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  1. Maybe not spot on with the nomenclature but if one types this in -- Combat Mission Normandy AND Rangers it brings up links to posts regarding this topic
  2. I do not think this forum supports or allows or in other words is capable of having a poll etc. in a post - seems other forums on the internet have a "poll" button to click on and then one can be create wherein people can vote on what they want if in the event someone has posted at Battlefront forums a poll they are a genius. maybe ask them how to do it. I have spent 2 days kinda trying to figure it out
  3. Here is a little something not much Google "Combat Mission Normandy AND Rangers" AND is in caps this is a Boolean Search. [ I found some posts regarding your inquiry but was unable post the links in here but google will provide the links with this search ] What is Boolean Search? Boolean searches allow you to combine words and phrases using the words AND, OR, NOT and NEAR(otherwise known as Boolean operators) to limit, widen, or define your search. Most Internet search engines and Web directories default to these Boolean search parameters anyway, b
  4. Ok so I played A walk in the sun and got chewed up so I simply edited the scenario a little
  5. Ok so the original manual on page 122 shows the flavor objects the manual that comes with the 311 upgrade does not seem to show the pics of the flavor objects maybe they are somewhere in the manual anyway I made two printable pages of the flavor objects to make it easier to know what you are putting down maybe it will help maybe its to late who knows one is 8.5 by 14 the other is 8.5 by 11 on two pages the 2nd one is a screen shot of a screen shot so its not crisp but it may still help Flavor 8_5 x 11.pdf Flavor Objects.pdf
  6. Assuming these upgrades have problems they should come out initially in beta format ONLY for those willing to experience them and their surprise glitches - THEN when all the bugs get recognized and fixed should it be touted as an actual upgrade. Rather it seems it is being touted as an upgrade and then we have to endure the problems and glitches and hope they get fixed.
  7. Thanks my brain never even remotely thought to pop the guy up and then try to shoot - best as a recon vehicle yeah ..
  8. Ok how do I figure out the wind direction I assume if I know this my smoke I put out will go in that direction. Ok so the arrow is pointing North so I am looking North Right ?? here is the compass pic blown up closer Ok this is how it looks in the top right. What is 1200 the time ... ok so any way to determine wind direction. ???
  9. Being blessed with being alive and well when Combat Mission Beyond Overlord came out (CMBO) I eventually in my tinkering came across the Armored Utility Car - it would do nothing but move around the map. Once again I bumped into it a while ago with CM Normandy - so today I analyzed it finally and so hence this post. Ok so I cannot get it to fire on anything not area fire or nothing. It does give one two smokes meaning you can put smoke out the personnel in the vehicle - you can get them to come out of it but if you choose them to be used as reinforcements coming to the front lines u
  10. Is version 4 only used with modules besides Normandy I ONLY have Normandy ....
  11. Reference my post above but I do not explain myself to well but anyway you simply install the base game and then the 3.0 upgrade - This is assuming the 3.0 up grade you install is the latest version the latest version has the 3.11 patch in it if you do not thing you have the latest version just download 3.0 again ... it is about 12 gigs. So just install the base game and 3.0 thats it forgetabout version 2.0 Now, if you have any modules CW, MG or the vehicle pack .. I have not accurate Idea of how to advise you on that
  12. Yeah Dodging Grenades returning Fire - They do have I assume 1911 colt .45's here is a stopping power chart taken from a 1976 source. - the info is based on stopping power is primarily due to bullet weight and caliber. Velocity is a distant back seat. notice how the .45 compares to other calibers .45 ACP not the colt they had the ACP
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