess is that its because that its not a "small-arm". The gun is listed as an HMG so that may change how the FF system interacts with it. Also it could possible be a stray shot, shrapnel, a sniper, etc... that happened to get the kill just as your HMG was firing.
  9. I ran a quick test and wasn't able to get this to trigger with small-arms. IIRC friendly fire is based on weapon type and given that this is an HMG it might be able to cause friendly fire. Edit: Because the example is a tank firing its coaxial it probably counts as a different weapon-type for FF calculations.
  10. Thanks! Fair. IIRC infantry have reduced effect because of simulation limitations. Regardless it would be nice for artillery to do some system damage even if that damage needs to be reduced some extent.
  11. Another quick test and 60s of PKM fire did more system damage than an artillery barrage. In fact the two PKMs did more damage in 20 seconds. @BFCElvis Is there any internal discussion of this? Is it an expected limitation of the engine, design decision, a bug, oversight etc..? ------ To clarify the issue: Artillery has no effect on vehicle systems unless a direct hit occurs (tracks/wheels being the only exception). This has nothing to do with the KO rate.
  12. From a current match in Black Sea: https://imgur.com/a/PTz6NOb In the article "Who Says Dumb Artillery Can't Kill Armor" its says: Being quite generous under current CM simulation of artillery against vehicles about ~6 rounds landed within "damage radius" of 3 BTR-4Es. If I expand out a circle covering 24 meters that expands to 15 rounds and respectively a 233% and 650% increase in "damaging shots" for the two shown BTRs. Now obviously not all rounds landing within that radius will cause damage but each round could. ---- Unrelated but the author of that article, Major (Retired) George Durham, passed away in 2014. https://www.beckerfuneral.com/obituary/4230914
  13. I've some saved games showing this but when occupying a structure a single man will not stay inside the building. Instead he will step just outside the door often resulting in the man being shot and drawing fire to the squad that is otherwise concealed/in cover. I have saved games showing this and can send those along
  14. Thanks! Would anyone have some information regarding how tracers would be loaded for light and heavy MGs? In particular how those loads may differ.
  15. Ceasefires are secret within the game. As far as whether you tell your opponent it depends on who you are playing. Usually what will happen is that either myself or my opponent will throw in the towel and message the other. At that point we both submit a ceasefire since a surrender sets all surviving units of the surrendering player to "missing". Although I don't play for the end-game win-condition since it ought to be obvious how well you performed and the Major/minor/tactical victory/loss doesn't actually matter. I imagine some players actually do hold to that in which case you might want to keep it secret.
  16. Ah, it appears I am a step off then. I thought the bipod MG42 was light and the mount the medium. But it would actually be: bipod -> MMG mount -> HMG
  17. Anyone have information on squad-level machine guns tracer loadouts? My assumption is that at the squad level an MG42 or DP28 would have not have tracer rounds within their ammo loads or if they did relatively few. While tracer rounds would primarily be used with MMGs. Anyone have info on that?
  18. You may want to register a forum account at Matrix since they now publish the game. https://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tt.asp?forumid=1252
  19. This seems like a good time to link my tests. Artillery, while it does have effect on direct hits, lacks modeling against subsystems. IMO this is fairly important in a sim and doubly so in a modern setting.
  20. If you are still experiencing your problem what I would do is install Steam and use it to install Black Sea. See IF the game runs. You can then uninstall Steam but seeing if Black Sea from Steam runs would give you some more info to work with. You might even be able to grab the Steam BRZs and put them in your Battlefront install.
  21. Our definitions are different I suspect. The tac-ai is decent responding to direct stimuli upon itself. Yet that doesn't mean they have context or know what their situation is. e.g. a tank ignoring your target order to engage an enemy tank that suddenly appears doesn't mean that the tank crew has any idea of what their situation is. Just that they've got a new target that is higher on the "kill this" list. Using the tank example again. The tank will respond to stimuli and change targets to the enemy tank that appears. However, that same tank when their LWR is tickled will reverse out of good cover into an open field. During their reverse into that open field they will gladly drive past a fantastic concealed bit of ground. Another common example that comes to mind... a BMP gunner opens his hatch, fires, and then reloads his ATGM in a complex urban environment with enemy within 50 meters (or closer!). This is all stuff that shows the tac-ai has no idea what their contextually position is and why SOPs and weapon locks/activations would be beneficial. ----- To put it differently the tac-ai will react when you prod it with a stick but if you bring the pot to a boil they will gladly sit in it.
  22. Really this is just more reason to have an SOP system. The tac-ai fundamentally have no context for what they are doing and don't actually know what their situation is. More player control is the answer to this problem since creating AI that has contextual knowledge is a huge ask.
  23. Generally I do the same. However, I recently played through the Shield of Kiev campaign and wanted to reduce some casualties while "scouting" and noticed this occurring with regularity
  24. There are two parts (well really three) parts to morale Formation: This is what you are talking about. As a formation takes losses they will become more brittle and high casualties over a short time has a shock value. Element: Any given squad has its own internal morale. This is calculated per-man (each man has his own morale) and the squad morale is the averaged morale of each man in the squad. Splitting a squad means that you get two separate elements with their own internal morale. Because the elements are smaller its easier for them to take a morale hit and I also think there is a C2 hit for the element without the SL.
  25. I've been splitting some Ukr mech. infantry (the BTR-4 boys) and noticed that under the ADMIN tab selecting the scout team will create a scout team with the RPG-7. I would think that a scout team would be someone without your squads primary AT weapon.
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