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[WIP] modding CMSF into HD

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Played around with the buildings to see if they could go in a Tunisia mod for somebody's Fortress Italy mod. Sadly the Mosques didn't work (no show).:mad:

Hey, what did you do when you tried to make the mosque roof appear in CMFI? What kind of steps did you take? I'm not sure but maybe there is a way...

Anyway, you might try to use buildings and terrain I'll release here in order to make a North africa theatre in CMFI, maybe you'll need to rename some files, but might be interesting (I have no CMFI).

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I belive that only MikeyD had done in CMSF all the possible tricks with portings, modding etc. He might be able to tell you if there's any chance or not.

Still waiting for BFC to release the mod submitted to the repository.

A quick view to a potential add-on, some variated buildings useful to improve somehow the city feeling, it's the same as one of the released modded buildings, but with a couple of tricks, first attempt ever to create such thing, so here it is in a small mock-up situation (needed to check sizes comparison):


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Ridiculous. I wish they would grab a couple of you guys with the talent of modding and put you on the team for new games/content. Just think our games would look like this from the get go instead of hoping someone like you will sacrifice his OWN time making the game look like it should of out of the box. Nothing personal but if I was BF artistic/graphic/texture designer (or whatever they are calling it) I would hang my head in shame. Nice work! Major improvements!

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Thanks eniced, but please note that not everybody might like photorealism, sure it's a good thing (I personally like it, obviously), but only if you manage to make the entire game photorealistic (not an easy task) otherwise it might look displaced with respect of other textures.

Moreover, note that I can use textures taken around the net by other people without any worries of copyright, because I don't monetize out of them, while BFC making a product to sell has to keep this in mind, I am not an expert about videogame industry, but copyrights such as these have their costs, maybe the game might cost a lot more if BFC was to use such textures.

Also, BFC works on CM titles with very few people, adding more to the equation would raise the costs (ok might also speed up game production and quality, but this is all due to the business plan the owner(s) have).

Also, I forgot, these textures are 200% the size of originals. I remember when CMSF first came out, it had bad optimization problems, other than that, with the computers we had at that time, I am sure these textures would have made the game impossible to be played, I am most positive that everybody here has at least one better generation system, if not two or three, and considering that CMSF has fewer effects than 3.0 CM2X engine, I am positive that there won't be a big impact on framerate with these HD mods.

Whoever works on CM 2d arts, I am sure he does his best with the assets and constraints he has.

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Actually, I don't. But you can try these mods on and use what you like.

Just submitted the paved roads pack.

Meanwhile work in progress on a modern industrial building. I'm trying to represent a classic pre-fab concrete structure, used as industry building, or warehouse, the flat roofs are perfect for that. These kind of buildings mostly show full walled sides, with occasional doors. They also have roll-up large doors for direct truck loading, I'll try to make also that in a 2nd type of building with the same base texture. Moreover, such structures often house offices, so a modern industrial area might be depicted with just this building type.

I am going a bit outside the middle east here, I know for a fact that these kind of buildings are very common all over modern europe and east europe too, but can't be sure about ME. In any case it will be usable in CMBS.


Here shown with highway reworking mod to be released (in the picture wornout highway+parking lot+emptylot).


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Added (light) weathering and created the 2nd variation with two loading bays, it has few options when it comes to building creation, since you'll need to choose wisely where to put Windows and doors, but at least with 2 more buildings you can make a complete modern industrial subject, at least the one I imagined.


Still unsure about the Windows choices.


These will be added, toghether with the "shop" buildings (2x), to an upcoming 4 buildings add-on.

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Thanks guys, I have just sent also the additional buildings.

Now I'll prepare the terrain for the release, it's a huge folder, almost 700mb Worth of terrain only, it will need some 9/10 parts. I haven't modded the marsh grounds, seems there's a good file in the repository to make it water, I'll need to try it.

Then a few files for the doodads will come.

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Something new:

I have been wondering about adding very modern structures to CM, with the engine we have now (2x)...

Modular buildings are very interesting, and after some experiments I reached an Agreement with what can be done and what's really usable in game, so here it is: something to look like a modern office building/hotel/luxury apartments/shopping mall. The techniques will be useful in CMBS but for now this is a sort of new, modern, building you might find in some middle east countries:


As you can see you can have a 1 storey and 2 storey building without the glass wall, which comes useful for 3+ storey hights. Single standard windows might be done more interesting with some detail on them, I'll work on that.


This is a trick I came to use:

In order to get the perfect effect, a wall should be closed, without doors or Windows, best looking but worst working for the game's sake. With this trick I managed to copy the same basic texture within the long window option, so you can have a door and the long window without causing too much commotion to the "wall of glass" effect of the building, good looking and still "gameable":


I went very light with the weathering, because in any case this structure is few years old, at best, and is also well-maintained by petrodollars.

I will add this as an add-on package, useful for new scenarios, just in case somebody wants to depict an invasion of the UAE...

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Thanks Safe,

I'd like to try something, but it would indeed be a huge task, even only the base game would require a lot of work and besides, I am not that an expert when it comes to vehicles, what I'd like to do is modify the original colors and change camo patterns, but I have no knowledge on how to do that and my experiments led only to funny looking vehicles..

I might try to mod the most common US and Syrian vehicles; generally speaking I like desaturated colors, so I went for such look with all my mods. Most images I have seen from iraqi freedom show US vehicles with a more desaturated color than the one we got in the original CMSF, so that would be a guide line.

Here is a second type of building with the same concepts of the previous but a more worn out looking. White seems to be quite common so it should fit nicely even an older city.



As usual, textures are 200% size than originals.

A package with these two modern structures will be released very soon, bringing a total of 14 buildings available for the HD mod.

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