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  1. Thanks so much for the insight, Ithikial. We (Stonecutter and I) both have the vehicle pack. I have a modern iMac which can play anything, so that is not it. You may have something though, with your comment about the sound mods. We are both using the largest of sound mod files, so I think we will experiment and disable them and try again. Cheers!
  2. Like others, I am having problems with crashing during the arty strike on mission 2. After playing countless CM battles, this is the first time a battle has crashed on me. I am able to plot and play the first minute when the strikes originate. But as soon as I press the red button, the game stops and boots me out instead of playing the second minute. I have a higher end iMac. I also tried lowering all of the graphics options (I normally always use "best" without issue) and even quit safari which I normally run in the background while playing a CM game. I tried restarting several time
  3. Wow thanks Badger....that was exactly the problem and it is now fixed. Cheers!
  4. Hey guys. I am running CMH version 1.7.5 on my Mac and I have never had a problem until now. If you look at the attached photo, I have the "Block Busting at Bokruisk" battle waiting 17882 days. This is not even a battle that I am running. I cannot get rid of it. I have tried the normal fashion many times, trying the "End Game" option, but it will not clear. Before I submit a bug issue, does anyone have a solution. Cheers
  5. and this means what exactly? The bridge glitch remains within the campaign, which can only be played as the Americans. Many have experienced this glitch as I have
  6. Hi Erwin. I think it is the 7th battle. I watched a guy on YouTube play with the same bridge glitch result. Your troops run to the friendly end of the bridge and they just hit an invisible wall and stop. I researched this further than YouTube and many others have experienced this bridge glitch in this battle as well. It is maddening that it happens at all let alone being ignored for years and not fixed. To jog your memory, here is a screenshot of the battle with the bridge and the three objectives on the other side of the canal
  7. How the hell does this Heuman bridge glitch not get fixed after several years? I have been playing this most excellent campaign by Paper Tiger and doing well until the Heuman Lock Bridge battle. And like everyone else, the bridge glitch prevents my troops from crossing it, therefore automatically losing the battle because the objectives cannot be occupied. What's up Battlefront? Not interested in fixing your broken game? Yeah I'm pissed; there are no excuses for this, especially after several years have passed.
  8. Thanks Ian....nice information there....well done! Yes I see he is not listed there as the author of Scottish Corridor...but he is right?
  9. DONE! Wow, that was an experience! I played this campaign on Iron level, and never suffered a defeat or a draw. And I never cheated by reloading a previous game save. I have to say I am very satisfied with the result, especially considering who created it. A huge thanks to Paper Tiger. Brilliant. I can only imagine how much time was spent by him in this game creation, let alone adding the research time of this historical campaign to that! Mind blowing. There were two battles of the sixteen that were more difficult for me than the others. The first was the sma
  10. Thanks Ian and Josey (nice video!) Stonecutter (my opponent in this battle) and I reviewed this footage over and over and we couldn't figure it out. We both have hundreds of hours (thousands?) of CM gaming experience but this situation was unique in the scope of our own experiences with this game. I can only imagine the visual and audio horrors of witnessing the demise of fellow section/platoon mates, and I fully understand game mechanics that attempt to replicate the negative morale effects of such experiences. However, in this case, both gun crews were not only distant, but also o
  11. Hmmm not sure how to fix the "cannot receive messages" I just went through all of the account settings to no avail
  12. Except that my guns were on a reverse slope, there was no incoming fire, and they were about 200 meters from each other and both happened at the exact same second. Bizarre!
  13. I was recently playing the CMFI battle, "Alvano Anvil", with a friend. Two of my Pak40's were out of sight and spread far apart from each other. They were suffering no incoming fire, indirect or otherwise, and my friend confirmed that they were not targeted. At the EXACT same second of the same turn, both crews experienced a mysterious casualty and subsequently abandoned their guns. Their ammo bearers also panicked and ran at the same time although they did not suffer the mysterious casualty. I can only assume this is a glitch of some sort. In any case, I have kept the file. Has
  14. What else is fun is following the battles geographically on google maps. Right from the start I could identify what section of bocage/fields and roads, etc are on the modern day map from a top down view because in most cases not much has changed in that area. Paper Tiger does an excellent job of recreating what is actually on the ground.
  15. Hey Sgt Squarehead.....there is another mission later on where you have to cross a swamp/stream that not only slows the boys down, but the ground is relatively flat and open...scary. Mortars, mortars, mortars. Good luck! Paper Tiger makes the best campaigns and I am looking forward to the Nijmegen one when I am done this one.
  16. I am currently playing this campaign and I am at "Holding Action"...I have completely lost track of which battle this is but I think am about 2/3 of the way through the 16 battles? I have also played the Scottish Corridor campaign and enjoyed it immensely. With tons of bocage and 16 battles, this campaign can get a little repetitive (VERY minor point) but I am still having a lot of fun of course! The German defenders are always in good locations, and withdraw usually at just the right time. This campaign illustrates the huge importance of small mortars. MANY times my soldiers were he
  17. Gentlemen, orders! (refer to map above for place names/locations) Time now: 1500 hrs SITUATION: En - The Germans paid dearly for their defence of San Leonardo and Cider Crossroads. Although they put up a skilled defence, they were eventually overwhelmed, and their battered formations have retreated to the port town of Ortona. We have identified our opponents as elements of 1st Fallschirmjager Division. Intelligence and photo reconnaissance has indicated that the Germans have been preparing the streets of Ortona for a stubborn delaying action, something they have bec
  18. Another great AAR Frank! I feel your pain with regards to lackluster air support and the arty imbalance so far. At least we are on the doorstep to Ortona now....
  19. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that whenever someone quotes from a reference work it is always immediately discounted? Hmmmm As for testing, I have tested extensively through the scenarios and battles. I have made my observation, as have many others on this issue. And I have reported it here. I am not getting paid by Battlefront to do any testing, etc... and as a matter of fact, I (and we) pay them to do this when I purchase their products. Can the company really expect the gamers to do any more than that? Does any other gaming company expect this?
  20. Fine be me...get off my forum topic then. Asshat? Well look who the classy guy is now eh?
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