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question about CM: fortress italy

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kinda looking to buy CM:MG or CM:FI , so basically does CM:FI has the same depth as CM:(normandy series) ?

-looking at the number of the posts on the forum , Normandy has Far more, maybe 5 times more or something like that(perhaps means CM:FI is less played?)

-any issues with CM:FI that are less known but important?

-any ups and downs (compared to Normandy) (warfare style or something)

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There aren't any engine issues I've seen mentioned that don't apply across the whole CMx2 v2 engine.

Normandy covers a very appealing period, with its MG module. The scale of the ambition of the operation and its possible results make it an intriguing, though brief, period in the war for many anglo-saxon heritage gamers. It is also more widely known than the Italian campaign, being introduced much earlier in our history studies, by and large than the southern campaign.

Some people hate the Bocage of Normandy. Others struggle in the arid hills of Sicily and Calabria. Matter of taste. People seem to prefer "newer" and "greener" flavoured settings.

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I guess the depth is still a little bigger in CMBN (two modules) compared to CMFI (only one so far). We are bound to see more content released for both families, next up is the v3.0 engine update and this will in some way be incorporating or be followed by flame units. After or including this will be at least one “pack” for CMBN and another module for CMFI (maybe also a pack).

When it comes to depth one should also remember that the CMFI family will cover a longer time frame than the CMBN family. A lot happened in the Italian theatre during this time which will give a very varied tactical challenge (OOB variations from 43-44 etc.).

For me both are a must and I would hope you can acquire them over time.

If I had to choose I would probably go with CMBN and complete that family before I moved on to Italy. Normandy (with Market Garden) is probably the most popular operations and you will find more opponents owning these titles if you want to play H2H.

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CMBN has been out quite a bit longer than CMFI and not everyone who bought CMBN followed up and bought CMFI so you will likely always see a difference in forum posts.

CMFI as you will find has quite a different feel than CMBN. It starts in an earlier time frame when the Sherman was a far more dominant weapon. The terrain is CMFI is also much different than most of the scenarios in CMBN. Personally I have found I enjoy CMFI far more than I thought I would.

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hah yes , I meant i ll buy normandy series first and then think of playing italian front

Good choice, But I want to put a plug in for CMFI also, anyone that gets into this hobby is a fool if they dont branch into the different periods and areas of the war.

I was getting a little Bored here recently and decided to come back to play CMFI and focus on playing the Italian's and go through the campaign and any scenarios I had already played on that side vs the AI, spiked with extra troops for the AI. I just been having a ball and really enjoying it when I get a chance to play.

The only problem with cmfi is the less amount of support from the players themselves as to the amount that play it or add additional scenarios and stuff.

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