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  1. In the past, I bought SF1, the original Marine Module and the original British Module but never bought the original NATO module so now I only have 3 of the 4 old activation codes and I now want to have the complete SF2 game with all three of the modules including the NATO module this time but how do I at this time acquire access to the NATO module with an activation code so I can apply an activation code when asked to enter one if I purchase the "big bundle" SF2 package with all the module upgrades? I see no reference to purchasing just a NATO module that does not require asking for an origi
  2. Thanks for clearing away the mud for me. I thought that was the case....I recently had sought to purchase the old NATO module finally after hearing of this new upgrade package and to my surprise the entire old CMSF and modules were taken off the store shelves.....my wallet awaits to be used enthusiastically! I don't usually say that kind of stuff regarding my wallet......😃
  3. I am still a bit confused on what I will need to buy...I currently own CMSF base game, the Marine module and the British module but I do not own the NATO module. What will I need to buy to have all 3 modules in the new Shock Force game system that is going to be released? Is the full $35 UPGRADE PACKAGE include a stand alone NATO module as well as full stand alone modules for the US Marines and the British that are used for engine 4? From what I can tell it appears I may need to buy the full 3 module upgrade for $35 and then purchase the base game upgrade for Nato for $10 too but I also sa
  4. I agree with LiveNoMore. For battles where the attacker is making a surprise attack the defender should not already have artillery coming down on the first few turns especially when both sides do not begin the battle already in the LOS of each other. Custom scenario designers are denied that opportunity to truly have a "surprise attack" when they want to have the attacker be the only one to have artillery on the first turns under the current system. Opposing players shouldn't have to make side agreements before the battles begin to add this element of surprise to the battle for the attacker
  5. Hey IAN L thanks for chiming in on our post regarding my bunkers dilemma and my truck that decided to drive into a building and stay without being told to do so.  I saw that you recommended I forward my truck incident on to the CMBN DEV team.  I have saved the game file that shows the truck first traveling from the road and into the nearby building but I do not know how to forward this now onto the CMBN DEV team.  I tried to email Battlefront Support via direct email and it came back to me undeliverable.  ROCKETMAN, who is a regular game opponent and friend of mine recommended I either open up a ticket or maybe just message you asking for your assistance in sending this off to the DEV team as you suggest.  I have a copy of game turn file 009 and a copy of the custom scenario "Die Amis Kommen" that we are playing ready to send off to the DEV team once I hope you can provide me info of how I can forward it to the DEV team for their perusal.


    Bob Willett 


  6. Okay lets talk in laymen's language right now. I have downloaded all the 8 files including the readme file and the readme instructions say to place all the numeric files into the Z folder but then when I get to the "shader" file I put it into the "root" directory of the game? Where is that and what file is it under? Can you be more speciffic for we simpletons that are just used to dropping stuff into the Z folder and off we go to play the game? And then there is the final file which is called the "patch" file....How do we add this and where to have it patch all the above files placed into
  7. It appears Colonel Mosov has stopped marching............................................
  8. In ASL I liked two things not seen in CMBN that I wish could be added besides the fires that spread etc, and that was the process of dropping paratroopers and seeing where they land plus I liked seeing the planes on the board before and after they strafe or drop bombs etc. CMBN does include the shooting graphics and it is directional so that's pretty close. I, as well of others played ASL with a passion. My biggest problem was I had only a few opponents whom I played against and in time that available time for us to play ASL H2H diminished with our family and work/career priorities etc.
  9. Having recently finished this scenario with Rocketman and won with the Germans I found that the key to the success of the Germans is to get a kill of an Allied tank on the bridge because it will block the bridge from further British tanks from coming across "Joe's Bridge"..to help the Allies to hold that side of the bridge. As for the 88's, they are basically useless and just a target for the Allied forces early in the scenario. I was lucky and got a kill with one of the 88's having got a shot off under the bridge to an unsuspecting Allied tank diagonally away from the bridge. It took about
  10. My PBM friend and I played a GAJ scenario a few months ago just before 3.0 came out. Its name escapes me. It was a huge battle. It was a CMRT scenario and we ran across this same problem. In order to play the game without the PZIV's running around inside moving bunkers upon close-ups we had to change in the scenario editor all these PZ IVs to the "J" 's and we played the game with no more problems. We never played it with 3.0 loaded. Are you playing this scenario under 3.0? If so I believe its just a glitch in that particular scenario because we have played other scenarios since under 3
  11. For info in the CM Shock Force game there are vehicles that have this mesh on them so CM designers can do this already, but Umlaut great work as always!
  12. I missed that. I wished I'd seen it could have saved a few units from trying to find a way in. I was thrown off by the guy with him assuming he was a guard preventing him from leaving etc.........
  13. It may be me, but when I entered the 3-sectional building where Mussolini was housed I was never able to enter the middle section of the building and get to the same room/level that Mussolini was being held. There was no access anywhere to enter this section of this tri-plex building. I thought I was supposed to take control of him and eventually remove him from this building? Either way I played it once and spent the whole time trying to find access to his floor etc and take out the soldier that was guarding him but I never could gain that access I needed. I lost eventually most of my uni
  14. Well George MC, after over 2 hours of battling in this scenario via PBEM, even though there was an hour left for the battle, both sides had to hit cease fire and the results were a "draw". We saw early that it was not a "walk in the park" for the Soviets to take out the Germans that were holding Studienka. Once this side of the bridges were eventually taken now the next job was to push across the bridges and vast open marshland of recced fords to take control of the higher ground of Kutuzov that overlooks this vast open spotty Berezina River marshland. The Soviets did reach Kutuzov with lim
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