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New file at the Repository: Tiger by the Tail (2014-03-15)

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Hey Umlaut, the scenario sounds cool but I can't get the scenario to load up. It gets as far as 74% and then just sits and locks me out and then back to the desktop. It happened 3 times in a row the same way and I gave up and posted this. I have the most current game version loaded...............Has anyone else gotten this result when loading the scenario? I always can load everyone's scenarios unless there is a version incompatibility etc.

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Hi Bob

Sorry to hear that. :(

My guess is that is might be a out-of-memory problem, since I haven´t heard of any others having that problem. That would be plausible because the map is very large.

I´m no expert when it comes to these sorts of problems, so unfortunately I can´t think of much you can do.

The only thing I can suggest is this: Try downloading my other scenario using this map, Seizing Ciembienne (http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=112838).

If you´re having problems loading this scenario too, then the reason probably is that the scenario is too large for your computer.

Hope this helps.


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Umlaut thanks for the advise. And yes, this is quite large for my PC which is set at the "best" settings plus I have the 1 million mods plus for this game loaded in my "Z" file so I tried lowering the graphic rating to "better" but got the same results. I removed the entire "Z" file keeping my settings at "best" for now and that was the trick and I got the scenario to load and I'm glad I did. Yes, I agree with the others, this is a great looking map. Now, on with playing this scenario and later playing CW Seizing Ciembienne scenario loaded the same way.

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