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MGs ignoring orders to fire at half-tracks

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I ran some more tests with the PSW 222 which looks very similar to the PSW 223.

According to Marco Bergman's Alternate Silhouettes v6 mod (XC version), the armor values are the same for the 2 models.

Yet, I found out that the PSW 222 is systematically destroyed by 12.7 mm HMG fire under 250 m whereas the PSW 223 is immune to it.

Does that mean that the PSW 223 is un up-armored version of PSW 222 ?

Could someone from BF check this out please ?

PS : Vanir, I can't decipher the chart you posted. What is the unit used to measure plate hardness ?

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As far as CMBN manual is concerned, p. 180 gives for PSW 222 and 223 the following value for armor :

"Armor ............................... 5 - 14.5 mm"

So: same vehicle, same armor, but different behaviour regarding incoming .50 cal MH rounds ? There must be an error here.

Vanir, I had a look at Brinell Hardness Number in wikipedia and AFAIK one must be an engineer to understand it! Being a librarian I don't stand a chance ;-) Now, if you can tell me the BHN value of the PSW 222 / 2223 frontal armor I might be able to use it...

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Now, if you can tell me the BHN value of the PSW 222 / 2223 frontal armor I might be able to use it...

I don't know what the values were on the PSW 223 specifically. For German armor, generally speaking, think armor plates such as that seen on the front of tanks were around 260 BHN if good quality. Thin armor plate such as seen on armored cars would have been around 340 BHN.

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  • 10 months later...

Here is something I have noticed. During the "Breaking the Panzers" battle I was playing the Germans and I had several HMGs deployed.  A number of universal/bren gun carriers appeared at ranges between 300-500 meters. I ordered my HMGs to engage them but they wouldn't. This continued to occur throughout the duration of the battle. I tried to "trick" my gunners by ordering area fire in front of the carriers, hoping that rounds would strike them. Of course this isn't nearly as effective as sustained targetted bursts.


Here is the unusual thing. The MGs inherent within the German squads would engage them!  What's going on? Has anyone else noticed this?

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Ok, I have run some quick and dirty tests.

I tested American .30 Cal MMG's, .30 Cal Vickers, .50 cal HMGs, plus 60mm and 81mm mortars against German Halftracks ( all buttoned ).

Range was 250m in all cases.

All were given covered arcs so as not to fire until the enemy vehicle was spotted and they were then given an explicit TARGET command.


- Both types of mortars fired on the enemy HT's

- .50 cal HMG's fired on enemy HT's

- neither of the smaller .30 cal MMG's would fire.

This definitely seems to be off.

( possibly unintended consequence of reducing the much-complained-about infantry's tendency to fire on tanks with small arms ? )

On a happier note, several of the HT's which did not have gunners - and even 1 which did - failed to spot the enemy after 1 full turn. So the "buttoned AFV reduced spotting" IS definitely working :)



Possibly a bug ;)

I'll test some tomorrow :)



BANEMAN - GREAT JOB ON ALL THESE Tests - You make our time so much more enjoyable and worthwhile because you got our back  - Thanks Stud .... "Bonnie and Clyde should have driven a Kuble Wagon" LOL Hilarious 




Looks like they played CMBN too    / this was back when they made cars stronger - this looks semi bullet proof ??? Windows were a little fragile .....



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Still running tests now and then...

I found out the german wheeled reco vehicle PSW 223 is totally immune to 12.7 mm HMG under 300 m ! It is definitely weird because in all my tests so far 12.7 mm HMG have destroyed every lightly armored german AFVs I've fed them ! Maybe there is something wrong with its armor ratings ?



I have found the same thing. Pretty sure there's a typo in its ammo rating data.

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