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AI Triggers


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Dont know if there is already a discussion abut this, but i just read this in the features list and i think it deserves to be mentioned:

"AI Triggers allow AI forces to execute actions based on other units or interaction with Objectives"

This is awesome and one of the best new features IMO. Its is going to allow scenario designers to bring their scenarios to a whole new level in termns of realism and challenge! It means that the AI will actually be able to actively respond to the players actions on a tactical level and not only follow a pre-planned program of movements! This means that for example the AI is going to be able to choose between different plans of attack based on reconaissence results or that it will be able to reloacte its forces during a defensive mission in order to prevent a breakthrough!



recon unit 1

touches objective A


attack via avenue of approach A

or else

attack via avenue of approach B


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